WhatsApp Says It’s Not “Permanently” Banning Users From Its Service, Just Blocking Third-(...)
 Quite a few reports circling the web this week appear to indicate a tightening up of WhatsApp’s policy toward the usage of third-party WhatsApp client applications. That is, word has it that those
This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: MWC And The Future Of VR
 This week, John and friends ventured off into the land of Mobile World Congress to check out the latest and greatest that mobile has to offer. The Galaxy S6 was finally unveiled,
Of Course Comcast Subscribers Can’t Stream HBO Go On The PS4
 HBO Go finally hit the PS4 this week bringing the online streaming service to the best selling next-gen console. But of course it doesn’t work with Comcast. Why would it? HBO Go
US Marshals Sell The Last Of The Seized Silk Road Bitcoins
 US Marshals have sold the last batch of 50,000 seized Silk Road bitcoins at auction after a surprisingly quiet sealed bidding process. The USMS has not announced the name of the winner
Photobucket Raises $3.6 Million, Plans To Acquire A Mobile Photo-Sharing App
 Denver-based Photobucket, one of the web’s older brands which offers a photo and video-sharing service online and on mobile, has closed on $3.6 million in new funding, an SEC filing reveals and the company
Publishizer Is A Crowdfunding Solution That Connects Authors With Publishers
 As a seasoned self-published author with an excess of one book under my belt, I’ve been looking for new and interesting publishing tools for indie writers. Recently
Venture Capital Firm Formation 8 Dropped From Sexual Assault Lawsuit
Venture capital firm Formation 8 has been removed as a defendant in a lawsuit filed in January against tech entrepreneur and investor Joe Lonsdale from a former girlfriend alleging sexual assault, battery, and other charges. Initially Formation 8 had been
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Lockheed Martin's laser weapon destroyed a truck from a mile away within seconds
The dark, dystopian future weve been warned about has arrived.Lockheed Martin announced on Thursday that a prototype for a new leaser weapon system had successfully destroyed
Mobile World Congress: Here's what got us talking
This years Mobile World Congress did not disappoint, from the unveiling of Samsungs Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to HTCs first VR headset.See also: The 10
Apple's 'Spring Forward' event: What to expect
Let’s make this simple: March 9 will be the Apple Watch show. Granted, the company officially unveiled its smartwatch last fall, but it was not the
5 simple tips to spend less time on your phone
With the news that were now spending more time on our phones than with our significant others, it might be time to think about reducing our
Ahead of the Apple Watch, smartwatch makers are learning to put fashion first
BARCELONA — The race to land coveted real estate on your wrist continued in full force this week at Mobile World Congress as both small and
This app lets you receive calls even when you've got no signal
BARCELONA — Its a familiar sight in Barcelona: Youre at a restaurant (for some reason a great deal of them here are located in basements) and
You can design your own Apple Watch on this website
OK — so most of us probably wont end up actually getting a gold Apple Watch. But we can pretend.MixYourWatch.com — a website first spotted by
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Trio sparks creativity with easy multimedia collages
Mashups. That’s what the kids are into these days, and a brand new app called Trio is making the process of creating them swift and dead simple.
An AMA of an 82 year-old who never used the Web will remind you how pure the internet can be
Do you remember the first time you logged onto the Web and
Is uTorrent ‘secretly’ installing BitCoin mining software? Probably not.
One of the most popular BitTorrent clients around, uTorrent, has been under fire today after allegedly installing cyptocurrency mining software on its users’ computers without warning.
Three men have been charged with one of the largest data breaches in US history
Samsung’s curved all-in-one PC lands March 8 for $1,299
Samsung’s ATIV One 7 Curved was announced at CES, and will finally be going on sale this Sunday for $1,299. While there are plenty of curved HDTVs and monitors already on the market, this is the first all-in-one curved PC.
Shuttleworth says Ubuntu’s future is more exciting than space travel
What now feels like a very long time ago was actually only a handful of years. Back in 2010, Canonical knew exactly what its future would hold and
Amazon’s bringing its mobile games to iOS
When Amazon Game Studios revealed its latest set of exclusive new mobile titles late last year, they were all restricted to Amazon hardware. Now it’s
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Same-Day Delivery Startup Deliv Snags Former eBay Product Exec
Kenny Pate, a long-time product executive at eBay, has joined same-day delivery startup Deliv as its chief product officer. Deliv, which has raised more than $12 million, runs a crowdsourced network of delivery people who handle same-day deliveries for brick-and-mortar
Bay Area Sports Executives Say Wearable Tech Is the ‘Next Big Opportunity’
Front office execs from the 49ers and Warriors weigh in on the future of sports tech.
Pandora Founder Tim Westergren Makes the Case for Free: The Code/Media Interview
Eighty-one million users agree.
Apple to Join the Blue-Chip Dow Jones Industrial Index, Replacing AT&T
The Cupertino company, which in January set a record for public companies with earnings of $18 billion, has achieved another milestone.
Gamergate Critic Leigh Alexander to Found New Website for Women and Minority Gamers
I’d like to ask folks to think about our work, ideas and our goals, and not the things that have been visited upon us.
Sling TV’s Web-TV Service Attracts At Least 100,000 Sign-Ups In Its First Month
Dishs over-the-Internet TV offering is designed to attract millennials.
Uber or Die: A Funny Video About the Teflon Company
Uber attracts investors regardless of its behavior, like a four-wheeled Chris Brown. So Funny or Die made a blistering video about the company.
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As FTC adds encryption to its website, government remains unsure on corporate use
The Federal Trade Commission’s website just got a whole lot safer for people to peruse after the government agency said Friday that it now supports HTTPS encryption. While it used to…
How PayPal uses deep learning and detective work to fight fraud
Hui Wang has seen the nature of online fraud change a lot in the 11 years shes been at PayPal. In fact, a continuous evolution of methods is kind of the nature of…
Meet Sens’it, a gadget that lets you play with Sigfox’s IoT network
Consumer gadget enthusiasts might have fawned over the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Huawei Watch at Mobile World Congress, but if you are an internet of things geek, the…
Wiper thinks messaging apps could be the key to bitcoin payments
Wiper, an ephemeral messaging app that launched in 2014, has a reputation as a Snapchat clone, but its actually closer to Line, which uses over-the-top messaging as a platform to sell…
Viral communications app Plague changes its name – sort of
When Lithuanian developer Deep Sea Marketing launched its app Plague last year, there was a fair bit of confusion over its app and a popular game by Ndemic Creations called Plague…
Apple reportedly wants to get rid of free on-demand music
Love free stuff? Then you wont like Apples new music subscription service, which the company is expected to launch later this year. Apple is planning to launch the service without a…
Nike+ moves from app to platform with four new device partners
After going it alone with health tracking hardware, Nike is expanding relationships to use its Nike+ app with non-Nike devices. The company announced four new hardware partners on Friday -- Garmin,…
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Lucky Nexus 6 Owners Will Reportedly Try Out Google’s Wireless Service First
Google’s upcoming wireless service—which will run on spectrum leased from the Sprint and T-Mobile networks—will be exclusive to Nexus 6 handset users to start, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. Its not entirely clear why that might be, although we’ve got a few
Last-Minute Apple Watch Rumor Roundup: Secret Labs And Smart Straps
With just days to go before we get to see the finished Apple Watch in all its wearable glory, the Web is awash with gossip and rumor—of varying plausibility—about the smartwatch and its imminent arrival.Bloomberg has news
6 Ways The HTC Vive Will Freak Out Virtual-Reality Geeks
This year’s Mobile World Congress should have been renamed Mobile Wearable Congress, with many of the world’s tech companies showing off their latest strappy gadgets. One of the big winners in this category is HTC and the gigantic piece of
You're About To Hear A Lot More About Huawei
Get ready to learn how to pronounce a new Chinese brand name: Huawei.The Chinese telecom firm had a surprise hit at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week with its stylish Huawei Watch. And that looks like only the
Developers Get A New Dropbox Groups API For Business Use
Dropbox gave developers another toy today, unveiling a new API to go with a new groups feature it has just formally introduced into its Dropbox for Business service.The groups feature allows users to create of lists of
Fitbit Bulks Up With Purchase Of Fitness Trainer App FitStar
ReadWriteBody is an ongoing series where ReadWrite covers networked fitness and the quantified self.Even having a hit app isnt enough to stay independent in the digital-fitness business. The latest company to sell out: FitStar, a maker of workout apps. Fitbit,
How Blackphone Turned A Security Fail Into A Win
Last year, privacy-focused Blackphone got a dubious distinction: It became known as the locked-down phone that supposedly got hacked in just 5 minutes.Things have changed. Now, it’s a whole mobile product line geared for companies (and perhaps paranoid individuals), a brand-new acquisition
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Reproducible research isn't just for academia
My wonderful coworkers here at Basecamp have discovered a surefire way to make my head explode. All you have to do is post a link in Campfire to a piece of flimsily sourced “data journalism” that’s hard to believe (like
Welcome Jay Ohms, programmer
Today we’re excited to announce the latest addition to the Basecamp team: Jay Ohms joins us a our lucky 13th programmer. He’ll be working with our mobile team on Basecamp for Android. Android enthusiasts will know Jay as the one
VIDEO: Did y’all know you can share stuff…
Did y’all know you can share stuff directly to Basecamp from apps like Paper? Resident illustrator, Nate Otto shows it off.
Behind the scenes: From Herding Cats to Finishing a Project Together
Nate Otto and I made a new Basecamp homepage illustration based on a vector drawing I made in Adobe Illustrator. Initially I didn’t intend it to be hand drawn. I thought I’d refine the vector drawing. Somewhere in the middle
About five years ago I consciously willed an art career into existence. At that point I had been working a social services job for about five years. I initially took the job because it wasn’t specifically
When Disaster Strikes
Nearly 3 years ago we asked “What would happen if a truck crashed into the datacenter?” The resulting discussion could be summarized as “Well we would probably be offline for days,
37 pieces of life-changing business advice you'll have to see to believe
We write a lot of thoughtful stuff here on Signal v. Noise, but we noticed our headline writing hasn’t kept up with current trends. So, we’ve started revising all our past posts — you won’t believe what happens next!You might
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iconO'Reilly Radar

Welcome to the new VR
When you’re an entrepreneur or investor struggling to bring a technology to market just a little before its time, being too early can feel exactly the same as being flat wrong.
Designing the dynamic human-robot relationship
Jonathan Follett, editor of Designing for Emerging Technologies, recently sat down with Scott Stropkay, founding partner at Essential Design Service, and Bill Hartman, director of research at Essential Design Service, both of whom are also contributing authors for Designing for
Experience Design Links and Fodder: March 6, 2015
Each week our design editors curate the most notable, interesting, and important material they come across. Below you’ll find their recent selections. You can get these and more in our weekly design newsletter.Its business timeDesign does not exist in a
Four short links: 6 March 2015
Matt Jones: Practical Design Fiction (Vimeo) -- the log scale of experience! Fantastic hour-long recap of the BERG thinking that hes continued at the Google Creative Lab in NYC. (via Matt Jones)3dPL -- public license for 3d objects. (via BoingBoing)Google
Bridging the gap in big data silos
In this Radar Podcast episode, I sit down with John Carnahan, executive vice president of data science at Ticketmaster. At our recent Strata + Hadoop World Conference in San Jose, CA,
Pandora’s box model
This post is part of my personal notes about the benefits currently specified in Shadow DOM, but contentious and held up in committee. Well work it out in standards, Im sure — but given the number of things Shadow DOM
Designing for technological context
Editor’s note: This is an excerpt by Matt Nish-Lapidus from our recent book Designing for Emerging Technologies, a collection of works by several authors and edited by Jon Follett. This excerpt is included in our curated collection of chapters from
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Developer Seeks Arduino Robotics API Funding
Fredrik Per Erik Persson, a Swedish software developer, aims to build an API that will allow Arduino/Raspberry Pi robots to be controlled from anywhere via HTTP Requests. He intends on writing a program that
ICWE 2015 Rapid Mashup Challenge Seeks Innovative Design Techniques
The International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE) will host its annual event, ICWE 2015, in Rotterdam this June. This years event will include the Rapid Mashup Challenge, a competition designed to test mashup tools and
Google Cloud Platform Unveils Pub/Sub Messaging Service
In a world where disconnected devices and systems need to reliably talk to each other in an asynchronous manner, a messaging broker is often the solution. Google Cloud Platform, unlike its main competitors, AWS
How Promoting a Developer Ecosystem Strengthens an API
At business software-as-a-service vendor Citrix Podio, a renewed focus on promoting partners and API integrators is stabilizing API adoption overall and helping create a commercially successful ecosystem.
Hiveage Releases Online Billing API
This article is a company-provided press release and ProgrammableWeb cannot vouch for the accuracy of the statements within. If you have questions regarding the information below, please contact the company that issued the press
Google Introduces the Google Maps Roads API
Google has introduced the Google Maps Roads API, a new API that includes a snap-to-road feature that developers can use to create visualizations from raw GPS locations.
Docker Extends API Reach via SocketPlane Acquisition
Arguably one of the primary reasons that Docker containers are so widely adopted is that Docker stabilizes the API; thereby giving developers access to any number of micro-services that can be invoked on multiple
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