Internet Privacy Is The Wrong Conversation
 On April 2, the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook is in hot water with government regulators in six European countries over its practice of tracking users’ movements across the web to
The Micro VC Shakeout
 When we started Bullpen Capital in 2011, there were about 30 or so “microVC” or “micro-seed” funds — and we knew them all. Today, four years later, there are likely over 220
Silicon Valley Can Accelerate Social Impact Globally
 Editor’s Note: Doug Galen is the chief executive and co-founder of the non-profit organization RippleWorks, which aims to connect Silicon Valley-based entrepreneurs with startup founders in developing countries. He previously served
Back To The Future In Enterprise SaaS Selling
 Given the success of Box, it’s hard to imagine that founder Aaron Levie believes he should have done something differently in the company’s early years. However, while speaking to Storm Ventures’ Jason
You Need To Be A Billion Just To Make A Million
 I always love peering into the world of executive recruiting. As a grad student and as a writer, the thought that there are people out there chasing other people to get them
Google Executive Dan Fredinburg Dies In Everest Avalanche After Nepal Earthquake
 Dan Fredinburg, a respected Google executive who headed privacy for Google X and lead its product management team, has died in the avalanche on Mount Everest which was
Don’t Turn Internet Independence Into Government Dependence
 April marks the 20th anniversary of the commercialization of the Internet, ironically, the very same month that the Federal Communications Commission’s new Open Internet regulations were officially published, tossing the Internet into
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Jay Z goes on tweeting spree to defend his Tidal streaming service
Jay Z fired back at critics of his Tidal music service on Sunday, claiming the site is doing just fine and that its subscriber base is
5 extremely easy photo edits to use before you post
Photo editing is easier than its ever been before, which means theres no longer any excuses for posting substandard pics on your social sitesTo help you
5 can't-miss apps: Hipstamatic DSPO, Funny or Die News Flash and more
With the Apple Watch finally launching — and bringing thousands of new and updated apps with it — you may have missed some of this weeks
How to make a MyIdol character that actually looks like you
If youve checked almost any social network in the last few days, chances are youve seen weird animated avatars of your friends (or celebrities) singing, dancing
Jony Ive claims Apple Watch isn't a threat to luxury watch makers
The Apple Watch has finally arrived, putting an end to a lot of the speculation surrounding the device, which means this is the perfect time for
Hackers briefly take over Tesla Twitter account, offer fake free car
The most talked about electric vehicle in the tech world, Tesla Motors, suffered a hack targeting its Twitter account Saturday. Shortly after 4:30 p.m. ET, Teslas
Facebook promised an Apple Watch app last month, but it's still missing
Back in March, Apple gave the world a close look at its first wearable, weeks before the device officially debuted in stores.Developers worked quickly to equip
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6 reasons why American healthcare is broken
Robert J. Szczerba is the CEO of X Tech Ventures, an innovative company focused on solving some of today’s most challenging problems through the integration of technologies from
Why we rejected that news you sent us
It’s no secret that we get a lot of pitches sent in
5 psychology principles every visual marketer should know
This post first appeared on the Image Brief blog. Let’s face
How being unprofessional increases employee engagement
David Hassell is Founder & CEO of 15Five, web-based communication software that elevates the performance
Mark Zuckerberg’s year of books: Michael Suk-Young Chwe’s ‘Rational Ritual’ review
Caitlin is Editor in Chief
10% off select lifetime deals, this weekend only!
Whether you’re into programming, Web design, or games and app development, you’ve got to check out our latest bunch of lifetime offers at TNW Deals. On top of the already incredible discounts, you can get an extra 10 percent off
Stop consuming, start acting
Paul Jarvis is a best-selling author and designer. He writes weekly for his popular newsletter and runs an online course on becoming a better freelancer. We live in a world of tips and
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Bigcommerce Set to Make First Acquisition as Rival Shopify Preps for IPO
The acquisition of Zing is expected to help Bigcommerce improve its offerings for brick-and-mortar businesses.
People Want the Apple Watch to Have Tacos. Because Tacos.
If the unicode consortium wont provide it, this company will.
Re/code on TV: Mossberg, Swisher Talk Apple Watch and a Microsoft Revival
Plus a NPR hit on Indias exploding tech scene.
How Guided Search Is Changing Pinterest’s Business
Guided Search moved Pinterest beyond its social scrapbooking roots.
India’s Ratan Tata Buys Stake in Chinese Phone Maker Xiaomi
The deal is likely to bolster the Chinese phone makers presence in the worlds third-largest smartphone market.
Alibaba, China Telecom Tie Up to Sell Phones
The partnership is aimed at boosting mobile commerce in smaller cities and rural areas.
With Assist from Social Media, Bruce Jenner Interview Serves As “Ellen” Moment for Transgen(...)
ABC News It’s been a big year for transgender awareness. Laverne Cox, star of “Orange is the New Black,” graced the cover of Time Magazine. And President Obama used the word transgender in this year’s State of the Union address, becoming
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Beyond Batch Hadoop: Operational and Real-Time
Buyers and practitioners in the data market have faced a gut-wrenching choice: work with big data and tolerate the latency of batch-mode processing, or work interactively with relatively small data sets…
All-Flash Arrays for Primary Storage: The time is now
Many times faster than legacy spinning disk arrays, All Flash Arrays (AFA) have been widely adopted for demanding use cases where consistent ultra-high performance storage is needed to service the most…
The future of security: from restrictive to cognitive
We are on the verge of a new era of smart connected things, generating a wealth of information about ourselves and our environment.  As technology advances, security threats are increasing in…
Cocktail Reception
Closing Remarks
Gigaom Structure Data Awards
Senior Writers from the editorial team will present their selections of the best and brightest big data startups with an award and the chance to talk about how they are changing…
What big data means to businesses and consumers
Of course web companies have embraced big data, but what about the worlds biggest financial institutions?
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11 Things About The Apple Watch That May Surprise You
Apple’s much anticipated new smartwatch has finally landed at its ultimate destination: on the arms of consumers. See also: Theres Gold On Them Thar WristsAs the earliest adopters get busy binding their wrists, practicing their “force touches” and updating their iPhone
There's Gold On Them Thar Wrists
Its been a long wait since September, but Apple Watch launch day is finally upon us—and Apple has brought some 3,000 apps to the party, according to the best estimates. At the time of writing, WatchAware is showing 2,436.Too bad
Apple May Be Lowering The Boom On Pebble Apps
Apple doesn’t cotton well to competitors setting up shop in its App Store, and now Pebble might be starting to feel the heat. An app developer said that Apple rejected an update to his Pebble-compatible app on Thursday because he
Speaker Profile: Cuff's Deepa Sood, On Fusing Fashion and Function
Wearable World Congress, ReadWrites signature annual conference in San Francisco on May 19-20, will feature the key players who are shaping wearable technology and the Internet of Things. This series profiles some of the experts who will be speaking at
The Internet Dodges A Bullet: The Comcast-Time Warner Merger Is Reportedly Dead
Ding-dong, the mergers dead.After the FCC reportedly told Comcast it would oppose its $45 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable, Comcast is apparently ready to walk away from the deal, Bloomberg reports. The result: Two mostly terrible cable companies wont
Amazon's Cloud Juggernaut Still Has "World Domination" In Its Sights
Amazon CEO Jeff BezosAmazon Web Services is on a mission, and as its name might suggest, its not a particularly small one. Indeed, as Gartner analyst Lydia Leong declares, They are essentially pursuing world domination.And at its
How Google’s Project Fi Could Upend Wireless Service With A Simple Math Trick
This post first appeared on the Ferenstein Wire, a syndicated news service; it has been edited. For inquires, please email author and publisher Gregory Ferenstein.Google unveiled an ambitious new plan to take on wireless carriers Wednesday with the launch of
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QUOTE: Would you hire the last Delta representative…
Would you hire the last Delta representative you spoke with if you owned a customer service company?—First question in the Delta Airlines customer service follow-up survey. Love it.
LINK: Shhh... Made by Few 2015
Shhh... Made by Few 2015I’d been pretty bored with web conferences but the tiny team at Few changed my mind. Last summer’s Made by Few was well-run, fun, focused, intimate, and worthwhile. The couple of hundred lucky attendees were treated
For years I’ve chatted with smart, ambitious people and friends who want to start new projects or businesses. Often their visions are big. So they dream up equally big things their startups need: money, connections, resources. And that’s where they
Imagining Basecamp on Apple Watch
Over the last day or so I spent some time learning about the different Apple Watch components (notifications, glances, WatchKit app) and imagined how Basecamp might work on the upcoming device. Here’s what I came up with.Notifications are a given
Look and Feel and Feel
Designers often talk about the look and feel of a product, an app, an object, etc. These are good concepts to be talking about, but how the thing feels isn’t really the important feel. The important feel is how it
Our favorite stuff
A few weeks ago, via Know Your Company , we asked folks at Basecamp what brand-name items they couldn’t live without. (We have strong feelings about yogurt, and Chicagoans are extremely serious about their skin care regimens.) Here’s what everyone
The Coffee Test
Some of the folks at our Chicago office drink a lot of coffee and have been known to have strong opinions on the quality. So I decided to see if they actually preferred the taste of really good coffee over
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Four short links: 24 April 2015
Decoding Jeff Jonas (National Geographic) -- He thinks in three—no, four dimensions, Nathan says. He has a data warehouse in his head. And thats where the work takes place—in his head. Not on paper. Not on a computer. He resorts
IBM is banking on design’s ROI
Companies of all sizes are recognizing that by taking a design-first approach to product development, they can improve profit. I recently sat down with Phil Gilbert, GM of design at IBM,
Coming full circle with Bigtable and HBase
Subscribe to the OReilly Data Show to explore the opportunities and techniques driving big data and data science.At least once a year, I sit down with Michael Stack, engineer at Cloudera,
Four short links: 23 April 2015
Future of Working: Real World Robotics, Medical & Health Robotics (YouTube) -- interesting talk by Kiwi Foo alum, Jonathan Roberts, given to a Future of Working event. New class of tools, where the human uses them but they wont let
Emerging technologies are disrupting product design life cycles
I recently sat down with Jonathan Follett, principal of Involution Studios and editor and author of the recently released O’Reilly book Designing for Emerging Technologies. We talked about the ways in
Signals from the O’Reilly Fluent Conference 2015
Experts from across the Web development world are coming together in San Francisco this week for the OReilly Fluent Conference 2015. Below weve assembled notable keynotes, interviews, and insights from the event.User-centric performance metricsPaul Irish, PM at Google Chrome, says
The challenge of connecting anything to the Internet
Subscribe to the OReilly Solid podcast to stay on top of topics related to the Internet of Things, hardware, software, manufacturing, and the blurring of the physical and virtual worlds.A few
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How CowBoom Streamlines Merchandising With BestBuy’s APIs
As a leading retailer of consumer electronics, Best Buy moves much of their Open Box, Refurbished, and Pre-owned Goods through their subsidiary CowBoom. As part of its Secondary Markets division, CowBoom use Best Buy’s
Four Ways APIs Can be used to Gain Competitive Advantage
In the digital age, many companies use customer touch points to collect information without capitalizing on its full potential. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Bala Iyer and Mohan Subramaniam discussed how companies can use APIs to harness this
How Apple's Actionable Notifications API Works on Apple Watch
Actionable notifications are a tool for driving user interaction without the need for users to open up the app on their iPhone.
How StoryCorps.me Was Built Using The Wordpress API and PhoneGap
StoryCorps launched in 2003 as a non-profit organisation that gives people a platform to tell stories about their lives via interviews, which are recorded and logged in the Library of Congress and broadcast nationally on NPR. In his recent article
Daily API RoundUp: Myfox API, Wunderground, U.S. Department of Labor SDKs
Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.
OpenCorporates Heralds Open Data as a Public Good
Chris Taggart, Founder of OpenCorporates believes that their API will be the principal way that their data is consumed by end users within the next five years.
Samsung Needs Developer Help to Make Apple Watch Killer
Samsung has a new SDK on deck for its Gear-branded line of wearables. The SDK isnt available yet, but it paints a clear picture of Samsungs desperation to compete with Apple.
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