15 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week
 This week’s tech news included big announcements from Facebook and Y-Combinator, a sighting of the Tesla Model X on the road, a controversial Indiana bill that has tech leaders up in arms,
This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Smartphone Stuff And Smart Home Stuff
 It was a big week for phones and homes. John Biggs has been reviewing the new Galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung, while the HTC One M9 recently went on sale in certain
The Jury Has Reached A Verdict In Ellen Pao Vs. Kleiner Perkins
 After several days of deliberations, a San Francisco Superior Court jury has come to a conclusion in Ellen Pao Vs. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the gender discrimination trial that began with
Thou Shalt Not Google
 At every break during the high-profile Pao versus Kleiner Perkins trial these past couple of weeks, judge Harold Khan reminded the jurors, “Do not form or express any opinions about the case.
Gillmor Gang LIVE 03.27.15
 Gillmor Gang – Steven Levy, John Taschek, Erick Schonfeld, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. LIVE recording session 1pmPT/4pmET today. Our FriendFeed chat during the show broadcastGillmor Gang on FacebookOur sister
These Brutally Honest Push Notifications Will Make You Rethink Your Life
 Humans suck at phones. We didn’t evolve to live with these gadgets in our hands. We’re still getting the hang of managing our instincts and odd behaviors in the face of instant communication. This
ElecFreaks Is Selling (And Giving Away) A DIY VR Drone
 A new 3D-printed drone called the ELF VR Nano is available for pre-order on Indiegogo and for download on Thingiverse. That’s right: you can either buy the product and receive pre-printed parts
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Meerkat update adds improvements, but app still has much to fix
Meerkat just delivered its first major update since going viral.The live-streaming app promises a massive improvement, including tons of bug fixes and several new features, although
Coding and creativity could conquer the digital divide
LONDON — Technology has an image problem.Thats what Belinda Parmar, CEO and founder of Little Miss Geek and Lady Geek, said in a panel at the
How far in advance should you schedule a Meerkat?
Unfortunately, the question is a little like the proverbial how long is a piece of string?There are many possible factors when discussing Meerkat: your personal brand,
Former Apple, NASA and Pixar developers launch beautiful Olio smartwatch
The Apple Watch is a high-tech timepiece from a powerhouse company, but what do you call a smartwatch designed by some of the brightest alum from
Periscope's new Twitter account suggests livestreams you might like
Using Periscope, Twitters new app for live streaming, but cant find any streams worth watching? A new account run by the service may be able to
Join our MashTalk to discuss big news from Samsung, Facebook and Periscope
Its been a crazy week in the tech world.We got our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Facebook announced a series of changes
Chinese tech CEO equates Apple with Hitler
Apples quest for world domination is rubbing some people the wrong way.Jia Yueting, the CEO of Chinese video site LeTV.com, called out the iOS arrogant domination
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Ellen Pao loses gender discrimination case against Silicon Valley investment firm
Update 3/27/15 at 5:25 pm ET: The judge has sent the jury back to deliberation after failing to reach a 9-3 vote. The
The secret science of shopping: Why we buy what we do
This article originally appeared on the Crew blog. I remember sitting in a McDonald’s as a kid and complaining that
Remember Super Mario 64? You can now play an HD recreation in your browser
Remember Super Mario 64? Well you should – it’s arguably the greatest platformer since video games began letting you move
Slack reveals security breach and institutes two-factor authentication
Slack, the business chat utility, has revealed that there was “unauthorized access” to the database where it stores user profile information.” The company has sped up
Brain training and the end of the Prozac generation
Robert J. Szczerba is the CEO of X Tech Ventures, an innovative company focused on solving some of today’s most challenging problems through the integration of
Sony’s $840 SmartEyeglass AR specs now up for sale in 10 countries
Sony has today announced that its deeply unfashionable SmartEyeglass Developer Edition specs are available to buy in 10 countries, including the US and UK. Priced at €840 (£620), they’re probably not the sort of impulse purchase consumers will be making
Vine now supports 720p HD video, update rolling out to iOS first with Android to follow
Vine today released an update to support higher quality videos. Previously, Vine videos published at 420p – with the new update, users can now upload at 720p. Vine provided an example photo below, though it’s a bit tough to see
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Live: The Pao v. Kleiner Perkins Verdict
Time to hear from the people whose opinions really matter: The jury.
The Pao v. Kleiner Perkins Jury Reaches a Verdict
Coming it about 45 minutes.
Comcast Says It’s Not Talking to Apple About Apple TV, Because Apple Hasn’t Asked
But that doesnt mean NBC wont be in the service, if it ever launches.
HTC Design Chief Jonah Becker Exits, Second to Leave in a Year
Becker, like fellow former design chief Scott Croyle, worked at One & Co., a design firm acquired by HTC six years ago.
Too Embarrassed to Ask: What Is Apple TV, Anyway?
Hint: Its not a TV.
Google to Pay New CFO Porat More Than $70 Million Over Two Years
Thats salary, stock, a biennial grant and a sign-on bonus.
Oculus VR’s Chief Scientist: “We’re All Headed Down the Rabbit Hole Together”
Good VR isnt perceived as pictures at all. It replaces, rather than augments, the real world.
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The future of security: from restrictive to cognitive
We are on the verge of a new era of smart connected things, generating a wealth of information about ourselves and our environment.  As technology advances, security threats are increasing in…
Cocktail Reception
Closing Remarks
Gigaom Structure Data Awards
Senior Writers from the editorial team will present their selections of the best and brightest big data startups with an award and the chance to talk about how they are changing…
What big data means to businesses and consumers
Of course web companies have embraced big data, but what about the worlds biggest financial institutions?
Bottlenose Sponsor Workshop
Reinventing the music industry with computers that can hear
The co-founder of music data specialist the Echo Nest, Brian Whitman specializing in analyzing the sounds and meaning of music.
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Here's A New Way To Step Into A Virtual World
When you strap on an Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset, youre free to look up, down and around. But as soon as you try to explore the virtual world further, youre stuck. You cant interact with your surroundings or walk across
Your "Strong" Password May Be Weaker Than You Think
If youve been relying on password meters to determine how strong your passwords are, weve got some bad news. Their strength measurements are highly inconsistent and may even be leading you astray, according to a new study from researchers at Concordia
Why Facebook Messenger Is A Platform—And WhatsApp Isn’t
WhatsApp doesn’t want to be a platform. Co-founder Brian Acton, on a panel Wednesday at Facebook’s F8 developer conference, made that very clear. Unlike its sibling service Messenger, which has started courting outside developers and businesses, all that matters to
Oculus Rift Is Coming, And Facebook Wants It To Be Your New Reality
A wise man once said that reality is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. Oculus, the virtual reality harbinger now owned by Facebook, agrees. And it wants you to believe it too, so you can accept virtual reality as a
It May Have A Billion Users, But YouTube Isn't A Sure Thing Just Yet
Since it launched to the public at the end of 2005 (the very first video is still online), YouTube has come to dominate online video in a way that few businesses manage to dominate anything on the Web. Today, it
How South By Southwest Turned Into A Hardware Show
Kyle Ellicott is the cofounder of Wearable World, ReadWrites parent company, and directs Wearable World Labs, a startup incubator.Many of those who have attended South By Southwest Interactive in recent years complain that its lost focus. Perhaps thats fair: Its
Facebook's First Drone Is Broader Than A 737
Drones and satellites will soar above the earth under Facebooks plan to bring Internet connectivity to remote corners of the globe. At the F8 conference Thursday, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer revealed images of the companys first such product: the Aquila, a
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Our favorite stuff
A few weeks ago, via Know Your Company , we asked folks at Basecamp what brand-name items they couldn’t live without. (We have strong feelings about yogurt, and Chicagoans are extremely serious about their skin care regimens.) Here’s what everyone
The Coffee Test
Some of the folks at our Chicago office drink a lot of coffee and have been known to have strong opinions on the quality. So I decided to see if they actually preferred the taste of really good coffee over
Taking off the developer goggles
One of the very best things about working at Basecamp is “Everyone on support (EOS)”. That’s our policy where everyone on the team—no matter what their normal job is—spends one day per month as a customer support agent.Each time my
Reproducible research isn't just for academia
My wonderful coworkers here at Basecamp have discovered a surefire way to make my head explode. All you have to do is post a link in Campfire to a piece of flimsily sourced “data journalism” that’s hard to believe (like
Welcome Jay Ohms, programmer
Today we’re excited to announce the latest addition to the Basecamp team: Jay Ohms joins us a our lucky 13th programmer. He’ll be working with our mobile team on Basecamp for Android. Android enthusiasts will know Jay as the one
VIDEO: Did y’all know you can share stuff…
Did y’all know you can share stuff directly to Basecamp from apps like Paper? Resident illustrator, Nate Otto shows it off.
Behind the scenes: From Herding Cats to Finishing a Project Together
Nate Otto and I made a new Basecamp homepage illustration based on a vector drawing I made in Adobe Illustrator. Initially I didn’t intend it to be hand drawn. I thought I’d refine the vector drawing. Somewhere in the middle
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iconO'Reilly Radar

The 3 best experience design things we saw this week – March 27, 2015
Our design editors curate the most notable, interesting, and important material they come across. Below you’ll find their recent selections.Get the weekly design newsletter to see more links and tips.John Maedas top 5When former RISD president John Maeda, now design
Four short links: 27 March 2015
Welfare Makes America More Entrepreneurial (The Atlantic) -- In a 2014 paper, Olds examined the link between entrepreneurship and food stamps, and found that the expansion of the program in some states in the early 2000s increased the chance that
How to create a Swarm cluster with Docker
Editor’s note: this is an Early Release excerpt from Chapter 7 of Docker Cookbook by Sébastien Goasguen. The recipes in this book will help developers go from zero knowledge to distributed applications packaged and deployed within a couple of chapters.
The shape of software architecture
Last week, I had the opportunity to see the first Software Architecture Conference spring to life after a winter of preparation. Software architects, with or without the official title, swarmed the
How the DevOps revolution informs software architecture
In this episode of the Radar Podcast, OReillys Mac Slocum sits down with Neal Ford, a software architect and meme wrangler at ThoughtWorks, to talk about the changing role of software
Redefining power distribution using big data
When I first hear of a new open source project that might help me solve a problem, the first thing I do is ask around to see if any of my
Design’s role is to bridge context gaps
I sat down with Andrew Hinton, an information architect at The Understanding Group and author of the recently released O’Reilly book Understanding Context. Our conversation included a discussion of information architecture’s
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Google Postpones Plans to Integrate Dart into Chrome
In a polyglot world, the stakes for any language to be successful are getting higher by the day. Google’s Dart programming language was positioned and championed by many as a successor to JavaScript, the
Cyfe, Zapier Integration Expands Business Dashboard
Cyfe, an all-in-one business dashboard solution, announced that it has integrated with Zapier, an automated app integration solution. The Cyfe business dashboard allows users to monitor all of their business data from a single viewpoint.
Microsoft Announces Media APIs for Azure App Service
A few days ago, Microsoft announced the availability of the Azure App Service, a unique cloud-based service that allows developers to build cross-platform applications that work on all devices.
Facebook's Zuckerberg Discusses API Stability in F8 Keynote
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke about “Facebooks family of apps” backed by a stable and secure infrastructure, then launched a new app development platform called the “Messenger Platform” at Facebooks F8 developer conference this
OBS Logistics Releases Mangament APP Integrated With TomTom Telematics API
This article is a company-provided press release and ProgrammableWeb cannot vouch for the accuracy of the statements within. If you have questions regarding the information below, please contact the company that issued the press
eXact Learning Solutions Named as Tin Can API Adopter
This article is a company-provided press release and ProgrammableWeb cannot vouch for the accuracy of the statements within. If you have questions regarding the information below, please contact the company that issued the press release.The digital learning content management business
Google Announces Safe Browsing API
Google has announced that the company’s malware-blocking software data is now publicly available. Developers can now incorporate additional security measures into web and mobile applications using the Google Safe Browsing API.
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