Napster Owner Rhapsody Passes 2M Paying Users As It Extends unRadio To Europe
 In 2012, Rhapsody nabbed the European assets of streaming service Napster, covering the UK and Germany, to fill out its 2011 acquisition of Napster in the U.S., as part of its strategy
Uber Gets Down To Business With New Travel Expense Tools And Concur Integration
 Uber has spent four years building a perfect transportation alternative to taxis and black car services in cities around the world. But until today it’s just been focused on consumer travel.
Dive Into Fates Forever, Startup Battlefield’s First MOBA Game
 When Jason Citron launched Fates Forever in the TechCrunch Disrupt SF Startup Battlefield, it was impressive but many would say they weren’t surprised. Gamers have undoubtably heard of Jason’s previous success, OpenFeint,
With Apple’s Novel Acquisition, A Chance To Reinvent The Book
 Apple’s acquisition of BookLamp, a Boise, Idaho-based startup billed as a “Pandora for Books,” is a key move in the battle over the future of our printed-and-bound friends. When we combine this
Facebook Forces Users Worldwide To Download Messenger For Mobile Chat
 Over the next few days, Facebook will stop allowing messaging in its main iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone apps, and force all their users around the world to download its standalone Messenger
TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon: Get Your Tickets!
We’ve got details regarding the 67th annual TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon and are passing the savings on to you!The Disrupt Hackathon is the all-weekend event that kicks off TechCrunch Disrupt. Starting on Saturday, September 6th at 12:30pm, hackers will have 24-hours(ish) to
Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet Is Back In The Apple App Store
 Since Apple pulled Bitcoin wallets from the App Store in January, cryptocurrency fans have been at once calling for the ban to be rescinded and bad-mouthing Cupertino. Now, seven months later, Apple
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LinkedIn Redesigns Mobile Profiles to Put Relationships Into Context
LinkedIns flagship app has gotten a major overhaul.The company rolled out an update to its app Tuesday morning, unveiling completely redesigned user profiles that focus on
Samsung Galaxy S4 Catches Fire and Melts Next to Sleeping Teen
Texas teen Ariel Tolfree received a rude awakening when her Samsung galaxy S4 smartphone caught fire overnight, as she slept next to it, according to a
NPR One Provides Personalized Public Radio Recommendations
Public-radio junkies now have a new way to listen to their favorite NPR shows, and discover new content.The media outlet rolled out NPR One, a streaming
Driver Shortage and Surge Pricing Hamper Lyft's NYC Launch
Lyft officially launched in New York City on Friday, but the ride-sharing service is off to a bumpy startAfter negotiations with city regulators, Lyft was allowed
Facebook's Bolt Faces Challenges Over Its Name Before It's Even Launched
Bolt — the rumored photo messaging app Facebook accidentally leaked — hast even been released, yet its already facing potential legal threats over its name.Last week,
OkCupid Defends Human Experiments: 'That's How Websites Work'
While news of Facebooks emotion-manipulation study sparked public outrage and investigations from regulators, dating site OkCupid is letting its users know that human experiments are a
Fitbit Steps Into Windows Phone
If youve been holding back on buying a Windows Phone because you werent able to use your Fitbit with it, that excuse is officially gone. Fitbit
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LinkedIn revamps its user profiles to help you increase your business contacts
LinkedIn is revamping user profiles on its mobile app, making a big design change as it seeks to help its members, their
Twitter blocks prominent hacker account in Russia following government request
Twitter has blocked a prominent Twitter account in Russia following a government request, just one week after the company denied that it would clamp
Rhapsody announces two million subscribers as it expands service in Latin America and Europe
Established in 2001, Rhapsody helped start the music streaming business before Spotify, Rdio, the iTunes Store and even the
Report: Xiaomi pips Apple to rank 2nd in China’s smartphone sales share, but threatens Samsun(...)
There’s more evidence of Xiaomi’s rapid growth in popularity in China, despite releasing its first smartphone only in
Instagram planning to complete HTTPS rollout ‘soon,’ after developer exposes iOS flaw
Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger has responded to the publication of a potential vulnerability on the app’s iOS
500px launches Insights for iPhone to help photographers track their stats
500px, the photo portfolio website, has launched 500px Insights, a free iPhone companion app that lets you track your stats while on the go.
500px launches Insights for iPhone to help photographers track their stats
500px, the photo portfolio website, has launched 500px Insights, a free iPhone companion app that lets you track your stats while on the go.
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Here’s Why I’m Not Volunteering to Be a Guinea Pig for Google’s Medical Study
A rebuttal to James Temples proposition that with health data, the default should be to look for safe ways to share.
Microsoft Poaches Qualcomm Exec Peggy Johnson
Another executive departure at Qualcomm.
Do the Dynamic Perspective! (Comic)
Here is the latest comic from our Joy of Tech friends at Geek Culture, Nitrozac & Snaggy.
Khosla-Backed Rocket Lab Unveils Lightweight Launch Vehicle
Rocket Lab said Wednesday it’s developing a relatively light, inexpensive launch vehicle capable of propelling smaller satellites into space. The seven-year-old startup, with offices in Los Angeles and Auckland, New Zealand, said the carbon composite Electron rocket will come in at less than $5 million and just above 10 tons.
T-Mobile Drops Family-Plan Price in Latest Shot at AT&T, Verizon
T-Mobile CEO John Legere announces new family pricing plan that undercuts rivals -- with a few caveats attached.
Mozilla Foundation Names Chris Beard CEO
A foundation veteran takes over as CEO.
Microsoft Targeted in Apparent Chinese Antitrust Probe
Chinese regulators paid sudden visits to four Microsoft offices.
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Rhapsody hits 2 million paying subscribers, thanks to Europe, LatAm… and Pandora?
Spotify competitor Rhapsody is growing its subscription numbers in part due to a new service thats more like Pandora. So what does that mean for the future of Rhapsody?Rhapsody hits 2 million paying subscribers, thanks to Europe, LatAm… and Pandora?
Feature or product, Dropbox just needs to survive Amazon, Google and Microsoft
Both Dropbox and Box have been in the news recently with the two companies releasing a ton of new features as they continue to try and distinguish themselves in the cloud-storage space. The problem, however, is that Amazon, Google and
What might the U.S. Army use 3D printing for? Everything
3D printing can be used for everything from printing food to clothing to weapons, and the Army is taking notice. What might the U.S. Army use 3D printing for? Everything originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. Continue reading….
Now that it’s almost officially legal, here’s how to unlock your phone on all four U.S. carriers
Looking to unlock your phone and take it to another carrier? Consider this post your cheat sheet. Now that it’s almost officially legal, here’s how to unlock your phone on all four U.S. carriers originally published by Gigaom, © copyright
First Look Media revises its focus, wants to be more of a journalism lab than a standalone news site
Billionaire eBay founder Pierre Omidyar says First Look Media, the new journalistic venture he is backing with a $250-million investment, will now be focusing more on a series of experiments aimed at figuring out how journalism can serve small communities
Fitbit comes to WP8, making it the only activity tracker that syncs directly to a Windows phone
Internet of things gadgets usually never stray far from Android and iOS, but Fitbit has decided to add Windows Phone to its list of supported platforms.Fitbit comes to WP8, making it the only activity tracker that syncs directly to a
Ok Cupid lied to users about their love matches, calling it an “experiment”
Ok Cupid told people who werent compatible that they were a romantic match, as an A/B test to see if users bought it. Ok Cupid lied to users about their love matches, calling it an “experiment” originally published by Gigaom,
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LinkedIn Updates Its App As Part Of Its Mobile Dis-Integration
LinkedIn’s new mobile redesign, called “Blue Steel” internally, aims to make it easier to find out information about people and make connections while on mobile.The new update to the flagship LinkedIn application is the latest in a handful of updates
The Coolest Objects For Sale In Amazon’s New 3D Printing Store
If 3D printing doesnt take off, it won’t be for Amazon’s lack of trying. Last year, it created a dedicated retail section to sell 3D printers and materials. Now it’s at it again, this time pushing actual 3D-printed goods—and feeding an
OkCupid's "Experiments" Are Nothing Like Facebook's Mood Study
OkCupid’s dating trends research blog is back, reminding us again just how shallow humans are, and that our time spent on the Internet can be modified to a company’s whims.While unveiling the latest social dating data, the dating site also
Zillow Kills Competition With $3.5 Billion Trulia Deal
It takes more than “Zestimates” and other zippy technology to make money in real-estate listings, as evidenced by the $3.5 billion in stock that Zillow agreed to drop in order to snap up its chief competitor, Trulia.The impending Trulia acquisition could
CloudFlare’s Matthew Prince: Building A Better Internet
ReadWriteBuilders is a series of interviews with developers, designers and other architects of the programmable future.For a 100-person company founded in 2009, the tech firm Cloudflare certainly seems to have an outsized impact on the Internet.Shortly after
8 Soaring Videos That Reach the Edges of Earth
Editors note: This post was originally published by our partners at <a href=http://www.popsugar.com/tech/Space-Flight-Videos-27687922>PopSugar Tech</a>.For a seventh-grade science project, 12-year-old Lauren Rojas reached for the stars—literally. Lauren sent a silver rocket bearing Hello Kitty and a pink breast
The Battle Of The Block: How LinkedIn Finally Stopped The Stalkers
When a San Francisco-based tech recruiter—well call her Sally, a pseudonym—filed a restraining order against an ex-boyfriend, the court documents listed Facebook, Pinterest, and even Etsy as no-go zones for him. But it was LinkedIn that Sally was worried about.
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Our favorite recent reads on the web
Each week, Know Your Company asks everyone at Basecamp a few questions, including one that helps us learn more about each other. Last week’s prompt was “What’s one great read on the web you’ve come across in the past month?”
Why we don't speak up at work
A few weeks ago, a friend told me he was thinking about quitting his job.He said it was because of communication breakdowns between him and his boss. Small moments of poor communication had snowballed into a deeper, gnawing frustration for
The Distance goes tiki
I first noticed the Hala Kahiki about a year ago driving north on River Road through the Chicago suburb of River Grove. I glanced at its colorful exterior and quirky signage and wondered, “What’s the story there?” The wonderful thing
Contest: Two Free 3-Day Passes to Pitchfork Music Festival
Our friends (and Basecamp customers) at Pitchfork Media are bringing the Pitchfork Music Festival back to Union Park in Chicago this July 18–20. They use Basecamp to plan and organize the entire event, and we’re giving away two pairs of
Talking with a UbiDuo
A few weeks ago I spoke at Inc’s GROWCO conference in Nashville. After my talk, I had a scheduled book signing over in the conference bookstore area.Most people come up, same hi, chat a bit, buy a book, shake hands,
Crossing Streams
When I switched to Android a few years ago, I promised myself this: I’d switch back the minute Apple added smart notifications, app data sharing, widgets, and a better keyboard to iOS.Apple’s WWDC keynote yesterday was exciting. Craig Federighi is
One-hit wonder
It’s incredibly hard to trace the success of any business, product, or project down to the skill of the founders. There’s plenty of correlation, but not much causation.That’s a scary thought to a lot of people: What if my success
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Four short links: 28 July 2014
streisand — sets up a new server running L2TP/IPsec, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, Stunnel, and a Tor bridge. It also generates custom configuration instructions for all of these services. At the end of the run you are given an HTML file
Graph tools forge path to new solutions
Graph databases haven’t made the news much because, I think, they don’t fit in convenient categories. They certainly aren’t the relational databases we’re all familiar with, nor are they the arbitrary
Four short links: 25 July 2014
What is Public? (Anil Dash) — the most cogent and articulate (and least hyperventilated dramaware) rundown of just what the problem is, that you’re ever likely to find.talon — mailgun’s open sourced library for parsing email signatures.Signals from OSCON —
New scalable solutions for data analysis with R
The R programming language is the most popular statistical software in use today by data scientists, according to the 2013 Rexer Analytics Data Miner survey. One of the main drawbacks of vanilla R is the inability to scale and handle
Signals from OSCON 2014
Experts and advocates from across the open source world assembled in Portland, Ore. this week for OSCON 2014. Below you’ll find a handful of keynotes and interviews from the event that we found particularly notable.How tiny satellites and fresh imagery
In search of a model for modeling intelligence
An orrery, a runnable model of the solar system that allows us to make predictions. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.Editor’s note: this post is part of our Intelligence Matters investigation.In my last post, we
Four short links: 24 July 2014
Neglected Machine Learning Ideas — Perhaps my list is a “send me review articles and book suggestions” cry for help, but perhaps it is useful to others as an overview of neat things.First Crowdfunded Book on Booker Shortlist — Booker
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Today in APIs: Octoblu Seeks to Simplify the Internet of Things
Octoblu aims to be a connector for the Internet of Things. Appy Pie offers new API for food ordering Apps for restaurants. Plus: Amazon Web Services growing 90% YoY, and FireFox beta API
How 5 Natural Language Processing APIs Stack Up
The world is awash in digital data. The challenge: making sense of that data. To tackle that challenge, a growing number of companies are turning to natural language processing technology to understand and
18F Releases API Standards for Government Agencies
Thanks to the rise of open data initiatives and new laws, government agencies are increasingly looking to distribute their data using APIs. In an effort to support the development of APIs that enable
The Human Rights Foundation Will Host 'Hack North Korea'
The Human Rights Foundation will host the first ever “Hack North Korea” hackathon next month. The two-day hackathon will focus on developing innovative ways to get information into the walled-off North Korea.
Visa Readying More Mobile Payment APIs, SDKs
Visa this week debuted Visa Cloud Payment Solutions, a new way to put the power of credit card purchasing into most any connected device. As with all such efforts, Visas dream will mean
EmoVu Reads Facial Expressions for Better User Experiences
What if you could know exactly what users were feeling when they viewed your content? No pleasantries, just the cold, hard truth: They love it or they hate it. Imagine the possibilities. No
Google Maps Experimenting With New “Explore Nearby” Features
There are reports of enhanced features on select devices running the new Google Maps update. Though still in test phase, screenshot confirmations show that additions are being made to the “Explore Nearby” function. 
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