Registration Begins For Million Dollar Genesis Generation Challenge
 The Genesis Generation Challenge, a $1 million competition, is now accepting applicants to vie for its pot with their ideas for non-profits or businesses that will solve
GiveMeSport Might Be The HuffPo For Sport
 It’s a weird move for a online content startup to launch a print magazine. Can you imagine Buzzfeed or the Huffington Post doing that? But that’s what GiveMeSport
Giveaway: 3 WallyHome Systems
 SNUPI Technologies have sent us three WallyHome Systems, a sensor communication network that is compatible with your home’s existing wiring setup. The WallyHome System is a new method that uses small sensors to
Google Details How It’s Responding To Search De-Index Requests In Europe
 Google has published more details about how it’s handling so-called right to be forgotten requests from private individuals using its search engine in Europe — following the European Court of Justice ruling
Saffron Fix Will Deliver You Indian Food Ingredients, Recipes
 If you ever thought cooking Indian food was a daunting task or wanted to give it a go, Saffron Fix is trying to help. Read More
Google Barge Sold For Scrap
 Portland’s Google barge is no more, it seems. Remember the Google mystery barges? Toward the end of last year, the tech world was abuzz with curiosity about why Google had anchored barges in Portland, Maine
Apple Officially Welcomes Beats As It Completes $404M Purchase Of Vivendi/Universal Shares
 Apple has a new splash page welcoming Beats to its family, with a declaration expressing excitement that both Beats Music and Beats Electronics have joined the Cupertino-based
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Why I'm Already Giving Up on Android Wear
I believe in wearable technology. From Google Glass to smartwatches, the idea that you can have access to useful and essential information right when you need
Sunlight-Concentrating Device Could Halve Solar Power Cost
A new material, combined with a cheap tracking system, could unleash the promise of concentrated solar power.A material with optical properties that change to help it
Man Adds Hundreds of Dollars To Gift Cards Without Paying a Cent
A Springfield, Virginia man is under investigation after telling a coworker he hacked into gift card databases to add credit without paying for it.Muneeb Akhter, 23,
NFL to Track Players With Shoulder Pad Sensors
The National Football League is adding sensors to the shoulder pads of players during the upcoming football season. The aim: to track data such as position,
San Francisco Airport Testing Beacons to Guide Blind Travelers
San Francisco International Airport is rolling out a pilot program later this year that could help blind travelers navigate within a terminal with the guidance of
Facebook Updates Slingshot With Unlimited Reactions
Facebooks photo messaging app Slingshot was updated Thursday with new features for the first time since it launched last monthUsers can now react to reaction messages
Apple Confirms it Will Lay Off 200 Beats Employees
Apple confirmed Thursday that it will gradually lay off 200 Beats employees, or nearly 29% of the 700 people currently working for the headphones company.The news
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Glimpse completely overhauls its iOS app to help you meet more relevant people on Instagram
Glimpse, an app which uses your Instagram photos to help you
Can’t afford to give your staff a pay rise? Vooza has the answer…
There’s trouble at Vooza, where there’s not enough money to give the team pay rises. Luckily, the resourceful CEO has a solution… Every week, Vooza – a video comic strip about the tech world – shares a new video with you lovely
It’s official: Apple confirms its Beats acquisition is complete
Apple has confirmed to us that it has received US regulatory approval for its acquisition of Beats. The news comes as
20 of the best new iOS apps from July
From encrypted messaging, to tools that tell you what to pack for holiday, we covered a lot of ground with new iOS apps in July.
Why employee management is out of control
David Hassell is the CEO of 15Five. This post originally appeared on the the origins of the word “labor”, the definitions you discover are quite unsettling
Why we prefer pictures: It’s the way we’re wired
Abhilasha Shah is a PR/Communications Intern studying communications and psychology at the University of Michigan. This post was originally published on the Shutterstock blog and has been
IE11 peaks in market share before it can overtake IE8, Chrome passes 20%, and Opera falls below 1%
July saw the ninth full month of IE11 availability with Windows 8.1, as well as the
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Why Every YouTube Video Looks Like a YouTube Video, What Happens When Your Photo Get to the Fro(...)
Examining the reappearing YouTube room.
What the Hell is Iliad, T-Mobile’s Latest Suitor?
French telecoms Iliad is relatively new to the wireless business, but has already grown to the fourth largest carrier.
eBay’s Diversity Report: Slightly Less Crappy Than the Others
eBay is largely white and Asian, but otherwise more diverse than its big Silicon Valley peers.
Disrupted Slumber: Can We Really Hack Sleep?
And even if we can, should we?
Tesla Expects to Nearly Triple Vehicle Deliveries by End of Next Year
The electric vehicle company is boosting capacity at its plant and buying up more batteries.
The iWatch Motivation Factor (Comic)
Here is the latest comic from our Joy of Tech friends at Geek Culture, Nitrozac & Snaggy.
Alibaba Group Invests $120 Million in Kabam
The investment values the private videogames studio at more than $1 billion.
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Startup claims it’s revolutionizing personalization with deep learning
A Cambridge, Massachusetts, startup called Nara has released a service the company claims use “deep learning artificial intelligence” to improve online personalization. Essentially, the technology works by scouring customer databases and the web, identifying attributes and connecting the dots between them. Nara’s
FCC to Verizon: Your throttling had better be about managing congestion, not cash
Apparently the chairman of the FCC isnt a fan of Verzions plans to throttle the speeds of customers signed up for its unlimited plans, and has asked Verizons CEO to justify that decision.FCC to Verizon: Your throttling had better be
Moving Hadoop beyond MapReduce
Hadoop far more than the one-trick pony it was once characterized as, and with its new capabilities, businesses are using it to gain real insight and add real value. Moving Hadoop beyond MapReduce originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014.
BitTorrent starts testing Bleep, its new P2P messaging platform
BitTorrents new P2P chat app is dubbed Bleep, and Windows users can now line up to become part of an invite-only test.BitTorrent starts testing Bleep, its new P2P messaging platform originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. Continue reading….
Fashion first? Designer Michael Bastian sets his sights on wearable technology
A new watch that promises to connect to your smartphone and serve notifications is a collaboration between HP and menswear designer Michael Bastian. Fashion first? Designer Michael Bastian sets his sights on wearable technology originally published by Gigaom, © copyright
Why these startups think chat apps are the next big thing in workplace collaboration
The big cloud storage companies like Amazon and the file-sync players like Box arent the only ones rolling out work-collaboration features; theres a host of startups generating a lot of interest in the market and these companies are betting that
Who has the biggest cloud? By year’s end, the answer may surprise you.
Microsoft Azure will hit $5.77 billion run rate by December, surpassing Amazon Web Services and Salesforce.com, according to Nomura Securities Analyst Rick Sherlund.Who has the biggest cloud? By year’s end, the answer may surprise you. originally published by Gigaom, ©
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What Yo's $1.5 Million Buys: Legal Huffing Against Yo Parodies
Yo is a parody of a chat app in its own right. But the one-click messaging app isn’t amused by parodies of Yo.Yo founder Or Arbel has sent complaints to Apple petitioning to have Yo clones YOLO, Yo, Hodor!, Oi,
6 Ways To Clear Hurdles As An Entrepreneur
Diane Wang constantly hears stories about adversity. The former CEO of Amazon China, now CEO of China e-commerce site DHGate, says shes flooded with correspondence from people telling her how her business helped them break barriers and realize their dreams.
The Future Of Shopping: When Apps Shop With—Or For—You
ReadWriteShop is an occasional series about the intersection of technology and commerce.E-commerce is already pretty much woven into our daily lives, but only in a limited, one-way sort of interaction between user and website. Which has some future-of-shopping
Facebook Brings Free Internet To Zambia
Facebook wants to make sure everyone on the planet can access knowledge, job opportunities—and, of course, create Facebook accounts—through Internet access provided by the social network.The company announced the Internet.org app on Thursday, a way for people in developing countries
Why I Switched To Adblock Plus (And You Should, Too)
Its been years since I last saw a Google ad. I know theyre supposed to fill the white space to the right of my search results, but for years Ive used two different ad-blocking extensions to my browsers: Adblock and
LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform Now Open To 15 Million People
LinkedIns publishing platform, which started as a small experiment available to just the influencers the professional network deemed worthy, is now available to millions of its members.See also: LinkedIn Has Quietly Rolled Out A Follow Button To Millions Of UsersRoughly
LinkedIn Has Quietly Rolled Out A "Follow" Button To Millions Of Members
A gigantic change is quietly sweeping through LinkedIn. Millions of members now have a Follow button, a feature that promises to transform how we think about our interactions on the professional network.ReadWrite has found, and LinkedIn has confirmed to us,
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PHOTO: Just took an Uber Black Car to the office…
Just took an Uber Black Car to the office today and noticed that they round down the price and make it clear on the receipt. $21.00 is definitely more luxurious than $21.71. Nice touch.
Hybrid : How we took Basecamp multi-platform with a tiny team
Yesterday we announced the official Basecamp app for iPad. Just like our other apps for iPhone, Android, and Kindle it’s a hybrid—a native wrapper around a mobile web core. We’ve written about this setup before but today I wanted to
Our favorite recent reads on the web
Each week, Know Your Company asks everyone at Basecamp a few questions, including one that helps us learn more about each other. Last week’s prompt was “What’s one great read on the web you’ve come across in the past month?”
Why we don't speak up at work
A few weeks ago, a friend told me he was thinking about quitting his job.He said it was because of communication breakdowns between him and his boss. Small moments of poor communication had snowballed into a deeper, gnawing frustration for
The Distance goes tiki
I first noticed the Hala Kahiki about a year ago driving north on River Road through the Chicago suburb of River Grove. I glanced at its colorful exterior and quirky signage and wondered, “What’s the story there?” The wonderful thing
Contest: Two Free 3-Day Passes to Pitchfork Music Festival
Our friends (and Basecamp customers) at Pitchfork Media are bringing the Pitchfork Music Festival back to Union Park in Chicago this July 18–20. They use Basecamp to plan and organize the entire event, and we’re giving away two pairs of
Talking with a UbiDuo
A few weeks ago I spoke at Inc’s GROWCO conference in Nashville. After my talk, I had a scheduled book signing over in the conference bookstore area.Most people come up, same hi, chat a bit, buy a book, shake hands,
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Health games platforms mature in preparation for mainstream adoption
SPARX, a behavioral therapy game for youths,combines a fantasy setting with skills for life.For the past several years, researchers have strived to create compelling games that improve behavior, reduce stress, or teach
Velocity highlights (video bonus!)
Editor’s note: this post originally appeared on Steve Souders’ blog; it is published here with permission.We’re in the quiet period between Velocity Santa Clara and Velocity New York. It’s a good time to look back at what we saw and look forward to
Four short links: 1 August 2014
Miso — Dataset, a JavaScript client-side data management and transformation library, Storyboard, a state and flow-control management library & d3.chart, a framework for creating reusable charts with d3.js. Open source designed to expedite the creation of high-quality interactive storytelling and
Why local state is a fundamental primitive in stream processing
One of the concepts that has proven the hardest to explain to people when I talk about Samza is the idea of fault-tolerant local state for stream processing. I think people
Four short links: 31 July 2014
Ocrad.js — open source OCR in Javascript, a port of GNU Ocrad software.HP’s IoT Security Research (PDF) — 70% of devices use unencrypted network services, 90% of devices collected at least one piece of personal information, 60% of those that
Four short links: 30 July 2014
Offline First is the New Mobile First — Luke Wroblewski’s notes from John Allsopp’s talk about “Breaking Development” in Nashville. Offline technologies don’t just give us sites that work offline, they improve performance, and security by minimizing the need for
Four short links: 29 July 2014
Online Community Detection for Large Complex Networks (PLosONE) — readable recount of earlier algorithms and inventions in the area, as well as a new algorithm with linear time complexity for large complex networks.sel4 — open source OS kernel (GPLv2, most
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Today in APIs: Microsoft's CEO Kicks Off Company Wide Hackathon
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella aims to shake things up with a company hackathon. Airpush wins Dataweek and API Worlds most innovative company award. Plus: Android 4.5 Lollipop to feature a new camera API,
Walgreens QuickPrints API-Powered Printicular App Passes Four Million Prints
MEA Mobile has just announced that over four million mobile phone photos have been printed using the companys Printicular App which is powered by the Walgreens QuickPrints API. Printicular allows users to print
CollabNet Extends ALM Reach Into Github and Garret
Almost by definition, IT organizations are struggling to cope with multiple application development projects involving any number of programming languages and tools. To make it simpler to manage all those projects, CollabNet this
Why Node.js is Ideal for the Internet of Things
This article was prepared by a guest contributor to ProgrammableWeb. The opinions expressed in this article are the authors own and do not necessarily reflect the view of ProgrammableWeb or its editorial staff.Technology never stands still, and smart companies have
Microsoft Pitching Universal Apps as the Way to Go
Microsoft wants developers to write universal apps, not apps that are limited to use only on a single form factor. The company debuted the idea of universal apps — those that will run
Motorola Solutions Offers Free Version of RhoMobile Suite Development Tools
There’s a fierce battle for the hearts and minds of mobile application developers, since the cost of a tool can be as significant as the robustness of the applications it can build. Recognizing
Intel Opens Registration for $1 Million RealSense App Challenge
Intel has opened registration for its RealSense App Challenge.
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