Google Challenges Amazon For Drone Supremacy
 Need a tube of toothpaste, but don’t want to wait? Google wants to drone that to you, the Mountain View-based technology giant announced today. Google follows Amazon in
Google Launches Guest Mode For Chrome Beta
 Google is launching a new feature in the Chrome beta channel for Windows, Mac and Linux today that will make it easier — and safer — to let others use your computer.
Burning Man Founders Admit The Festival Has Jumped The Shark But That’s Okay
 The stories of billionaires flying into Burning Man on private jets with hired sherpas, body guards turning people away from VIP art cars and private glamp camps going for $25K
Google Chrome For Mac Will Finally Go 64-Bit, Improving Speed And Decreasing Memory Usage
 Just about every Mac you’d see in operation nowadays has a 64-bit CPU tucked inside. Apple started making the switch from 32-bit to 64-bit nearly a decade ago, after all.And yet, Chrome
Hacking The Bottom Line
 Where is your data, and how quickly can you safely reach it? These questions are top of mind now that cloud and mobile apps like Dropbox, Google Apps, iCloud and mobile banking
Nintendo’s Mario Kart DLC Is The Best (And Also The Worst)
 Nintendo has seen better times. Back in June, the company announced a quarterly loss despite tripling sales of its flagship console, the Wii U. The numbers were bad,
Singld Out, A DNA-Based Dating Service, Can Match You With Dates Who Will Smell Sexy
 There are dozens, if not hundreds, of services out there to help you find someone you might like to have sex with. But there are very few that are run solely by
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Apple Updates Privacy Policy for Health Apps, Report Says
In yet another sign that the launch of Apples long-rumored iWatch may be imminent, the company has reportedly updated its privacy policy for how health apps
Google Admits Secretly Testing a Drone Delivery System in Australian Outback
Google announced they have been developing a drone delivery system in the Australian outback, codenamed Project Wing.The Atlantic reported Google have been working on the project
Watch Venus Williams Play a Game of Tennis in Hyperlapse
Shots of bridges and ferries are cool and all — but we think the real use case for Instagrams new Hyperlapse app might just be sports.At
Quora Launches iPad App, Hints at Growth
Quora, the Q&A website where users answer everything from requests for travel tips to philosophical queries like Why does war exist, isnt the most widely-discussed
Instagram Down for Most Users, Experiencing 'Technical Issues'
Instagrams app and website are down for most users.The company said it is aware of the outage but has not revealed the source of the problem
Get to Know the World's Most Connected Man
The future is here, and his name is Chris DancyDancy, who was the subject of a recent Mashable Spotlight article, describes himself as the most connected
Why Apple's Choice of iPhone Venue Matters
Apples September event, where the company is expected to reveal the iPhone 6 and iWatch, will be held at the same venue where Steve Jobs first
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This is what it looks like when you ping the entire internet
The Internet is a vast series of tubes computers and devices networked together sharing the same information. But where do all those
Chrome 38 beta arrives with new user switching for profiles, Guest mode, and 64-bit by default (...)
Google has been working on a drone delivery system called Project Wing
The skies of the future are about to get a bit more crowded as Google takes the wraps off its secret drone delivery system, Project Wing. The Atlantic reports that Google has been working on the delivery system for two
Hands-on with Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport: Can a smartphone make you healthier?
As smartphones have become increasingly commoditized, the platform and hardware we use have become more of a lifestyle choice. Sprint’s new Galaxy S5
Microsoft rolls out Xbox One updates to SmartGlass, Media Player and Party app
Microsoft sure does like to update the Xbox One. Fortunately those updates make the console just that much cooler. Today, Microsoft’s Major Nelson
Eyefi links up with IFTTT to manage photo publishing and sharing
Eyefi, known for its popular Mobi wireless camera card and companion cloud sharing service, has announced official integration with IFTTT (If This Then That). Photography enthusiasts who
Google stops showing authorship in search results, will still include Google+ posts from friend(...)
Google today stopped showing authorship in search results, meaning articles will no longer include a link to the
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Alternatives to Going to Burning Man (Comic)
Here is the latest comic from our Joy of Tech friends at Geek Culture, Nitrozac & Snaggy.
The “Worthless Currency Exchange” at Burning Man’s Camp Bitcoin
“What if the Winklevosses just walked in right now?
U.S. CTO Takes New Role in Silicon Valley, Charged With Luring Tech Talent Into Government
The new move closely follows the departure of Deputy CTO Nicole Wong.
Dropbox Hires Lookout CMO for Marketing VP Slot
Julie Herendeen will report to COO Dennis Woodside.
Code/red: Insert Bad iPhone Charger Pun Here
Plus, Apple announces its big event and the best Amazon customer service chat ever.
Leap Motion Hooks Up to Oculus for Controller-Free Virtual Reality
Whoa, dude. Have you ever really looked at your hands in VR?
Accel and the NFL’s Manning Brothers Invest $35 Million in SeatGeek
SeatGeek, an online search engine for tickets to sporting events and concerts, has raised a $35 million Series B investment led by Accel Partners. The New York City-based company also raised money from the investment firm run by Boston Celtics
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Here’s the first video teaser for the upcoming Asus smartwatch
Thanks to a teaser video, we know know what Asus is planning to call its first Android Wear device: Zenwatch.Here’s the first video teaser for the upcoming Asus smartwatch originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014.Continue reading…
Hortonworks gets more serious about real-time data with Kafka integration
Hortonworks has added Apache Kafka to tis Hadoop software platform as a technical preview. Kafka isnt the most popular tool in the world, but its widely used among large web companies, making it a useful add-on for luring customers of
Journalism and the internet: Is it the best of times? No — but it’s not the worst of times (...)
Writer David Sessions argues in a piece at Patrol magazine that journalism is worse because of the effects of the internet -- but most of the things that he and others complain about have been a part of the media
Studying how dogs herd sheep could help robots learn how to herd humans
Robots could someday be used in disaster situations to help people out of burning rooms or collapsed buildings. They could also control huge crowds, which herding dogs already do with ease.Studying how dogs herd sheep could help robots learn how
Studying how dogs herd sheep could help robots learn how to herd humans
Robots could someday be used in disaster situations to help people out of burning rooms or collapsed buildings. They could also control huge crowds, which herding dogs already do with ease.Studying how dogs herd sheep could help robots learn how
It’s not just Amazon: Google is developing delivery drones too
Google is two years into developing Project Wing, which relies on a cross between a plane and a helicopter to deliver goods. It’s not just Amazon: Google is developing delivery drones too originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014.Continue reading…
Will GE’s $15 Wink connected lights get a $250 souped-up wall switch?
Sick of grabbing your phone in order to turn off your connected lights? Well, GE may have a very fancy wall switch/touchscreen combo to integrate your smart home and lighting needs.Will GE’s $15 Wink connected lights get a $250 souped-up
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Samsung's New Gear S Smartwatch Looks Great
On the heels of this years Gear 2, Gear Neo and Gear Live, Samsung just announced Thursday another new smartwatch. And this ones a looker. But is it a doer? Thats another question entirely.The Gear S, announced
How Our Growing Obsession With Screens Is Killing Our Brains
Paperback readers, rejoice! It turns out reading books on e-readers doesn’t give your brain the same experience as those paper books gathering dust on your bookshelf.A new study by European researchers found that recollection of plot points
Apple Event September 9th: "Wish We Could Say More"
Apple confirmed that it will be holding a special event on September 9th in its hometown of Cupertino. The companys coy teaser, Wish we could say more, leaves us asking, what can we expect there? If rumors hold
Ahead Of The iWatch, Apple Has Given HealthKit A Workout
ReadWriteBody is an ongoing series where ReadWrite covers networked fitness and the quantified self.When Apple first unveiled HealthKit, its software for weaving together fitness apps, wearables, and iPhones, there were more breathless exclamations than youd find in your average SoulCycle
Twitter Unveils A New Time-Waster: Tracking Your Popularity
You can now go back through your entire Twitter history to see how many people actually see your tweets, thanks to Twitter’s now publicly available Twitter analytics dashboard. (Check it out here.)FavoriteOriginally reserved for advertisers and verified
Dropbox Antes Up In The Cloud-Storage Price War
Cloud storage platform Dropbox announced today that it is offering a terabyte of storage for $9.99 a month, the same terabyte storage price set by competitors Google Drive and Microsoft’s One Drive. This is just the latest
The Truth About DevOps: "IT Isn't Dead; It's Not Even Dying"
With the rise of the modern developer, traditional IT operations is dead, right? Not even close, says Puppet Labs founder Luke Kanies. And he should know. Puppet is one of the technologies at the heart of the DevOps phenomenon, a merger
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Hamburger Helper
Businessmen like Ray Kroc and Dave Thomas have secured their places in the annals of the fast food industry. But what about Harry Holly? He invented the hamburger patty molding machine in the kitchen of the burger restaurant he opened
QUOTE: Clutter is taking a toll on both morale and…
Clutter is taking a toll on both morale and productivity. Teresa Amabile of Harvard Business School studied the daily routines of more than 230 people who work on projects that require creativity. As might have been expected, she found that
PHOTO: Just took an Uber Black Car to the office…
Just took an Uber Black Car to the office today and noticed that they round down the price and make it clear on the receipt. $21.00 is definitely more luxurious than $21.71. Nice touch.
Hybrid : How we took Basecamp multi-platform with a tiny team
Yesterday we announced the official Basecamp app for iPad. Just like our other apps for iPhone, Android, and Kindle it’s a hybrid—a native wrapper around a mobile web core. We’ve written about this setup before but today I wanted to
Our favorite recent reads on the web
Each week, Know Your Company asks everyone at Basecamp a few questions, including one that helps us learn more about each other. Last week’s prompt was “What’s one great read on the web you’ve come across in the past month?”
Why we don't speak up at work
A few weeks ago, a friend told me he was thinking about quitting his job.He said it was because of communication breakdowns between him and his boss. Small moments of poor communication had snowballed into a deeper, gnawing frustration for
The Distance goes tiki
I first noticed the Hala Kahiki about a year ago driving north on River Road through the Chicago suburb of River Grove. I glanced at its colorful exterior and quirky signage and wondered, “What’s the story there?” The wonderful thing
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Four short links: 28 August 2014
PlotDevice — A Python-based graphics language for designers, developers, and tinkerers. More in the easy-to-get-started + visual realm, like Processing. (via Andy Baio)Scumblr and Sketchy Search — Netflix open sourcing some scraping, screenshot, and workflow tools their security team uses
Four short links: 27 August 2014
Discourse turns 1.0 — community/forum software that doesn’t suck.Programmable Matter (IEEE Spectrum) — recap of where research is going in this area.Liquibase — source control for your database. Apache 2.0 licensed.A Few Useful Things to Know About Machine Learning (PDF)
Four short links: 26 August 2014
The Poisoned NUL Byte, 2014 Edition (Project Zero) — from Google’s public security efforts, this detailed public description of how an exploit was constructed from a found vulnerability. They’re helping. Kudos!Myths About the Coming Robot Economy (Eric Sofge) — the
Four short links: 25 August 2014
Greenscreen — Chromecast-based open source software for digital signs.Reverse Engineering Censorship in Chinese Cyberspace (PDF) — researchers create accounts and probe to see which things are blocked. Empirical transparency.USB Condom — A protective barrier between your device and “juice-jacking” hackers.queues.io
How Flash changes the design of database storage engines
Over the past decade, SSD drives (popularly known as Flash) have radically changed computing at both the consumer level — where USB sticks have effectively replaced CDs for transporting files —
Four short links: 22 August 2014
Blame the Crowd, Not the Camera (Nina Simon) — Cameras weaponize an already unwieldy mob of people.The Botlr — the Cupertino Starwood hotel has a robot butler (botlr) doing room service.tcpcrypt — opportunistic encryption of all network traffic.Sixpack — language-agnostic
Postmortems, sans finger-pointing: The O’Reilly Radar Podcast
Editor’s note: you can subscribe to the O’Reilly Radar Podcast through iTunes, SoundCloud, or directly through our podcast’s RSS feed. You can download this individual episode via this link.When you’re dealing with complex systems, failure is going to happen; it’s
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Interview: MediaMath Opens Access to the Facebook Exchange API
MediaMath has opened up access to an exclusive Facebook API. MediaMaths TerminalOne API now gives its clients programmatic access to the Facebook Exchange (FBX) API.
Blizzard Entertainment Launches New Battle.net API Site and OAuth 2.0 Support
Blizzard Entertainment, the developer and publisher of a variety of popular online and desktop video games, has announced the launch of a Battle.net API site with new APIs featuring OAuth 2.0 support and
Samsung's New Watch Skips Android For Tizen
Samsung today announced the Gear S, a new smartwatch with impressive specs and some novel features. The device may be tempting for both consumers and developers, but Samsungs smartwatch strategy is anything but
Today in APIs: SOA's API Gateway Assists Australia's Health Service
SOA teams up with Australias Healthdirect to move from SOAP to REST. VMware jumps on the Docker container bandwagon. Plus top 20 free web services, and 7 mistakes with APIs.
New MediaMath API Opens Access to Facebook Exchange Inventory
MediaMath, a technology-based marketing and demand-side platform (DSP) provider, has opened access to Facebook Exchange (FBX) inventory through its T1 Platform
The Rapid Rise of Computer Vision Technology
Computer vision is just one of the applications for machine learning experiencing rapid growth and increasing popularity in recent years.
DropCatch.com Opens Access to Domain Name Backordering API
DropCatch.com, an expiring domain name backordering service, has opened access to its Backorder API. The API allows users to programmatically backorder and cancel open backorders. DropCatch.com customers have long asked for API access to
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