The Rufus Cuff’s Size And Features Lord Over Puny Smartwatches
 With its three-inch screen, the Rufus Cuff thumbs its nose at smartwatches with their tiny faces and dainty wristbands. The wearable device, which bills itself as a “wrist communicator” and runs on
Guides.co Aims To Be The Hub For Companies’ White Papers And How-To Content
 There are plenty of how-to sites on the Internet, but sometimes, in the words of Guides.co CEO Scott Annen, you need to look up something more complicated than tying a tie or
Founder Stories: Serial Entrepreneur Karl Jacob Is Up At The Plate Again With Hangtime
 If Bo knows football and every other sport, Karl Jacob knows startups. Depending on how you count it, Jacob, a former Apple intern and Benchmark EIR, is
As Food Delivery War Heats Up, Sprig Plans To Serve Lunch
 SpoonRocket is about to have some competition in the lunch on demand market. Sprig, currently dinner-only, will soon start serving lunch, according to a source who said Sprig now delivers 1000
Tuition.io Picks Up A New Investor, As It Manages Over $1 Billion In Student Loans
 In the year since its launch, Tuition.io, the company billing itself as the Mint.com for managing student loans, has grown to manage over $1 billion in loans. The company, which provides a
I Hijacked The Startup Alley Application System To Extend The Deadline, So Apply Now!
 Attention, startups! This is a code red situation. I have infiltrated the Disrupt Startup Alley application system and left registrations open. (Cue evil laugh.) Read More
Get Poached
 The tech/startup industry is about as incestuous as it gets, and thats without any clear tools to help people switch from one moonshot to the next. So imagine a world in which
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Amazon Fire TV Voice Search Adds More Content Partners
The voice search feature on Amazons Fire TV is about to get a little more useful.Amazon on Thursday announced that Hulu Plus, Crackle and Showtime Anytime
Heartbleed Aftershock: The New Certificate Threat
Ten days after the Heartbleed bug was first revealed to the public, companies are scrambling to patch servers and update software. But the crisis isnt over.See
Google Releases Android Camera App With Selective Focus
Google has released a standalone version of its stock camera app for Android— and its a significant improvement on its predecessor.The new app, called simply Google
Swedish Supercar Has Sexiest Curves at the Auto Show
Its easily the sexiest car at the New York International Auto Show — and also the most mysteriousThe Koenigsegg Agera R drew a lot of attention
Micro Magnet Robots Can Build Mini Super Structures
Magnets and their properties have long fascinated everyone from children to scientists, but its unlikely you’ve ever seen them harnessed quite like thisSRI International, a non-profit
How 2 Animators Recreated Pixar Magic — Without Pixar
Pixar filmmakers Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi know a thing or two about using technology to tell stories with animation. The duo worked together to bring
3D-Printed Ford Gran Torino Is the Muscle Car From Hell
Walk through this years New York international Auto Show, and its clear that the current crop of cars are rapidly catching up with the concept vehicles
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A Facebook e-money service could be a big hit in Asia
Reports this week suggest that Facebook is preparing to launch an e-money service. The Financial Times believes that the US company is
Samsung hints that Milk Music will ‘soon’ include ads, and offer a $3.99/month premium service
When Samsung introduced its first Internet radio service Milk Music in March, one of the things that stood out was
Klout to quietly shut down Cinch Q&A app on April 18
Klout notified users of its Cinch question-and-answer app in an email today that it will discontinue the service on April 18th at 12pm PST. Cinch launched last September in an effort to help Klout users tap their influencer and expert
Uber adds vague $1 “Safe Rides Fee” for UberX rides
Uber recently began adding a $1 “Safe Rides Fee” for UberX ridesharing trips on its platform. Users have been receiving the following message in
Microsoft’s Xbox One passes 5M units sold to retailers, but Titanfall boost not enough to bea(...)
Microsoft today announced that it has sold over 5 million Xbox One consoles to retailers around the
Google’s Project Tango teams up with NASA for autonomous space robots
Google’s ATAP team and NASA are using the Project Tango smartphone with 3D motion tracking to help navigate robots in the International Space Station. The smartphone’s Myriad 1 vision processor chip is capable of making a quarter millions 3D measurements
Risk-averse Chinese mobile tech firms are suddenly going all-in on global, but why?
Si Shen is the founder and CEO of PapayaMobile, a global mobile company. This article originally appeared on LinkedIn and was
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You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello
To our dear readers: Thank you, thank you very much.
Another Longtime Windows Exec Heads for the Exit as 2013 Draws to a Close
Grant George, the former head of testing for Windows, was one of several executives left on the outside looking in following a September reorganization of the Windows unit.
Some of Our Fave D Conference Videos Before AllThingsD Signs Off in 3 … 2… 1 …
Tech and media bigs on the red-hot seat
Startups Scrape Your Financial Data for Good (No, Really!)
Two personal finance apps, SaveUp and Mogl, offer rewards as a byproduct. Their CEOs describe them as a bit of gummy on the financial vitamin and Toms shoes for food, respectively.
HP Affirms Higher-End Layoffs Figure
Hewlett-Packard Co. confirmed it has increased by 5,000 the number of layoffs it plans to implement under the restructuring plan it adopted in May 2012, bringing the expected number of job cuts to 34,000.
Apple Says It Is Unaware of NSA's iPhone Backdoor
The company says it will try to defend against attacks on its products by anyone.
Apple Feud Deepens With Court-Appointed Monitor
A feud between Apple Inc. and a lawyer appointed by a federal court judge to monitor the companys e-book pricing reform became even more acrimonious Monday.
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Drones 101 and why your August smart lock hasn’t shipped just yet
Were answering some tough questions this week on the podcast starting with whats that up in the sky and ending with, why hasnt my smart lock shipped yet.
Uber adds new $1 “safe rides fee” to UberX rides
Uber announced today that it will start tacking on a $1 “safe rides fee” to every UberX ride. In a blog post, the company said the extra dollar would go towards security measures, like background checks and driver education. Both Uber
Google is sending dummy Glass units to prospective Explorers
A Reddit user received four nonfunctional pairs of Glass in the mail, each with a different titanium frame and different color of Glass, in what Google has confirmed to be a try-before-you-buy program.
Can a little-known blogger turn his site into a business by selling memberships? Ben Thompson i(...)
Technology analyst Ben Thompson has quit his job and is trying to turn his blog into a business by launching a freemium membership model, which gives readers access to extra features and content if they pay a monthly fee
Twitter account tied to “Internet crime” police raid – report
Did a local politician send the police to raid the house of someone who was using Twitter to mock him?
Twitter’s data grants will be used to research food poisoning, cancer, happiness
Twitter has announced the winners of its inaugural data grants program, which provide select researchers with access to the entire history of tweets. The six winning projects are wide ranging, from gastrointestinal illnesses to sports.
KB Homes is embracing the smart home (and using Zigbee)
Home builders are getting hip to the smart home, with Lennar signing a deal to put Savant’s smart home control software in one of its developments and KB Homes apparently installing an energy management system that will lay the groundwork
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Why Does Facebook Want You To Broadcast Your Location To Your Friends?
Facebook is trying to get you to share even more information, this time by beaming your precise location to your friends all the time.The optional feature, called Nearby Friends, is built to help you find people around you. You can tailor
Taking My Diet To The Next Level
ReadWriteBody is an ongoing series where ReadWrite covers networked fitness and the quantified self.Quantifying your activity and nutrition, as I’ve done for years, can only take you so far. Sometimes gathering the numbers
Dropbox Buys Loom For Photo Sharing, HackPad For Collaboration
Dropbox is having a busy Thursday.The file sharing giant has acquired Loom, a photo sharing app that offered mobile users up to five gigabytes of free storage. Loom announced the deal on its
Suddenly, Mobile App Install Ads Are Popping Up Everywhere
Developers love them, advertisers love them, and companies are raking in cash—all thanks to the little buttons in mobile advertisements that urge you to download an app.See also: How Post-IPO Twitter Could Make Billions Without Alienating UsersTwitter is the latest
How To Ensure Your Homebrew OpenVPN Server Isn't Vulnerable To Heartbleed
The Heartbleed bug has made April into a difficult month for Internet users, as we scramble to change our passwords and protect ourselves from the most pervasive security threat in ages. But if youve set up your own virtual private network (VPN),
Real-Time Data Streaming Gets Standardized
One of the advantages of open source is that it can accelerate standards adoption on a level playing field. If there is a big enough problem to solve, smart people can attract the best minds to work together, investigate and
The Kill Switch Proposal: Why U.S. Carriers Win Either Way
Cellular carriers in the U.S. want you to think they have your best interests at heart. That, hey, if your smartphone gets lost or stolen, they will have your back. At least thats what those carriers would have you believe
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Dragons on the far side of the histogram
Performance tuning is a fun sport, but how you’re keeping score matters more than you think, if winning is to have real impact. When it comes to web applications, the first mistake is start with what’s the easiest to measure:
Marketing around situations
Before he made The Simpsons, Matt Groening’s famous comics and illustrations graced the covers of Apple brochures. The writing inside—from 1989, mind you—still does a great job selling the Mac. Instead of blanket marketing a one-size-fits-all message, Apple
Another Chapter
So, a few years ago Dana Brunetti at Trigger Street Productions (Social Network and Captain Philips) got in touch with us after reading our book, REWORK. He loved the themes and the overall story of how our company came to
Basecamp goes back to basics
If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that computers and user interfaces peaked in the 1980s. Everything was clear and simple, without all of our modern annoyances like portability, color, touchscreens, and the Internet.With that in mind, we
Basecamp network attack postmortem
As we detailed in Basecamp was under network attack, criminals assaulted our network with a DDoS attack on March 24. This is the technical postmortem that we promised.The main attack lasted a total of an hour and 40 minutes starting
Basecamp was under network attack this morning
Criminals attacked the Basecamp network with a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) attack this morning. The attackers tried to blackmail us to make it stop. We refused to give in and worked with our network providers to mitigate the attack the
Finding your workbench muse
Much intellectual capital is spent examining the logical advantages and disadvantages of our programming tools. Much ego invested in becoming completely objective examiners of productivity. The exalted ideal: To have no emotional connection to the workbench.Hogs and wash. There is
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Biomimicry in the real world
Festo’s Robotic Bird. Photo by Mike Loukides.A couple of years ago, I visited the World Science Festival in New York and saw Festo’s robotic bird. It
Four short links: 17 April 2014
Playbook for Strategic Foresight & Innovation — MANY pages of framework and exercises. Good for what it is, but also as a model for how to disseminate your ideas and frame for the world to consume.Why I’m a Crabby Patty
Four short links: 16 April 2014
morris.js — pretty time-series line graphs.Open Source CT Scanner — all the awesome.Alan Kay’s Reading List — in case you’re wondering what to add to the pile beside your bed. (via Alex Dong)Foldscope — origami optical microscope, 2000x magnification for
Disposable architecture?
I’ve noticed a number of faint signals recently pointing to a general shift in the speed of technology and the repercussions it’s having on the products we’re seeing come to market. This recent Tweet from Tom Scott got me really
#IoTH: The Internet of Things and Humans
Rod Smith of IBM and I had a call the other day to prepare for our onstage conversation at O’Reilly’s upcoming Solid Conference, and I was surprised to find how much we were in agreement about one idea: so many of the
Announcing BioCoder issue 3
We’re excited about the third issue of BioCoder, O’Reilly’s newsletter about the revolution in biology and biotechnology. In the first article of our new issue, Ryan Bethencourt asks the question “What does Biotechnology Want?” Playing with Kevin Kelly’s ideas about how technological development drives
Four short links: 15 April 2014
Funders Punish Open Access Dodgers (Nature) — US’s NIH and UK’s Wellcome Trust are withholding funding from academics who haven’t released their data despite it being a condition of past funding. It’s open access’s grab twist and pull move.Digitize Books
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Today in APIs: Aplos’s API for Nonprofits, and 6 New APIs
No description.
Twitter’s Acquisition of Gnip Highlights Rise of Aggregators in DaaS Market
On Tuesday, social media giant Twitter announced that it is buying Data as a Service (DaaS) provider Gnip for an undisclosed amount. Gnip, which is one of several companies that sell
Samsung’s Position On Tizen May Hurt Developer Recruitment
Samsung isnt making it easy for developers. The company may have released a handful of SDKs for its latest devices, but Samsungs non-committal approach to its Tizen platform is probably going to cost
Enigma Opens Door to Public API and Platform Access
Open data startup Enigma has released its platform to the public and now provides the open Enigma API so that developers can begin drawing on open data sources and feeding
Today in APIs: HTC’s Dual Lens SDK, and 10 New APIs
No description.
AppDynamics Extends Application Performance Management Reach
No description.
Telerik Makes Framework for JavaScript Available via Open Source
With strong roots in the Microsoft ecosystem, Telerik has always been part of the commercial software landscape. But starting today Telerik, a provider of application development tools, is embracing open source. The company today
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