Android Wear Update Adds Offline Music, Bluetooth Headphone And GPS Support
 Android Wear is getting its first big update, with features that make smartwatches using Google’s wearable operating system more standalone devices, including music syncing and GPS location support. That means if you
Galvanize Announces GalvanizeU, A Year-Long Bootcamp That Gives You A Master’s Degree
 Today, tech education startup Galvanize is announcing that in January 2015 it will begin offering a program that, while formatted like a dev bootcamp focused on giving practical skills needed to land
StumbleUpon’s 5by Relaunches As An App For Chatting About Online Videos With Friends
 5by, the video recommendation startup that became StumbleUpon’s first acquisition last fall, is relaunching its mobile apps for iOS and Android today with a slightly different focus: instead of only helping users find
A Random Walk Through Hardware Alley
 Where else in the world can you see a 3D printer named after a simian, a 2000-core super chip, and an inexpensive hearing test in the same room? Hardware Alley at Disrupt
Ello Raises $5.5 Million, Legally Files As Public Benefit Corp. Meaning No Ads Ever
 Ello.co, the ad-free social media network which blew up last month, has nabbed $5.5 million in venture capital funding even as it plants a legal flag in the ground that the company
Etsy Moves Further Into The Offline World With Launch Of Card Reader For In-Person Payments
 Crafts marketplace Etsy this morning announced a further expansion into the offline world with the launch of an Etsy card reader product designed for sellers who want to take credit and debit
Luxe Aims To Solve San Franciscan’s Parking Woes
 The situation was already bad when I first moved to San Francisco with my Jeep Cherokee three years ago. The hills were enough with the clutch, but one too many times spent
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Japan Builds Real (and Awesome) Transformer Robot
Your dream of a sports car that transforms into a real robot just inched closer to realityBrave Robotics, Asratec Corp. and original Transformer creator Tomy Co.
One of the First Apple Computers Built by Steve Wozniak Sells for $905K
Someone dropped a lot of money on an Apple computer on Wednesday, and it has nothing to do with the fancy new 5K Retina iMac. In
Tumblr Bets on Video, Updates Its Player With New Features
Tumblr rolled out a series of improvements to its video player Thursday, including infinite looping and the ability to watch clips off to the side of
Ford's Upcoming Vehicles Will Automatically Brake to Avoid Collision
The Ford Motor Company is joining an ever-growing list of car companies adding automated-driving features to their vehicles.In a press release, Ford introduced on Thursday pre-collision
Workout Apps to Help You Burn Off Your Baby Weight During Naptime
Baby No.3 came along last fall and along with her beautiful arrival came the post-baby body that results from carrying another human being for nine months.
Sony Xperia Z3v: The Waterproof Smartphone That Does It All
Quick: When was the last time you saw a Sony-made Android smartphone stocked by U.S. carriers? Having trouble recalling it? Youre not alone.Sony’s Android smartphones are
Cree Unveils Cheaper, More Efficient LED Lighting
LED lighting is about to get a whole lot better.In case you haven’t heard, the clock is ticking on incandescent lighting technology. The U.S. is no
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Non-friction: Blloon brings a novel approach to e-book subscriptions
There’s no shortage of apps to help you read on the move, and we’ve seen a real rise in recent times of subscription e-book services,
Android Wear gets its first big update with offline music syncing and GPS
One of the issues with wearables is that many of them need to stay connected to a smartwatch at all times.
Buffer update for iOS brings new sharing features and iPad optimization
Social scheduling tool Buffer has
If your prototype takes more than 90 days to build, the idea is too big
Kuty Shalev is the Founder of eight hours to develop, and when it first launched, it had one singular function: to send
Pyne for Android is a simple polling tool for quickly garnering public opinion on any topic
If someone asked you whether the world needs another question-and-answer app or not, you
Hailo gives you new ways to book and pay as it launches in 3 new cities
Hailo has today announced new features for its cab-hailing service and announced an expansion into new markets in
PlayStation TV review: A good idea with poor execution
Sony has been steadily building up a deep gaming ecosystem across multiple devices, including its PlayStation 4 console, PlayStation Vita handheld, Xperia smartphones and now
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Shuddle Is an Uber for Kids Driven by Childcare Pros
Shuddle, a new service for parents to arrange paid rides for their children, launches today.
Coursera Hires Disney and eBay Vet as First CMO
Seven months after online education company Coursera brought in former Yale president Rick Levin as CEO, it has hired Kurt Apen as its first chief marketing officer. Apen was most recently a vice president of marketing at Disney Interactive and
Etsy Introduces Credit Card Reader to Go Beyond the Web
Etsy wants a cut at the craft sale.
OverDrive Review: A Free E-Book Lending Service That Requires Some Patience
Why pay for e-books when you can get them from free?
How Bad Satire Fans the Ebola Panic Flame, Amazon’s New BFF and More #Mustreads
Plus, Gamergate humor and a Joan Didion project on Kickstarter.
Wanna See the Secret New Yahoo Home Page, Rolling Out Next Month? Bokay!
Out with the old new, in with the new new!
Apple Defeats Patent Suit Challenging Its Mobile Technology
Apple defeats an infringement case brought by a Honolulu company that alleged the Cupertinos iPhones and iPad tablets infringed on its pager patents.
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Our experience design conference Roadmap is a month away
Make sure not to miss Silicon Valleys design conference.
Google buys two Oxford University AI spin-offs to bolster its DeepMind team
The Google-owned artificial intelligence outfit DeepMind has revealed a partnership with Oxford University that involves a substantial donation to set up a research relationship with the venerable institutions computer science and…
HP’s Helion OpenStack is here
If you want an HP-branded OpenStack or an HP-branded Cloud Foundry, you are in luck: Both are available today with support from friends Docker, New Relic, MongoDB.
Apple and sapphire producer GT Advanced Technologies officially part ways
Apple and GT Advanced Technologies have settled and the latter company has four years to repay $439 million without interest. Instead of sapphire crystal production, GTA will focus on sapphire production…
AWS comes to Germany as Amazon unveils second EU region, out of Frankfurt
The move has big implications for latency and resilience, and of course data protection -- a particular concern for German businesses.
German publishers give in to Google’s news snippets “blackmail” for now
German publishers who recently accused Google of blackmail for threatening to stop listing their stories in Google News – after they tried for years to wrangle copyright cash out of Google…
Telefónica dives into the consumer internet of things with Thinking Things “ambient” pack
The pack includes plug-and-play modules for power, connectivity, and sensing ambient light, temperature and humidity -- as well as 2G connectivity that works in a bunch of places. Next to come…
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Charge Of The Tech Brigade
What if your work mattered?That question lingered in the air for me as I walked out of the doors of Brigade Media. The rhetoric of changing the world runs like raw sewage down the streets of San Francisco. When youve lived
The "New" Chromecast: The Real Prize May Lie In The Backdrop
Just because Googles new Nexus Player will offer Chromecast features, that doesnt mean it will replace $35 TV streaming dongle. The products definitely not doomed; in fact, it’s continuing to evolve. Well, at least in some ways. Theres good news
Nokia Now Exists Only In Movie Form
Someday—maybe next week—our children and/or our childrens children will look up from the FX channels infinite loop of The Matrix and ask: What the hell is that banana-shaped hunk of space gray Neos talking into? Youll laugh, and sigh ... and
Why The Older-Than-Dirt Postgres Database Is Hot With Hipsters And Oldsters Alike
Boring has never looked so cool. The decades-old relational-database management system Postgres, once the forgotten older sibling to MySQL, has been on a tear the last few years. Postgres has Oracle to thank for some of its
As The Phone Replaces The Laptop, Workers Find New Ways To Talk
This post is presented by Business Is Great Britain.Kyle Ellicott, the CTO and cofounder of Wearable World, has just 10 full-time employees working at his San Francisco-based startup incubator and media company. But hes pulling off a conference in London
Google May Be About To Blow Up Email With Its "Inbox" App
Google may have just dropped a bomb on traditional email with Inbox, a new app for Web and mobile that appears to break a lot of long-standing email tropes.Inbox looks like a mobile-focused cross between Gmail, Google+
Twitter Bets On Phone Numbers As The Ultimate Login
Twitters new suite of developers tools includes a simple login option which allows people to sign up for apps and services with only a phone number—no email required. Digits is a free option offered as part of Fabric, three-part developers kit
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Google made one of Android's jokes into something clever.
Face Unlock is one of those features that surprises you. “Wow, this is pretty cool.” But after the novelty wears off some things become apparent: it doesn’t work very well, it isn’t very secure (it can be fooled), and you
iPad Spinners
Last March the iPad team asked me to design some custom loading screen spinners for the Basecamp app. None of these have made it into the app yet, but I thought it would be fun to share some of the
Admire someone? Write them an email, you might be surprised
Last week I attended the Digital PM Summit in Austin (Basecamp was a proud sponsor of the event!). There were a lot of great speakers, but the one I really wanted to see was Mike Monteiro. I’ve admired Mike’s work
How Basecamp helped the Golddiggers get our act together
My relay team goes by the name “Alaska Golddiggers,” because race officials frown on us calling ourselves the more accurate “Team Shitshow.”For a group of otherwise competent women, we’ve managed to screw up a lot during our annual participation in
Finding Apps: a Personal Experience
This morning I needed an app, but I had no idea where to start. I knew what the app should do, but did it exist? Here’s my story.The ProblemWe received this in the mail this morning. It’s a ticket warning
Extra Drawings
For the last ten months at Basecamp I have been the guy that draws stuff. After making occasional contributions at 37signals over the years, they tapped me as the guy to make hand drawn images for
The joy (and a good dose of pain) of my first few months at Basecamp
A few months ago I started at Basecamp. It’s my dream job. I get to work with the people I’ve dreamed of working with, on the product I dreamed of working on. It didn’t come easy though, it took me
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iconO'Reilly Radar

Avoiding the tragedy of the anticommons
Editor’s note: this post originally appeared in BioCoder Fall 2014; it is published here with permission. Download a free copy of the new issue here.A few months ago, I singled out
Four short links: 23 October 2014
You Don’t Know JS — a series of diving deep into the core mechanisms of the JavaScript language.progressbar.js — responsive progress bar.Microsoft Garage — Microsoft software experiments, in public. This is awesome.Creating Empathy on Facebook (NY Times) — On Facebook,
BioCoder strikes again
The fifth issue of BioCoder is here! We’ve made it into our second year: this revolution is in full swing.Rather than talk about how great this issue is (though it is
Isomorphic JavaScript with LazoJS
When I started at @WalmartLabs I was placed on team that was tasked with creating a new web framework from scratch that could power large public facing web sites.I recently had
Four short links: 22 October 2014
Eight Docker Development Patterns (Vidar Hokstad) — patterns for creating repeatable builds that results in as-static-as-possible server environments.How to Make More Published Research True (PLOSmedicine) — overview of efforts, and research on those efforts, to raise the proportion of published
Commodity data analytics for health care
Analytics are expensive and labor intensive; we need them to be routine and ubiquitous. I complained earlier this year that analytics are hard for health care providers to muster because there’s a shortage of analysts and because every data-driven decision
Intoxicating machines
Cropped screenshot of Carvey. Source: the Carvey Kickstarter campaign.“Mr. Frankel, who started this program, began to suffer from the computer disease that anybody who works with computers now knows about,” Feynman later
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Crowdfunder.co.uk API Simplifies Crowdfunding Integration
When it comes to financing a new business, project or exciting venture, getting large sums of money from investors isnt always an option. Thats where crowdsourcing can become a viable option. Getting small
Today in APIs: Deeplink Launches API for Better Mobile App Interoperability
Deeplink launches tools to make it easier to jump between mobile apps. Khronos publishes new specification for mapping vision apps for front end processing. Plus: Gigaom to hold event on IoT and automotives,
Cognitive Scale Simplifies Development of Cognitive Computing Applications
Cognitive computing is defined by the development of new classes of applications that leverage advanced artificial intelligence to make better decisions. The challenge developers now face is finding ways to practically build those
Giphy Launches Sticker API to Accommodate Transparent GIFs
Giphy, animated search engine for discovering and sharing GIF images, has expanded its API offering to included a Sticker API. The Sticker API extends the existing library of GIFs with images that use transparent
Today in APIs: Breathometer Connects Drunks to Uber with API
Breathometer, the maker of a bluetooth connected breathalyzer, uses Ubers API to connect people who need a ride. Newsly, an overnight hack, provides tailored news using machine learning APIs. Plus: hackathons head to
6 Essential BaaS Features Every Mobile App Needs
Whether you’re building a new mobile app or updating an existing one, adding BaaS features will drive an increase in user engagement and retention, not to mention provide competitive edge over other apps.
KPIs for APIs: Developer Experience Can Make or Break Your API
This is the second post of a three-part series covering key performance indicators for APIs, based on John Mussers presentation at the Business of APIs Conference.
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