This Week On Bullish: Stacey Ferreira’s Call For Optimism
 Welcome back to Bullish, TechCrunch’s newest show that may or may not be a ruse to force me into a tie every week. This time ’round we invited Stacey Ferreira to drop by
Vector Plans Developer Platform For It’s ‘Affordable Luxury’ Smart Watch
 Back in March the Vector — a smart watch with an e-ink LCD screen — made its debut in a number of reviews in the tech press. Of note was the unusual
Google Translate’s App Now Instantly Translates Printed Text In 27 Languages
 One of the most intense experiences you’ll ever have is visiting a country that speaks a language different than yours. There’s a host of tools you can use, but Google’s Translate
Subway Teams Up With PayPal On Mobile Payments
 Ordering your food or beverages by smartphone and then paying for it via an app is quickly becoming the new normal. Starbucks already allows for this across thousands
A Brief History Of Spotify
 With over 75 million users, it’s hard to remember a time without Spotify. But there was. A time when we were all mulling the aisles of Target for new CDs. A time in our
VR Chat Room Altspace Raises $10.3M To Sell Virtual Events
 Pay-Per-Virtual Reality could become a…thing thanks to Altspace. The VR chat room and communication platform just raised a $10.3 million Series A to give us a digital place where we can
Occipital Raises $13M Series B For Its Computer Vision Platform
 Occipital made its first splash years ago with the RedLaser barcode scanning app and 360 Panorama app. Since then, however, it has moved into the 3D scanning and computer vision space and the
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Amazon reveals new details to make drone-filled airspace safer
Amazon wants drones to be the future of rapid product delivery, but there are many regulatory hurdles ahead before it could become a reality.At NASAs Unmanned
The 10 best features of Windows 10, in GIFs
After months of updates, preview builds and bugs, the first truly consumer-ready version of Windows 10 is finally hereThe update marks the return of longstanding features
Behind the creation of Microsoft Edge, the Internet Explorer killer
Internet Explorer turns 20 this year, but there will be no celebrations. Instead IE is being pushed off the Windows desktop in favor of a brand
Japan's NTT to put home care robot's in the homes of the elderly
Japan has toyed with the idea of bringing robots into the home to care for its elderly for years, but the idea is finally moving from
Hands-on with Motorola's color-crazy 3rd-gen Moto G
The Moto X Style/Pure Edition may be Motorolas flagship darling, but the Moto G is the companys best-selling smartphone to date mainly because it only costs
Lexus teases hoverboard again, promises an August 5 reveal
Remember Lexus fully functional hoverboard? Well, according to Lexus, it arrives August 5 — though in this case were quite sure it doesnt mean it will
Google now shows you how to avoid lines at restaurants and coffee shops
You might want to check Google the next time you try to beat morning rush at the coffee shop.The company rolled out a new search feature
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Google’s internet balloons will provide connectivity to all of Sri Lanka
Two years on, Google’s Project Loon is getting its first big client: the entire country of Sri Lanka. Google
Taking the risk out of hiring an IT freelancer
This post was sponsored by Speak With A Geek (SWAG), the leading provider of tech help to businesses.As the
iTunes Connect is down again and developers are annoyed…again
Big trouble in app town today as iTunes Connect is down. That means developers wanting to push updates or verify apps are
Get your business off the ground with the Coding for Entrepreneurs Bundle
If you have shelved business ideas due to a lack of technical knowledge, it’s time to dust them
Adobe embraces content marketers with its new Digital Publishing Solution app creator
Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite was synonymous with the era of iPad magazine apps. In the past five years, it was responsible
Google Translate updated with more languages, smoother conversations
Back in January, Google changed its Translate app in significant and powerful ways, offering written translations across 90 languages, as well as active conversation
FixApp wants to provide a fair marketplace for all your household or business tasks
Each week we’re profiling one company that has been selected for Boost – our early-stage startup growth program. Catch
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Andreessen Horowitz’s Chris Dixon, Windows 10 and hacking cars
Kara Swisher talks with Andreessen Horowitz partner about startups and Walt Mossberg discusses Windows 10.
VC Chris Dixon on Re/code Decode Podcast: “Facebook Is Essentially an RSS Reader …” Also,(...)
From Oculus to glasses to BuzzFeed to Soylent, this investor wants to invent the future.
Nokia’s First Virtual Reality Product Is a High-End Camera
Here’s that once-secret virtual reality product from Nokia that Re/code’s Ina Fried reported on last week: It’s a high-end camera for filming in 360 degrees. The Ozo camera will be commercially available, but Nokia warns it won’t be cheap when
Startup Wants to Set Up Tech Stuff for Your Parents So You Don’t Have To
BuyYourParents lets adult children buy the gift of tech support for their parents.
Wi-Fi Startup Eero Says Amazon Will Sell Its Smart Routers; Preorders Delayed
Eero, a startup that promises a new take on the home wireless router, said its device won’t be ready until the fall. The company had promised a summer delivery for those who preordered the device, but a new partnership deal with
Yelp Shares Plunge 15 Percent on Surprise Loss, Guidance
Shares of Yelp, the online business review site, plunged about 15 percent in after-hours trading Tuesday after it reported a surprise second-quarter loss. Yelp reported a net loss attributable to common stockholders of two cents a share, versus expectations of
Dropbox Hires Head of Product, Todd Jackson From Twitter
Jackson has the tech equivalent of an Ivy League degree, having done tours of duty at Google and Facebook.
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Phil Libin steps down as Evernote CEO, taps Googler Chris O’Neill
Phil Libin -- the founder and long-time CEO of productivity company Evernote -- has stepped down as CEO, and former Google exec Chris Neill will be taking on the CEO job…
Welcome to the zero-cost operating system era
Microsoft has reversed earlier policies regarding the cost of upgrading to Windows 10, and will make it free to upgrade. Back in March I wrote Microsoft accepts the inevitable, takes first steps…
Homejoy calls it quits, Google scoops tech team
Deep pockets may be an essential element for competing effectively in the exploding on-demand economy. Today, the on-demand cleaning services company Homejoy announced it was closing shop on 31 July, after…
Handicapping On-Demand Market Sectors
The legality of the business model of certain on-demand service companies, like Uber and Homejoy, has led to a cultural debate about the relationship between on-demand workers and the services that…
BitTorrent partners with Onehub to scale up to enterprise file sync-and-share, building on new (...)
BitTorrent has been pushing hard to bring its Sync technology into the very competitive file sync-and-share marketplace (see BitTorrent releases Sync 2.0, and BitTorrent Sync 1.4 is released). The company has announced, today,…
Google takes first steps toward finer-grained access in Google Drive
Google Drive has provided a simple but powerful model for file sharing. The creator of a file can invite others to share it, as readers (read-only access), commenters (read and comment access)…
Microsoft is right: we need new ways to work, but is Gigjam the answer?
Microsoft has demoed a new technology, called Gigjam, an effort to change the way we think about getting work done in an increasingly mobile and connected world. At the Microsoft Worldwide…
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Amazon's Marketplace For Startups Looks Great—If You Can Get In
Amazon has opened up a new streamlined sales channel for startups called LaunchPad. If youve got something to sell—a recently Kickstarted invention, say—then LaunchPad lets you put it in front of millions of Amazon customers and distribute it through the
The Best Place For Tech Startups: Still Silicon Valley…For Now
This post appears courtesy of the Ferenstein Wire, a syndicated news service. Publishing partners may edit posts. For inquiries, please email author and publisher Gregory Ferenstein.There’s a new global ranking of startup ecosystems, with the top three spots all from
4 Tools To Help Startups Hack Their Growth
Guest author Yoav Vilner is a co-founder of Ranky. Startups in todays increasingly saturated market just cant overestimate the importance of business growth. Technology is a frenzied sector, and founders who want to make an impact often need to prove that
Want To Keep Customers? Integrate Tech With A Personal Touch
Its hard to do personalized customer service at scale. When youre using the technology to streamline the process and save your team time, the sense of personalization is easily lost.You need a strategy to get the best of both worlds—which
Windows 10 Suffers Last-Minute Control Panel Bug
With the supposedly polished release of Windows 10 coming in two days, Microsoft should be putting its finishing touches on the operating system. Instead, it’s scrambling to fix a bug in its latest update, sent out through its
Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo And Others Push For Accessibility Development
For all their rhetoric and idealism about changing the world, consumer-facing technologies have largely failed at least one major set of users: people with disabilities, a segment that represents roughly 1 in 5 people in the U.S.As the
How Startup Job Titles Got Into Such A Sad State
Guest author Tony Stubblebine is the CEO and founder of Coach.me, an online productivity community and app.I love the job title growth hacker. It’s an indictment of the entire field of marketing.How many marketers had to forget to do their
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"Is it too early for me to start a pay-per-click campaign?"
A Redditor asks:My SaaS product is done. We have a customer who we reached out to locally. I’ve got a freelance writer (via Reddit!) who is working on creating an email course to educate and inform potential customers. Until that
A mountain of salt for the Apple Watch satisfaction numbers
We’ve talked a lot about the Apple Watch internally, and even thought a bit about how Basecamp might work on it. A number of Basecampers have gotten Apple Watches, and reviews have been mixed; some people returned their watch, others
How an idea comes together for me
First the idea hits.Then I think about it some more and it takes a direction.As I work through the direction, I’ll see another direction. Usually relatively similar, but different enough that it demands its
Cheesecake, the Chicago Way
The latest episode of The Distance visits Chicago institution Eli’s Cheesecake, which produces the equivalent of 20,000 cheesecakes a day. What goes into a Chicago-style cheesecake? How about a 1,500-pound Chicago-style cheesecake? Listen to the episode to find out. And
What are people reading on SvN lately?
div.post-content figure.tableau iframe { width: 960px;max-width: 960px; } Size of bubbles corresponds to share of total SvN web readership, January 2014 through June 2015.
Finding the voice of The Distance
We introduced The Distance podcast in February as a companion to our longform written stories about businesses that have stood the test of time. In just a few months, we’ve learned an incredible amount about creating audio narratives and had
Hitting our stride with Android
Over the past few months, our newly minted Android team (Jamie, Jay, and myself) has been hard at work on some shiny new Android stuff. And while we can’t share it yet (soon, I promise!), we’ve learned a lot about
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Building C# objects dynamically
Buy C# 6.0 Cookbook in early release. Editors note: This is an excerpt from C# 6.0 Cookbook, by Jay Hilyard and Stephen Teilhet. It offers more than 150 code recipes to common and not-so-common problems that C# programmers face every
How real-time analytics integrates with our connected world
In this special-edition OReilly Podcast, OReillys Ben Lorica and VoltDBs co-founder Scott Jarr discuss how VoltDBs hybrid transaction, analytic system allows for real-time analytics and personalization of data across various industries.Scaling
Knowing when not to design
Attend UX Design for Growth, a training session by Laura Klein that will give you the skills you need to design products that convert and retain users.After many years as a
Four short links: 29 July 2015
Cellphone-Based Hand-Held Microplate Reader for Point-of-Care Testing of Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays -- we created a hand-held and cost-effective cellphone-based colorimetric microplate reader that implements a routine hospital test used to identify HIV and other conditions. (via RtoZ)Amazon Launchpad -- a
Four short links: 28 July 2015
Nurse at LinkedIn -- automating the responses to alerts.Moving Fast With High Code Quality (Quora) -- Lots of practical detail about how they combine speed with quality.John Horton Conway (The Guardian) -- These were two separate areas of study that
How trains are becoming data driven
Trains and public transport are, for many of us, a vital part of our daily lives. Large cities are particularly dependent on an efficient public transport system, and if disruption occurs,
Four short links: 27 July 2015
Large-scale Cluster Management at Google with Borg -- Googles Borg system is a cluster manager that runs hundreds of thousands of jobs, from many thousands of different applications, across a number of clusters each with up to tens of thousands
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CA API Developer Portal Now Features RAML and SOAP Support
CA Technologies, a provider of software for the application economy, has added RAML support to the latest release of the CA API Developer Portal. Interactive documentation and an API Explorer entry can now be
Daily API RoundUp: Microsoft Health, ACTIVE, Bugsnag
Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.
Flowthings Looks to Help Cities Integrate Real-Time API Data
IoT agile platform Flowthings.io is building out a real-time data ingestion and complex event processing platform using REST APIs, Webhooks and WebSocket for data distribution.
NTT Communications Launches Cross-Browser Speech-Recognition API
NTT Communications, an information and communications technology solution provider, has announced the first free speech-recognition API compatible across browsers. NTT has made the API available on SkyWay, NTTs free platform for WebRTC technologies.
Salesforce Delivers on Salesforce1 Lightning Component Promise
Looking to make it a lot simpler developers to build applications, Salesforce today announced the general availability of Salesforce1 Lightning Components and App Builder tools, along with the formal opening of a marketplace through
3taps, Craigslist Settle Scraping Legal Battle
3taps, a “one-stop data shop for developers,” has ended its long-running legal battle with Craigslist over its scraping of Craigslist listings.
Daily API RoundUp: Amazon Machine Learning, Google Maps Android
Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.
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