Chinese Tech Group Led By Qihoo 360 Bids $1.2B For Browser Maker Opera
 There’s been plenty of speculation around the future of browser maker Opera, and now that looks like it will soon be resolved. Today the Norway-headquartered company confirmed that it has received a
WorldRemit Gets $45M At A $500M Valuation To Grow Its Mobile Money Transfer Business
 A year after raising $100 million, London-based startup WorldRemit has picked up more funding. To compete against the likes of Western Union in the world of money transfers — and tap a remittance market that
Slack Wins A Crunchie For Fastest Rising Startup
 Slack is growing up and to the right and as such a rapid climber won a Crunchie last night for Fastest Rising Startup at TechCrunch’s 9th annual awards show.
The Ultimate Ad
 If Mad Men is to be believed, the difference between a successful brand and a failure is the perfect ad: one witty line, the perfect image; an overall feeling that captures
Anchor Launches To Take Radio To The Next Level
 Welcome to the next generation of broadcasting.New York-based Anchor, which launched today for iOS, is offering a new, easier way to record and transmit interactive audio content.The company’s two co-founders Nir Zicherman and Michael
Study: Music Is The Food Of Love
 In what is probably one of the most unique studies involving iBeacons, music, and sex anyone has ever done, a researcher (in connection with Apple Music and Sonos) has found that
A Recap Of The 9th Annual Crunchies Awards
 The 9th Annual Crunchies took place at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco last night. Host Chelsea Peretti had us laughing before our presenters
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App that invests spare change on the stock market launches in Australia
If you regularly have 50 cents left over from your daily coffee purchase, you could be doing more with it than simply tossing it in a
These sustainable lamps are literally grown from mushrooms
Danielle Trofe is a Brooklyn-based designer who recently launched a series of pendant and table lamps that are made from mushroom mycelium, a versatile and sustainable
Amazon releases Lumberyard, a triple-A-quality game engine
Amazon just released a new, free video game engine for developers called Lumberyard. Although it seems like an odd match-up — an online retailer launching a
U.S. safety regulators: Google's self-driving systems qualify as drivers
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has ruled that Googles self-driving systems legally qualify as a driver under federal law.See also: Google is testing wireless charging
Tesla's Model 3 could cost you at least $25,000 after tax incentives, report says
The Tesla Model 3 wont be the first mass-market, long-range electric vehicle to hit the market. That prize goes to the Chevy Bolt. However, the Model
Study: People who listen to music out loud have more sex
If your home is filled with music, it may also be full of togetherness, happiness — and a little more sex.These are the none-too-surprising results of
Apple could face class-action lawsuits over iPhone's Error 53
At least one U.S. law firm is looking into bringing a class-action lawsuit against Apple over the Error 53 issue affecting certain iPhone owners.Seattle-based law firm
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This year’s Grammy awards will have GoPros built-in to livestream the winners’ perspectives
If you’ve ever wondered what happens after winners at award shows give their speeches and walk off stage, GoPro will
FBI tries to keep kids from becoming terrorists by creating world’s worst video game
I bet just this morning you woke up thinking: “I would really like to play a top down scroller
Do nothing at your job today because Cookie Clicker’s update will own your mind
If you’re really not in the mood to do anything today and would prefer to get sucked down a rabbit
VSCO Originals, its new editorial series, is like strolling through digital art museums
Most of us may recognize Visual Supply Company as the guys behind popular photo-editing app VSCO Cam. To “add a human
Politwoops is back in the US in time for you to make fun of dumb stuff politicians tweet
There’s a poetic beauty to the Sunlight Foundation’s Politwoops: as politicians try to scrub their
‘Huge’ number of Mac apps are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks
Many of OS X’s most popular apps were recently revealed to be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks. The vulnerability specifically targets those that
GitHub Enterprise 2.5 brings better support for development teams of 10k or more
Large companies using GitHub now have more support for large-scale operations. For those with at least 10,000 developers, GitHub Enterprise
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Party’s Over, Twitter VIPs: You’re Getting Ads Again
Some of you, at least.
Social Capital’s Chamath Palihapitiya Confirms Bidding in Upcoming Spectrum Auction
Palihapitiya indicated in an interview last year that he was preparing to bid as part of an effort to take on the established carriers.
What Do Unemployment Numbers and the Fed’s Interest Rate Drama Mean for Silicon Valley?
Just how strong is the U.S. economy?
Former Clinton Advisor Offers Predictions About Robots, Bitcoin and Industries of the Future
Will cryptocurrency become mainstream?
More People Streamed the Super Bowl Than Ever Before
Here are the numbers.
Monica Lewinsky Says ‘Cyberbullying Is 24-7’ — But Can Emjois Help Stop It? (Q&A)
One is a heart giving a hug, while the other shows two hands coming together in solidarity.
SoFi CEO Mike Cagney: Your Bank Is Not Your Friend, and That’s a Problem
A bank has become a utility. It’s not aligned to your interests. It’s not a partner.
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Q&A about Enterprise Social Networks with IBM
IBM sent some questions following the recent IBM Connect conference. They are based on some unwritten assumptions that I disagree with, which…
Have we seen peak tech? Is it becoming a game only giants can play?
On Thursday, LinkedIn posted some very disappointing numbers, and the result was a massive bailout on the stock. The companies reported losses…
Have we seen peak tech? Or is it becoming a game only giants can play?
On Thursday, LinkedIn posted some very disappointing numbers, and the result was a massive bailout on the stock. The companies reported losses…
A Curved Screen Skeptic Takes a Closer Look
This post is sponsored by Samsung. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Sometimes it can be helpful to make a snap judgement on a…
Cut into the present
I’m attending IBM Connect 2016 in Orlando as an IBM-selected Futurist, which is a first of a sort. While I have long…
Data security, the future of work and the consumerisation dilemma
This post is sponsored by Samsung. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Data security has never been as hard as it is today. And…
Sony making a bet on IoT
Two stories in the news at the same time about Sony that draws a picture of the company’s plans. The first is…
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A Failure To Communicate In The World Of IoT, Part 2
This is Part 2 of a two-part Q&A with Linden Tibbets, CEO and co-founder of IFTTT. For Part 1, click here. This post also appears on Wearable.ai, which interviews the innovators in wearable computing, IoT and AR. For inquiries, please email
Our New Editor-in-Chief
Today begins a new day for ReadWrite. When we purchased the site last year, we had a plan to drive the community to conversations that would lead the world of connected devices. Recently, Wearable IoT World closed our latest investment
How Rovio Builds A Brand To Last
I have recently been hosting a series of fireside chats at Storm8 (maker of F2P mobile games such as Candy Blast Mania and Restaurant Story 2). My guests are people who have made large contributions to mobile game development and
The Shadow in the Cloud
This week we were treated to an article declaring that consumers are not ready for the Internet of Things. Apparently this is due to the fact that the hardware is more expensive than their non-connected brethren. And yes, when you
The Shadow in the Cloud
This week we were treated to an article declaring that consumers are not ready for the Internet of Things. Apparently this is due to the fact that the hardware is more expensive than their non-connected brethren. And yes, when you
IoT Security Concerns Show An Industry Struggling To Keep Up
The growth of the Internet of Things  has been predicted over the last few years and has led to a plethora of connected devices. Household devices have led the charge with smart thermostats, refrigerators, and washing machines. We have seen
IBM Launches A Cloud Data And Analytics Marketplace For Developers
There are certain topics in B2B technology that have staying power.  Cloud computing and big data are two of these. IBM today announced a broad expansion of its Cloud Data Services portfolio with more than 25 services now available to developers and
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Now that I’ve created something, how do I spread it?
Vaguely remember something about the “discovery of electricity”?Continue reading on Medium »
Latest batch of Basecamp 3 updates (January and early February)
Hey all! 2016 is in full swing, and so are our designers and developers. We’re hard at work making Basecamp 3 better for you and you and…Continue reading on Medium »
Control Your Type: Google Fonts + Chrome = trouble?
tl;dr: If you use let Google Fonts host your type for you, it might look terrible for some users on Chrome, especially Open Sans. Solution…Continue reading on Medium »
What are you drawing, Lily?
I have more than a few friends who keep talking about the businesses they want to start. But every week there’s a new excuse.Continue reading on Medium »
Knowing the words is half the battle
One of my favorite career stories is this one from Michael Beirut:Continue reading on Medium »
Pulp Fixing
Human history comes with a long paper trail, and there’s a company in Chicago whose mission is to preserve and restore that physical record…Continue reading on Medium »
I’m New Here…
A couple of months ago, I made a big decision. I joined Basecamp as its first-ever COO.Continue reading on Medium »
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Four short links: 9 February 2016
Social Intelligence in Mario Bros (YouTube) -- collaborative agents built by cognitive AI researchers ... they have drives, communicate, learn from each other, and solve problems. Oh, and the agents are Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad within a Super Mario
Four short links: 8 February 2016
Elemental Machines -- Boston startup fitting experiments & experimenters with sensors, deep-learning to identify problems (vibration, humidity, etc.) that could trigger experimental failure. rucial experiments are often delayed by things that seem trivial in retrospect. “I talked to my friends
Four short links: 5 February 2016
Introducing the Keybase Filesystem -- love that crypto is making its way into the filesystem.DIY Smart Bathroom Mirror -- finally, someone is building this science-fiction future! (via BoingBoing)tensorflow tutorials -- for budding deep learners.clmystery -- a command-line murder mystery.
Tanya Kraljic on designing for voice at Nuance
Subscribe to the OReilly Design Podcast, our podcast exploring how experience design—and experience designers—are shaping business, the Internet of Things, and other domains.In this week’s Design Podcast episode, I sit down
Four short links: 4 February 2016
Shmoocon 2016 Videos (Internet Archive) -- videos of the talks from an astonishingly good security conference.TipTalk -- Samsung watchstrap that is the smart device ... put your finger in your ear to hear the call. You had me at put
Four short links: 3 February 2016
Software Security Ideas Ahead of Their Time -- astonishing email exchange from 1995 presaged a hell of a lot of security work.Doxxing Sherlock -- Cory Doctorows ruminations on surveillance, Sherlock, and what he found in the Snowden papers. What he
The new hardware movement at CES 2016
Subscribe to the OReilly Hardware Podcast for insight and analysis about the Internet of Things and the worlds of hardware, software, and manufacturing.David Cranor and I have devoted this episode of
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CloudKit Adds Support for Server-to-Server API Access
Hot off the heels of Facebook’s announcement that it is shutting down it’s Parse Cloud platform, Apple has announced in a press release that they are adding additional capabilities (including server-to-server Web service requests) to CloudKit, their cloud-storage and authentication offering. CloudKit,
Edamam Opens New Nutrition Data API
Edamam, a company providing structured food and nutrition data to businesses in the health, wellness and food industries announced today the release of its new Nutrition Data API. 
How to Build an App Ecosystem Using Your API
APIs are all about empowering users and creating partnerships. There are a lot of great, standard ways to use APIs but they are much more powerful than you think. APIs have the ability to completely transform your product or an
SendGrid Deprecates Several API Endpoints
SendGrid, a Colorado-based email delivery service, announced they are sunsetting two of their API endpoints this month. In a short email sent to their API consumers, Sendgrid stated that all API calls must now use a new base URL. They
How Ohio Republicans Use APIs and Zapier
As politics continues to embrace technology to drive campaign focus and engage voters, Danny Schreiber’s post on the Zapier website discusses how the Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee (OHROC) unlocked voter data using API-driven software integrations.
Daily API RoundUp: Weaver, Elasticode, Knurld, Rosette, Bookalope, QuantiModo
Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.
As the Google Earth API Shutdown Nears, What Are Your Options?
Due to security concerns and dwindling cross-platform support for the relevant NPAPI plugin framework, the Google Earth API is due to be shut down in early 2016.
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