Pinterest Launches Exploration-Focused Guided Search And Reveals Custom Categories For Mobile
 Today Pinterest announced two new products: Guided Search to lead you on chains of explorations, and a third one that will be unveiled in a few minutes, and Custom Categories for making it easier
Pinterest Hits 30 Billion Total Pins, Up 50% In 6 Months
 Tonight at an event in the companys San Francisco headquarters, Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann announced that users had contributed more than 30 billion Pins since being founded, a number that has
Pinterest Hits 30 Million Total Pins, Up 50% In 6 Months
 Tonight at an event in the companys San Francisco headquarters, Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann announced that users had contributed more than 30 million Pins since being founded, a number that has
Stewart Butterfield’s Slack Is Raising $30 Million In New Funding
 Slack, a collaboration platform founded by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, is raising $30 million-plus in new funding, we’ve learned. For background, Butterfield left Yahoo and started TinySpeck (and a multiplayer game called
Mozilla Names Firefox OS Co-Founder Andreas Gal As Its New CTO
 When Mozilla named JavaScript inventor Brendan Eich as its new (and short-lived) CEO, it left the CTO position Eich previously occupied unfilled. Today, Mozilla announced that Andreas Gal will become its new
Storyful’s Verification Tech Could Stop Fake News From Spreading On Facebook
 Twitter is the king of real time news, but peoples eagerness to retweet juicy stories sometimes outweighs their willingness to verify the facts, leading them to parrot misinformation. Thats why the most
Co-Founder And CEO Marcus Nelson Departs Addvocate
 Marcus Nelson, who co-founded and served as CEO of social media startup Addvocate, said that hes no longer at the company. Nelson doesnt offer any details about the reasons for his departure,
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IFTTT Finally Comes to Google Play With Special Android Powers
IFTTT, the service that automates the apps and services you use every day, has finally rolled into Google Play, bringing new tools to the services Android
Apple and Google Settle Lawsuit Over Illegal No-Poaching Agreement
Four tech companies — Apple, Google, Adobe and Intel — have settled a lawsuit against involving an illegal no-poaching agreement that prevented the firms from hiring
Traveling Through Time With Google Street View
Google Maps new time slider lets users roll Street View images as far back as 2007. Here are a few sites we found that show the
Square to Open East Coast Headquarters in New York City
On the heels of opening a new massive headquarters in San Francisco, mobile payment company Square is now expanding its presence in New York CitySquare, which
Ondot Launches Remote Control for Credit Cards
A new app will allow users to control nearly every aspect of how their credit or debit cards are used directly from their smartphones.CardControl is a
You Can Have Lunch With Tim Cook at Apple — But It'll Cost You
Apple CEO Tim Cook is willing to have lunch with you and a friend at the companys Cupertino, Calif., headquarters, but it might set you back
Lost Collection of Andy Warhol Art Recovered From Floppy Disks
Art historians have recovered a collection of lost Andy Warhol paintings, which were never turned into physical prints, from 30-year-old Amiga floppy disks.In 1985, computer and
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Hulu Plus Remote Control lets you navigate the TV with your mobile device, switch between the t(...)
Hulu today announced the first release of the remote control experience for Hulu Plus.
Pocket Anatomy wins the Boost startup competition at TNW Europe 2014
We whittled down the 99 startups selected for the Boost event at TNW Europe 2014 down to 10 earlier this month, and today
Appsfire continues its quest to ‘kill the banner ad’ on mobile with new pull-to-refresh ad unit
Appsfire is continuing its battle to “kill the banner ad” on mobile devices after it launched its announced its
Etsy launches a new iPhone app to help sellers do more on the go
The wonderful world of artisinal wares available on Etsy just got a bit more mobile for sellers. Today Etsy released Sell on Etsy, an iOS app for managing a seller’s account. Here’s you can do with your store that sells
Mellow’s $400 sous-vide kitchen gadget raises $64,000 in pre-orders in just three days
Mellow’s smartphone controlled kitchen gadget that’s looking to bring sous-vide cooking to homes around the world, has received 160 orders in the three
Mozilla offers special $10,000 security bug bounty for certificate verification in upcoming Fir(...)
Mozilla today announced a new certificate verification library in Gecko, the web browser engine used in many of the
RunKeeper’s new Goal Coach feature taps user data to tailor your fitness objectives and train(...)
Perennially popular GPS fitness-tracking app RunKeeper has offered training plans
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You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello
To our dear readers: Thank you, thank you very much.
Another Longtime Windows Exec Heads for the Exit as 2013 Draws to a Close
Grant George, the former head of testing for Windows, was one of several executives left on the outside looking in following a September reorganization of the Windows unit.
Some of Our Fave D Conference Videos Before AllThingsD Signs Off in 3 … 2… 1 …
Tech and media bigs on the red-hot seat
Startups Scrape Your Financial Data for Good (No, Really!)
Two personal finance apps, SaveUp and Mogl, offer rewards as a byproduct. Their CEOs describe them as a bit of gummy on the financial vitamin and Toms shoes for food, respectively.
HP Affirms Higher-End Layoffs Figure
Hewlett-Packard Co. confirmed it has increased by 5,000 the number of layoffs it plans to implement under the restructuring plan it adopted in May 2012, bringing the expected number of job cuts to 34,000.
Apple Says It Is Unaware of NSA's iPhone Backdoor
The company says it will try to defend against attacks on its products by anyone.
Apple Feud Deepens With Court-Appointed Monitor
A feud between Apple Inc. and a lawyer appointed by a federal court judge to monitor the companys e-book pricing reform became even more acrimonious Monday.
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Pinterest debuts Guided Search, Custom Categories, improved Related Pins
Pinterest announced changes to its discovery tools, including a guided search system built for mobile.
Is net neutrality dying? Has the FCC killed it? What comes next? Here’s what you need to know
The FCC is proposing new rules that would govern cable networks and other carriers -- rules it says will protect the open internet. But critics say the regulator is going to cripple net neutrality and introduce a pay-to-play internet. Heres
Ben Horowitz on Github’s mistakes and startup company culture
VC Ben Horowitz spoke on GitHubs troubles and ideal company culture tactics at Airbnbs first developer conference.
Forget speed, T-Mobile has started building a more resilient LTE network
T-Mobile is bucking the trend of focusing single-mindedly on faster networks. Using a new antenna technology, its building better, more consistent mobile data networks. T-Mobile will roll out the new technology to multiple cities this year.
Nadella to analysts: I’ll be back (on the earnings call)
New Microsoft CEO promised continued dialogue with investors and analysts and beat the cloud-first-mobile-first on his inaugural earnings call.
Twitter did a Reddit AMA about open source. Here are some highlights
Here are some highlights from a Reddit Ask Me Anything featuring members of Twitters open source engineering team. Its a pretty informative look at Twitters open source culture, the statuses of its various projects and its high hiring standards.
Rabbit Proto makes it easier to get circuits into 3D printed objects
The device prints electronic ink, among other materials, to help bring connectivity to projects. RepRap owners can add the device to their existing 3D printer.
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In Challenge To Google, Pinterest Launches Guided Search
Pinterest confirmed our suspicions that the visual social network is ready to take on Google when it comes to search. See also: Why Pinterest Is The Google Competitor You Werent ExpectingAt an event at Pinterest headquarters Thursday evening, CEO Ben Silbermann
Turns Out Galaxy Users Don't Much Care For Samsung Bloatware
Remember all those sort of wild-sounding software features that Samsung insists on stuffing into phones like its Galaxy S3 and S4? The ones you never use? Turns out, no one else does, either.See
Google+ Head Vic Gundotra Is Out, Leaving Its "Social Spine" Wobbly
Google+ is still figuring out where it fits among other social identity managers like Facebook and Twitter since it launched in 2011. But Vic Gundotra, head of Google+ since its inception, will not be
Fitness Wearables Must Smarten Up Or Die—Just Ask Nike's Fuelband
ReadWriteBody is an ongoing series where ReadWrite covers networked fitness and the quantified self.The first age of wearable devices is coming to an end—and the next generation will either be considerably smarter, or will
How GitHub Could Restore A Woman-Friendly Environment
GitHub may have thought it cleaned up its recent internal kerfuffle this week when it published the results of its third-party investigation into allegations of gender discrimination—and found no evidence of gender-based discrimination. However, the situation is not as neatly resolved
Facebook Wants To Be A Source For Real-Time News
Facebook and Twitter are on a well-documented mission to one-up each other. But Facebook threw the latest punch on Thursday, announcing a new feature that caters to Twitter’s most avid users: Journalists.Facebook is partnering with Storyful, a
Build Your Own Mars Rover With LittleBits And NASA
The Mars Rover. The discovery of inhabitable planets. Space experiments. Amazing breakthroughs are happening at NASA all the time, but most of us on Earth are resigned to watching from the sidelines. After all, you need to already be an astronaut
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PHOTO: Great UI in Chrome here… I had about…
Great UI in Chrome here… I had about a dozen tabs open, and some audio was playing. It was an auto-play ad, so I didn’t initiate it and I didn’t know where it was
Reading the difference
“All that work, and that’s it?”I remember thinking this to myself a few weeks ago. I’d been building a new homepage for Know Your Company. But I didn’t feel I’d made much progress.I’d rewritten copy, collected stories from current customers,
My door is always open... Whatever.
Nearly every boss has said it. And just about every employee has heard it. Yet it’s one of the most meaningless lines ever spoken in the office:“My door is always open.”The statement usually is followed up with some version of,
Looking into The Distance
Let’s take a break from the business news cycle. I love the news and I’ve covered it for a decade: what new startup is launching, why a stock price just moved, who’s being hired or fired. But there’s a whole
Basecamp at C2E2 This Weekend!
The annual Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo is this weekend and We’re really excited to announce that Basecamp will be sponsoring designer toy maker, Shawnimals at the show!Shawnimals uses Basecamp to make some really awesome stuff from plush ninjas to
Dragons on the far side of the histogram
Performance tuning is a fun sport, but how you’re keeping score matters more than you think, if winning is to have real impact. When it comes to web applications, the first mistake is start with what’s the easiest to measure:
Marketing around situations
Before he made The Simpsons, Matt Groening’s famous comics and illustrations graced the covers of Apple brochures. The writing inside—from 1989, mind you—still does a great job selling the Mac. Instead of blanket marketing a one-size-fits-all message, Apple
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iconO'Reilly Radar

Biology as I/O
Tim O’Reilly subjected himself to an engaging Ask Me Anything session on Reddit earlier this week. The focus of the exchange was the Internet of Things, in anticipation of our Solid conference taking place next month.We’re always listening for faint signals from our
The robotics industry could use an infusion of new DNA
Editor’s note: this post originally published on Chen’s blog Beyond the Bell Curve; this edited version is republished here with permission.A couple years ago, I dug deep into the robotics space because I thought we were seeing the birth of
Four short links: 24 April 2014
Depthy — new Google Camera app lets you capture some depth information, stored in metadata in the image. Nifty effects become possible.Coping with Stress and Burnout: Explanatory Power of Different Coping Strategies (PLoSone)– interesting taxonomy of burnout (overload, lack of
Robots in the lab
An automated centrifuge at Modular Science — click here for instructions to hack one yourself.In the new issue of BioCoder, Peter Sand writes about
iBeacons, privacy, and security
iBeacons and various BLE technologies have the potential to shake up many established ways of doing business by streamlining interactions. Although there are potentially many uses for iBeacons, much of the initial discussion has focused on retail. (I’ll follow up with
Four short links: 23 April 2014
Samsung UX (Scribd) — little shop of self-catalogued UX horrors, courtesy discovery in a lawsuit. Dated (Android G1 as competition) but rewarding to see there are signs of self-awareness in the companies that inflict unusability on the world.Tools for Ideation
The crowdfunding conundrum
There is widespread consensus that crowdfunding is a boon, an egalitarian means for bringing products and services to market without relying on banks, venture capitalists, or established financial angels. Myriad platforms now allow entrepreneurs and folks with a little (or a
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Today in APIs: InstaPush Adopted by Zapier, and 4 New APIs
PushBots, maker of Instapush, has partnered to provide push notifications for API connector company Zapier. Quip releases an API for its mobile word processor. Plus: APIs needed to leap the chasm, hack puts Google Play music
2K Announces Game that will Utilize New AMD Mantle Graphics API
2K and Firaxis Games have announced the upcoming release of Sid Meiers Civilization: Beyond Earth, a multiplayer science fiction-themed game that is a new addition to the Civilization series of games. Sid Meiers Civilization:
Nexmo and du Partner To Improve Messaging In UAE
Nexmo and du have partnered together in order to make Nexmos cloud-to-mobile services available across dus mobile network in the United Arab Emirates. The deal gives Nexmo access to
Espresso Logic Launches Live Browser to Enable Instant API Creation from a Database
Backend-as-a-Service provider Espresso Logic has continued to build on its RESTful API services this week with the launch of the new Live Browser feature. The new service allows enterprise and business customers to
Today in APIs: Withings API, and 4 New APIs
Blood and oxygen monitoring is available on the newly-released Pulse O2 from Withings. AgeCheq helps API providers comply with child privacy laws. Plus: MEVUs Bitcoin Wallet makes paying a real gesture, Enterprise Document Viewers New
AirPair Announces New API Provider Partners in Expert Network
No description.
AtTask and WebDAM Announce Integration Partnership
AtTask, cloud-based work management provider, and WebDAM, digital asset management provider, announced their strategic partnership today. Both companies will integrate the others functionality to existing platforms to expand marketing-focused technologies. The AtTask Marketing Cloud will
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