Line’s COO Becomes Its New CEO As The Messaging Company Targets Global Growth
 Fresh from launching its payment service and buying MixRadio from Microsoft, Japan-based messaging app Line has announced a change at the top with current COO Takeshi Idezawa taking over from Akira
Google Expands Its Android One Initiative To Bangladesh, Nepal And Sri Lanka
 Back in June, Google introduced its Android One program to improve the affordable smartphone experience in emerging markets. The project debuted in India in September, and it is making its
News Corp Buys India-Based Financial Planning Service BigDecisions.com
 Fresh from making its first investment in India last month, News Corp has now completed its first acquisition in the country, buying financial planning service BigDecisions.com as Next Big What
“The Interview” Censorship Protestors Screen Chaplin’s Hitler Parody “The Great Dictator”
 A clandestine invite to a “secret screening to protest against censorship” of The Interview did not lead to a showing of the North Korea-skewering film at the center of the Sony
Xiaomi Reportedly Raises $1B In New Funding At A $45B Valuation
 Xiaomi, the company that is now the world’s third-biggest smartphone maker, has reportedly raised $1 billion at a $45 billion valuation, according to the Wall Street Journal. A Xiaomi spokesperson declined to
The Perfect Gaming Phone
 As a recent acquirer of an iPhone 6 Plus I had thought that a bigger phone would have better battery and be easier on my eyes. However
Microsoft Removes All Third Party Snapchat Apps From The Windows Phone Store
 Snapchat confirmed in November that it would crack down on all third party apps, and now the ax has fallen on the Windows Phone app store, which no longer contains any third
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13 content delivery networks to speed up your website
Speeding up your website and content delivery should be near the top of your to-do list, with speed being a factor in ranking. A CDN (content
Drinking Jacket gets funded nine times over on Kickstarter
The makers of a hooded jacket with a range of accessories for the smart drinker, including a hidden flask pocket and a bottle-opener zipper, sought to
Facebook in 2015: Drones, messaging and virtual reality, oh my!
As Facebook has matured into a social media platform unrivaled in size and reach in recent years, the persistent question hanging over the company in 2014
Orkut, we hardly knew ye: 10 tech products we lost in 2014
Every year, the tech industry brings us unexpected surprises and long-predicted changes, and among those ups and downs are usually a few endings to some of
8 free wallpapers to zap your phone into the holiday spirit
Youve decked out your home with festive lights, decorations and a dead tree — now its time to get your phone into the holiday spirit.As a
4K video recording comes to Microsoft Lumia devices with Denim update
Microsoft has started rolling out its Denim software update for Lumia devices, bringing an improved camera and more abilities for Cortana, the voice assistant on Windows
Report: Google plans to build Android software right into your car
Google is reportedly planning to build its connected car platform Android Auto directly into vehicles.Reuters is reporting that the integration would differ from how Android Auto
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Seldon wants to make life easier for data scientists, with a new open-source platform
It feels that these days we live our whole digital lives according mysterious algorithms that predict what we’ll want from apps and
Biz Stone’s Super now lets you share your garish image-based creations to other social networks
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s image-based social app Super has just received an update on iOS and Android, making it easier to share your random thoughts with the world. The latest version allows users to cross-post to Tumblr,Twitter and Instagram (with Facebook
Offline over the weekend? Read all the tech news you missed right here
With Christmas looming on the horizon like a big fat man in a red suit trying to stuff himself down a
South Korea running cyber warfare drills after nuclear power plant hack
While the Sony hack and the subsequent decision to cancel the release of The Interview have dominated headlines, a new
Android One phones coming to Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka
Following its launch in India back in September, the Android One program is coming to three other countries in the Indian subcontinent over
How to sell on social networks like the best e-commerce brands in the world
Joey Kotkins is the CMO & Co-Founder of Inside Social. Social media has proven itself to be a legitimate marketing
TNW’s Apps of the Year: Scanbot makes it easy to go paperless
In our Apps
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Re/wind: Man, Things Are Not Looking Up For Sony, Bezos Gets Grilled and More
Plus, Evan Spiegel is sad. Very sad.
Capital Gains: Upfront Ventures Raises New Fund, SurveyMonkey Valued at $2 Billion and More
Vjeran Pavic Life under capitalism is really just a series of interactions involving wads of cash changing hands. Here’s some of what that looked like this week: Online questionnaire service and corporate software developer SurveyMonkey nabbed $250 million in funding
Re/code on TV: The Sony Saga Continues and Decoding the Uber Way
Were prettier than our written words let on.
You Will Get to See “The Interview,” Sony Lawyer Says
Sony has been fighting to get this picture distributed, Sonys lawyer says.
Obama Says Sony Hack Is Not an Act of War
North Korea attack was an act of cyber vandalism.
Dr. Evil Invades SNL to Blast North Korea and Sony (Video)
North Korea falls short of real evil, according to Dr. Evil.
Amazon and Netflix Run Full-Page NYT Ads to Push Their Big-Money Web TV Shows
The ad placements come as TV lovers head home for the holidays and get ready to binge-watch to their hearts content.
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Structure Data: From BuzzFeed to brain science
Gigaoms Structure Data conference is just three months away -- March 18 and 19 in New York -- and its looking like our fifth one will be the best one yet. The…
Chromecast update brings screen casting to most Android phones
Chromecast got its long-awaited guest mode earlier this week, but Google also quietly updated screen casting to work with a whole range of additional Android devices. Any device running Android 4.4.2…
Need to wrangle SQL, NoSQL data? Espresso Logic says it can help
Espresso Logic, which offers a backend service to help businesses connect applications with SQL data sources, is adding NoSQL to the mix with new support for MongoDB -- as well as support for…
Belarus blocks news and commerce websites over currency fears
Fearing a run on banks and shops due to a faltering currency, the authorities in Belarus have blocked several news and e-commerce websites, according to reports. The Belarusian state-controlled economy is…
China slams cyberattacks after Sony job leads US to ask for help
The United States asked China for help in blocking cyberattacks emanating from North Korea, officials told CNN and the New York Times in the wake of the attack on Sony Pictures…
My year of the iPad: The wrap-up review
Earlier this year, I wrote about how I expected 2014 to be the Year of the iPad for me. In the article, I focused on two main things: music-making and writing. Today,…
Meshfire hopes it can slay the social media beast with AI
Marketings war with social media rages on. In one corner, you have the Twitterverse—a temperamental beast that never sleeps, is always hungry, and changes shape on a minute-by-minute basis. In the…
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Unleash Seth Rogen On North Korea ... Via BitTorrent!
Seth Rogen, The Interview, SonyNorth Korea goofed. By attacking and threatening Sony until it yanked its Seth Rogen film, The Interview, the nation-state turned a minor, hare-brained movie into a cause for freedom and anti-terrorism that everyone
Now You Can Add Stickers To Facebook Messenger Photos
Now you can festoon the photos you share in Facebook Messenger with stickers, the company announced Friday. See also: Facebook Makes Messenger MandatoryCalled Stickered For Messenger, the “lightweight” new feature will be available for Android beginning Friday
Big Companies Are Still Struggling To Buy A Big Data Clue
Data science remains the surest ticket to Big Salary nirvana. If only it paid equally large dividends for the companies paying those salaries. Part of the problem stems from getting enough qualified people into a market desperate
Twitch Plays Pokemon And The Year In Crowdplaying
Editors Note: This was originally published by our partners at Kill Screen as part of Kill Screens Year In Ideas series.  Twitch Plays Pokemon is one of those ideas that should never have really caught on the way it did.
The New Spambot-Free Instagram Is Now Worth $35 Billion
Youve got to clear out the crap in your life if you want to have room for prosperity. Thats just good feng shui! And look how well its worked out for Instagram.More than 18.9 million fake users vanished
Flickr Listens To Community, Stops Printing Creative Commons Art
Flickr has halted a new service that let people print wall art of any Creative Commons image it hosts, the company announced Thursday. Called Flickr Wall Art, the program allowed prints of your own photos, photos of
LinkedIn Reveals The Top 25 Job Skills Of The Year
Looks like 2014 was the year of the data scientist, judging by LinkedIn’s 25 Hottest Professional Skills of 2014 report. The social network people use to impress their peers and future bosses, LinkedIn knows very well what skills
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VIDEO: As one who is usually the loudest, especially…
As one who is usually the loudest, especially for lightning talks, Chris Powers’ message on silence is one you should to listen to.
The Sweater Song
It all started with an Ewok.That’s my two-year-old daughter on Halloween. To complete the effect, I decided to dress up like Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi (her jaunty Endor speeder outfit, not the metal bikini)
The curse of compressing reality
When I’m not analyzing data, I like to make things from wood—furniture, cutting boards, etc. Making something physical after sitting at a computer all day is relaxing and rewarding, and I’m never short on gifts for family and friends.My woodworking
Stuck Again
In 1949, Earl Bakken and his brother-in-law Palmer Hermundslie started a medical device repair shop in Palmer's garage. It was a terrible place to work – freezing in the winter, stifling in the summer. We used a garden hose to
A Slice of Small Business Life
There was a time in America, if you can believe it, when you would order a pizza and it would arrive somewhat cold and soggy. A horrifying prospect! Ingrid Kosar was disenchanted with cold delivery pizza too, and she wanted
Shipping Basecamp for iOS 2.0
Almost 2 years ago I wrote about our approach to building our first in-house native application. This week, we shipped version 2.0 of Basecamp for iPhone, which now shares a codebase with Basecamp for iPad. I’m proud to say this
Basecamp the Infomercial
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Four short links: 22 December 2014
Manufacturers and Consumers (Matt Webb) — manufacturers never spoke to consumers before. They spoke with distributors and retailers. But now products are connected to the internet, manufacturers suddenly have a relationship with the consumer. And they literally don’t know what
Four short links: 19 December 2014
Distinguishing Cause and Effect using Observational Data — research paper evaluating effectiveness of the “additive noise” test, a nifty statistical trick to identify causal relationships from observational data. (via Slashdot)Clustering Bitcoin Accounts Using Heuristics (O’Reilly Radar) — In theory, a
Clustering bitcoin accounts using heuristics
Editor’s note: we’ll explore present and future applications of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies at our upcoming Radar Summit: Bitcoin & the Blockchain on Jan. 27, 2015, in San Francisco.A few data scientists are starting to play around with cryptocurrency data,
What you need to know for the hardware-software convergence
As I noted in “Physical and virtual are blurring together,” we now have hardware that acts like software, and software that’s capable of dealing with the complex subtleties of the physical world. So, what must the innovator, the creator, the
Four short links: 18 December 2014
Popular Chinese Android Smartphone Backdoored By Manufacturer — Coolpad is the third largest smartphone builder in China, and ranks sixth worldwide with 3.7 percent global market share. It trails only Lenovo and Xiaomi in China and is the leader of
Business at web speed
Seven years ago, Steve Souders and Jesse Robbins came to the realization that they both
21st century communication with WebRTC
As the web platform continues to evolve, tools have emerged for connecting people and computers in new and interesting ways. Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) stands out as one of the most significant and disruptive of these emerging technologies, allowing developers
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Socrata API Foundry V2 Extends Tailored Documentation
Socrata API Foundry have launched a new feature that will minimize the gap between the two tiers of their existing documentation output system.The API Foundry v1 took a clients dataset and created developer-ready
SurgeProtector Detects Uber Surges Before a Ride is Requested
In the midst of discussion around Ubers questionable business practices and data privacy concerns, an app called SurgeProtector aims to empower Uber users by letting them know if an area is experiencing surge
Salesforce Files Connect Brings File Sharing to the Enterprise
Software-as-a-service customer relationship management giant Salesforce.com has launched a new file-sharing product for the enterprise. According to the company, Salesforce Files Connect is the first product to bring CRM and enterprise file management together.
StrongLoop Announces Industry First GUI for API Life Cycle Management
StrongLoop has announced the general availability of StrongLoop Arc, the industrys first graphical user interface to manage the entire API life cycle in Node.js. Through a simple, visually pleasing user interface, users can develop, integrate,
Google Android M Extends Auto Platform to Vehicles
Google has a new vision for Android and automobiles. The idea, Reuters reports, is to bypass the need for a smartphone entirely and build Android right into cars. (Android Driveables, anyone?) Android M
Teleco.IO API Offers Asset Management For Telecom
This article is a company-provided press release and ProgrammableWeb cannot vouch for the accuracy of the statements within. If you have questions regarding the information below, please contact the company that issued the
Apigee Extends Edge API Analytics Depth and Scope
With organizations now routinely monetizing APIs, developers are being asked to provide more insight into how data is flowing into and out of those APIs. To help developers achieve that goal Apigee this
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