Gilt Group Cuts 45 Jobs, Including CMO And International Head, Amid A Quest For Profit
 Some downsizing is on the cards for Gilt Groupe, the fashion flash-sales site that has been valued at $1.1 billion. TechCrunch has learned that the company is cutting 45 jobs, including its CMO Clay
The State Of Agtech
 Since the beginning of modern agriculture, farmers and entrepreneurs alike have been sharpening their focus and looking at ways to apply technology to compensate for the mercurial behavior of Mother Nature and
Elon Musk, Sam Altman Say Self-Driving Cars Are Going To Be On The Road In Just a Few Years
 Elon Musk and Sam Altman discussed everything from alien life to nuclear fusion on stage at the Vanity Fair Summit on Tuesday, including how soon we can expect
Everything You Need To Know From Microsoft’s Massive Hardware Event
 Microsoft this morning announced a grip of new hardware, including Surface products, high-end smartphones, a wearable, Windows 10 for the Xbox One and its first laptop.The laptop, called the Surface
Report: Pure Storage Prices IPO at $17
 Enterprise storage company Pure Storage has raised $425 million after pricing its IPO on the NYSE at $17 per share, reports the Wall Street Journal. The company is trading under the ticker, “PSTG.” The Mountain
Market Volatility And New Laws Shape US-Sino Tech Investing
 As China learns and the rest of the world is reminded that having established a stock market, Beijing cannot control it simply by diktat and investors and buyers who deal with China
AdmitSee Raises $1.8 Million in Seed Funding from Silicon Valley Heavyweights
 AdmitSee, a two-year-old, 10-person, San Francisco-based startup, has just finished raising $1.8 million in seed funding to take on pricey college admissions consultants. If things work out as planned, it could be taking
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Elon Musk is not a fan of Donald Trump
SAN FRANCISCO — Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been talking a lot lately. After unveiling the Tesla Model X and clarifying his plan to terraform Mars
BMW M4 GTS gets world's first water-injected engine, OLED tail lights
Some driving enthusiasts fear that as cars become increasingly more advanced that driving purity will be sacrificed. The BMW M4 GTS dashes those fears to bits.See
Sony Entertainment CEO: Hack was a "chaotic and tumultuous period"
SAN FRANCISCO — The CEO of Sony Entertainment says the government needs to do more to help companies prevent cyberattacks like the devastating breach to which
Transforming from Volvo to Polestar, the V60 loses its Swedish sanity
Heres a riddle: When is a Volvo not a Volvo? When its tuned by Polestar.OK, Ill admit thats a pretty lame riddle. That said, its nonetheless
San Francisco bans drones during Fleet Week with a $10,000 fine
Fly your drone at San Franciscos Fleet Week festivities, face a fine of up to $10,000.In other words, dont fly a drone at the Fleet Week.The
Here's how Auto Pilot will work in Volvo's self-driving cars
A fleet of 100 self-driving Volvo XC90s will hit the roads in Sweden in 2017, and now, we have a sense of just how its Sensus
Surface Pro 4 hands on: Better specs, better keyboard, even bigger potential
NEW YORK — Last year, Microsoft dazzled us with the Surface Pro 3. This year, the company announced its newest tablet/MacBook Air competitor, the Surface Pro
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Hands-on: The Surface Book has turned me into a Windows believer
I’m not exactly what fanboys would call an iSheep – I love my MacBook and OS X, but I prefer
Google’s new Meter app for Android turns your wallpaper into a live widget
Google is tinkering again, this time bringing a live wallpaper that may actually be useful. Meter, a project from Google’s Creative
Dropbox rolls out quick-access ‘badge’ to all, making it easier to collaborate on Office files
Dropbox announced today that its previously business-exclusive ‘Dropbox badge’ feature is now available for consumer users, too. As it
Google Domains now offers custom email addresses with its Apps for Work integration
After launching in beta earlier this year, Google Domains will now let you create custom email addresses to go
Microsoft just unveiled a new Surface… that’s actually a laptop
Microsoft unveiled a new device at its event today: Surface Book. It’s a Surface Laptop, built by Microsoft’s
This is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Microsoft has finally unveiled the successor to the popular Surface Pro 3 at its NYC hardware event today. As expected, it’s
5 of our favorite startups from the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator Summer ’15 demo day
While New York City is buzzing with Microsoft news, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) held its biannual demo day
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Pandora Appears Close to a $450 Million Deal for Ticketfly
The streaming music pioneer looks like it wants to diversify.
Next Starring Role for Dick Costolo: Telling “Silicon Valley” About Silicon Valley
A tech insider spills all about the digital industry to Hollywood.
The DraftKings and FanDuel Employee Betting Scandal, Explained
Allegations of playing with inside information.
Postmates Takes on Uber and Sprig With Quick Food Delivery Service Pop
Postmates is not fast enough in the food-fast space.
Uber Users Are Waiting to Buy Cars Because of Uber
The auto industry is Ubers next nemesis.
Microsoft Unveils Surface Laptop, Updated Lumia Phone and Fitness Tracker (The Verge)
Liquid cooled smartphone.
Microsoft Now Taking Applications for $3,000 HoloLens Development Kits
HoloLens is being promoted as both a business and an entertainment tool.
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Phil Libin steps down as Evernote CEO, taps Googler Chris O’Neill
Phil Libin -- the founder and long-time CEO of productivity company Evernote -- has stepped down as CEO, and former Google exec Chris Neill will be taking on the CEO job…
Welcome to the zero-cost operating system era
Microsoft has reversed earlier policies regarding the cost of upgrading to Windows 10, and will make it free to upgrade. Back in March I wrote Microsoft accepts the inevitable, takes first steps…
Homejoy calls it quits, Google scoops tech team
Deep pockets may be an essential element for competing effectively in the exploding on-demand economy. Today, the on-demand cleaning services company Homejoy announced it was closing shop on 31 July, after…
Handicapping On-Demand Market Sectors
The legality of the business model of certain on-demand service companies, like Uber and Homejoy, has led to a cultural debate about the relationship between on-demand workers and the services that…
BitTorrent partners with Onehub to scale up to enterprise file sync-and-share, building on new (...)
BitTorrent has been pushing hard to bring its Sync technology into the very competitive file sync-and-share marketplace (see BitTorrent releases Sync 2.0, and BitTorrent Sync 1.4 is released). The company has announced, today,…
Google takes first steps toward finer-grained access in Google Drive
Google Drive has provided a simple but powerful model for file sharing. The creator of a file can invite others to share it, as readers (read-only access), commenters (read and comment access)…
Microsoft is right: we need new ways to work, but is Gigjam the answer?
Microsoft has demoed a new technology, called Gigjam, an effort to change the way we think about getting work done in an increasingly mobile and connected world. At the Microsoft Worldwide…
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Slack Aims To Help Other Apps, Not Compete With Them
At an event in San Francisco Monday evening, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield said that his company was going to stay focused on its namesake app, a tool for team collaboration, rather than spinning off a bunch of new apps.Butterfield was
Microsoft Finally Opens Applications For HoloLens Dev Kit
Microsoft executives have been in New York showing off a pile of new hardware devices, and among the new phones and laptops, developers finally got the HoloLens news they were waiting for: The company finally opened applications for the Microsoft HoloLens
What Startups Can Learn From Uber's Employee Misclassification Mess
Guest author Lonnie Giamela is a partner in the Los Angeles office of national labor & employment law firm Fisher & Phillips, LLP. Uber’s on-demand business model is under increased scrutiny, as a class-action lawsuit from a group of drivers moves
Fitness Wearables Are Not Reaching The Right Users—But They Could
Guest author Kerri McMaster is the co-founder and chief strategy officer for Performance Lab.The promise of fitness wearables is their capacity to raise the population’s health and wellness, primarily by making users aware of their lack of activity or sleep.
Why Small Cloud Companies Have An Advantage Right Now
Guest author Per Ek is the executive vice president of CloudMe, a European sync and storage service.The race is heating up for cloud companies, as some of the largest players battle it out over how much storage they can offer
How To Choose A DBaaS For Database Management
Guest author Baron Schwartz, an expert in MySQL, is the founder of VividCortex and the author of “High Performance MySQL.” He has helped build and scale some of the worlds largest web, social, gaming, and mobile properties.The industry
Products, Not Marketing, Should Be How You Win Customers' Hearts
Brian Solis is a digital analyst, anthropologist, futurist and author of X, What’s the Future of Business (WTF), Engage! and The End of Business As Usual.So many companies entrust customer engagement to marketing. At the same time, many customers blame
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Don’t base your business on a paid app
The App and Play stores have turned out to be exceptionally poor places to run a software product business for most developers. They’re great distribution channels for service makers, like Facebook or Lyft or Basecamp, but they’re terrible places to
A preview of what's new in Basecamp 3
Basecamp 3 is right around the corner. Make sure you get on the list for an early invite.I’m working on a page for the new site called “What’s new in Basecamp 3” and I figured I’d post a draft of
“Sometimes you just have to see it”
“Sometimes you just have to see it to get a feel for it”^ That’s what Jason said to me yesterday right after he pushed some tweaks to a design we’ve been ping ponging on this week.When I read that I
Ancient history, modern family
We have a new episode of The Distance about a family of numismatists and antiquities dealers (listen to the episode to find out what a numismatist does!). As students of history, Harlan Berk and his three children know that circumstances
What’s more important: An extra gig of RAM or 3D Touch?
The hardware engineering and software coordination behind 3D Touch in the iPhone 6S is impressive. It’s such an Apple feature. Executed with exquisite diligence because they control the whole stack. Marvelous.But you know what, it’s not my favorite feature of
QUOTE: The fact that employees are now always reachable…
The fact that employees are now always reachable eliminates what was once a natural barrier of sorts, the idea that work was something that happened during office hours or at the physical office. With no limits, work becomes like a
Service sunsets aren’t the least bit pretty
Software makers are obsessed with new. And of course we are, that’s our job: making more, newer, better! But as a lot, we’d be well-served to remember this affliction is generally not shared by our users and customers.Sure, some people
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Buddy Michini on commercial drones
Subscribe to the OReilly Solid Podcast for insight and analysis about the Internet of Things and the worlds of hardware, software, and manufacturing.In our new episode of the Solid Podcast, we
Four short links: 6 October 2015
Flux: New Approach to System Intuition (LinkedIn) -- In general, we assume that if anything is best represented numerically, then we don’t need to visualize it. If the best representation is a numerical one, then a visualization could only obscure
Four short links: 5 October 2015
Semantic Sensors (Pete Warden) -- tiny, cheap, all-in-one modules that capture raw noisy data from the real world, have built-in AI for analysis, and only output a few high-level signals.What if People Were Sensors, Not Things To Be Sensed? (Cory
Four short links: 2 October 2015
Announcing Otto -- new Hashicorp tool that automatically builds development environments without any configuration; it can detect your project type and has built-in knowledge of industry-standard tools to setup a development environment that is ready to go. When youre ready
Transforming the experience of sound and music
Subscribe to the OReilly Radar Podcast to track the technologies and people that will shape our world in the years to come.In this week’s Radar Podcast, author and entrepreneur Alistair Croll,
Continuous Delivery versus Continuous Deployment
Download a free copy of DevOps for Finance, an O’Reilly report by Jim Bird for the financial services software insider who’s heard about DevOps, but is unsure whether it represents solution or suicide.The DevOps Audit Defense Toolkit tries to make
Data, design, and intuition
Subscribe to the OReilly Design Podcast, our podcast exploring how experience design — and experience designers — are shaping business, the Internet of Things, and other domains.In this week’s Design Podcast
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Daily API RoundUp: Google Cloud Billing, Periscope.io, ClearBlade
Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.
RAML 1.0 Candidate Specification Announced
The RAML Workgroup has announced plans for RAML 1.0 Final Candidate to be published at the end of this month. RAML stands for RESTful API Modeling Language and is one of several API description specifications than can be used to
Apple TV API to Allow Third Party Devs to Use Universal Search Feature
When it comes to television, a good user interface is key. With such a growing variety of sources to choose from, understanding how viewers get to the programmes they want to watch is important
Sinch Video Calling SDK Beta Now Available
Sinch, a cloud-based mobile communications service provider, has announced the availability of the Sinch Video Calling SDK beta which allows developers to add video calling capabilities into web and mobile applications.
Facebook Shuts Off Marketing API v2.3 in Favor of v2.4 Tomorrow
Facebook originally announced v2.4 of the Facebook Marketing API in July of this year. As the time to transition away from v2.3 ends today, developers should be aware of the forced changes that will take place tomorrow.
Daily API RoundUp: Predikt, Pyrus, PatrolServer, ZipBooks
Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.
How to build a Facebook "Hello World" web app in Python
In our continuing “Hello World of APIs” tutorial series we look at Facebook; what a developer needs to know to understand the Facebook API and build an application that integrates with it.
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