Google Folds Its Workforce Management Tool “Maps Coordinates” Into Maps Engine Pro
 Last year, Google launched Maps Engine Pro, a service that aims to make it easier for businesses to create, manage and share maps to visualize their data. Until now, this offering was
Hands-On With The Revamped iOS App For We Heart It, The Feel-Good Social Photo Site
 We Heart It, the Pinterest-meets-Tumblr social image sharing platform that’s attracted a large and passionate user base among teens and the under-25 set, today rolled out a completely rebuilt and redesigned iOS
Hitpost Co-founder, Designer Aaron Krane Joins Khosla Ventures As An EIR
 Aaron Krane, the designer-founder who started Hitpost, a sports-centric mobile company that Yahoo later acquired, is joining Khosla Ventures as an entrepreneur-in-residence. He’s close with some of Khosla’s recently hired consumer-focused VCs
Secret Escapes Acquires My City Venue To Add More Events To Luxury Travel Club
 Secret Escapes, the UK luxury travel ‘flash sales’ site that offers members heavy discounts on luxury hotels and holidays, has quietly acquired 3 year old My City Venue to bolster
Oculus Starts Shipping Its Next-Gen Rift VR Headset, A Bit Later Than Expected
 It’s a bit later than they originally hoped, but the second pre-release version of Oculus’ $350 virtual reality headset is finally finding its way onto the delivery
SilverPush Says It’s Using “Audio Beacons” For An Unusual Approach To Cross-Device Ad Tar(...)
 A number of companies are trying to help advertisers bridge the gap between devices — i.e., to identify when the same person is accessing the web or apps from the desktop,
Imoji For iPhone Lets You Turn Any Image Into A Custom Emoji
 With the rise of smartphones and messaging apps, emoji and stickers have also grown in popularity, and are now a part of our everyday conversations. But the standard set of emoji
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Google Chromecast Turns 1, Hits 400 Million 'Casts' Milestone
Googles media streaming gadget Chromecast launched one year ago Thursday, and to celebrate its big birthday, the company announced an impressive stat: It has streamed more
Why Killing the Check-In Was the Wrong Move for Foursquare
The Foursquare check-in officially is no more. The newly revamped Foursquare is now a Yelp-like local discovery app, while check-ins have been relegated to SwarmBut the
How Apple Is Forging Deeper Connections Between Desktop and Mobile
In our latest Ask a Dev video, iOS engineer John McIntosh discusses how Continuity will work in iOS 8 and YosemiteContinuity is one of the biggest
New Google Maps for Android and iOS Takes a Jab at Foursquare
Google has announced a new version of Google Maps for Android and iOS devices, adding a new Explore function that lets you find interesting spots near
Philips Hue Lights React to 'Sharknado 2' for Bloody Cool Effects
Ian Ziering looks serious. His characters worrisome scowl appears permanent, a consequence of living through probably the most absurdly hellish scenario in B-movie history: a tornado
The Methane-Sniffing Super Computer That's Looking for Aliens
Biologically speaking, methanes kind of a big deal. When it comes to finding life on other planets, its an even bigger dealResearchers at the University of
Sensor-Powered Seatbelt Could Save the Lives of Sleepy Drivers
Wearable tech has done a lot to foster the rise of the quantified self space, but surprisingly few of these devices focus on enhancing our safetyNow
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Nutrino for iPhone is now better at helping you eat better
It seems to be the week for updates from companies we first heard from at last year’s TNW Europe Conference. Following on from the launch of Tyba, food tracking and advice app, Nutrino for iPhone, has today hit version 2.0. New
Google Maps Engine Pro subscriptions now include access to its Coordinate workforce management tools
Google has today announced that paying users of its Maps Engine Pro custom mapping service can now access its Google Maps Coordinate workforce management and productivity tools at no additional cost. The Coordinate mobile and Web app is designed to allow teams
Yelp’s Trends tool lets you compare data from over 57m reviews to see what’s hot around the(...)
Yelp has launched a new ‘Trends’ tool which allows users to enter search terms to compare 10 years of historical review data from around the world. Given the rich mass of information that Yelp holds in its millions of reviews, it makes
Google updates Hangouts on Air to help brands promote merchandise and related products
Google today unveiled Showcase, a new Hangouts on Air app that allows broadcasters and brands to easily promote merchandise and related
Imoji for iPhone turns your selfies into awesome iMessage stickers
If you’re the type of person who saves memes and reaction GIFs to your iPhone camera roll, the new Imoji app for iPhone is for
Google’s Chromecast turns one: 400M casts to date and free All Access trial for owners
Exactly 12 months ago, Google unveiled its Chromecast streaming dongle for the first time. To celebrate its first anniversary, Google is offering all Chromecast owners a 90-day free trial for Google Play Music All Access, its premium music streaming service.
12 things product managers should do in their first 30 days at a new company
Ken Norton is a product partner at Google Ventures where he advises
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Wal-Mart U.S. CEO Bill Simon to Leave Company
Bill Simon is leaving his post as the CEO of Walmart U.S. and transitioning out of the discount retailer, the company announced in a release Thursday. Greg Foran will take over the reins of Walmart U.S. from Simon. Since March
Belkin’s Smartphone-Controlled Crock-Pot Doesn’t Dish Enough Features
Belkins smart Crock-Pot is a case of a solution in search of a problem.
Disrupting Payments, Africa Style
The fact that Africa skipped landlines -- and will skip PCs in favor of smartphones -- is a fascinating statement about technological evolution.
HP Makes $50 Million Strategic Investment in Hortonworks
The computing giant will sell Hortonworks Hadoop to its customers alongside its own software and hardware.
#Mustreads From Other Sites: Fighting Terror on Twitter; a $2 Million Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
What happened to one of the sharing economys flagship companies?
Razer Integrates WeChat into its Nabu Wearable, Says Should Hit U.S. for Under $100
The device is designed to be affordable, while combining some of the best features of a fitness band and smart watch.
Angie’s List Slips on Q2 Loss, Weak Outlook
The cost of acquiring new members jumped in the second quarter.
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Oculus begins shipping its next generation developer kit
Oculus’ second-generation developer kits for its virtual reality headset are now shipping, according to emails sent to developers last night. The news first surfaced on a Reddit thread before being picked up by Road to VR. Oculus community manager Andres Hernandez
Visa invests in wireless credit card maker LoopPay
LoopPay’s digital credit card has attracted the attention of credit card titan Visa, which may be just be looking for alternatives to plastic. LoopPay said on Thursday that Visa has made a strategic investment in the company of an undisclosed
Sponsored post: How to plan, develop, test and launch a modern mobile application
The mobile-payment industry is forecasted to account for as much as $1 trillion in global transactions by 2015. Mobile applications are becoming the new website. If you don’t have one available, you are missing a major market. Mobile adoption has
Chromecast turns one: why this small streaming stick became such a big deal
A year after launch, Chromecast streaming sticks have been used 400 million times to cast media to TVs. But the bigger story is that Chromecast is starting to change our concept of a TV itself.Chromecast turns one: why this small
White House working on privacy guidelines for consumer drones
What should we do about the growing number of camera-equipped drones flying through U.S. neighborhoods? President Obama is developing some ideas.White House working on privacy guidelines for consumer drones originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014. Continue reading….
ZTE’s newest mid-range phone is running the stock Google Now interface
A sub-$200 device from ZTE comes with the Google Now Launcher pre-installed, although ZTE says its not abandoning its homegrown Android skin. ZTE’s newest mid-range phone is running the stock Google Now interface originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014.
Square joins the internet of things, integrating its sales data with IFTTT
Square Registers sales, refund and settlement data can now all be used as triggers for IFTTT recipes. A merchant can generate alerts whenever a sale occurs, or have a little more fun with smart appliances.Square joins the internet of things,
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President Obama To Kick Off Drone Privacy Guidelines
The Federal Aviation Administration no longer be able to stall on privacy guidelines for private drone operation in the United States.President Barack Obama is set to issue an executive order to create privacy guidelines for private drones operating in U.S.
Why Javascript Developers Should Get Excited About Object.observe
Nobody is more excited about the most recent version of Googles Chrome browser than JavaScript developers.The latest version, Chrome 36, now includes a long awaited potential update to the JavaScript language. Called Object.observe, it’s a low-level API (see our API
The EU Is Right—Kim Kardashian Must Be Stopped!
When it comes to cracking down on the predatory practices of in-app purchases found in “free to play” mobile app games, the European Union is looking out for the kids. “In particular, children must be better protected when playing online,”
A Lot Of People Still Use Facebook A Lot
People in the U.S. now spend 40 minutes per day on Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on the company’s Q2 earnings call on Wednesday.He qualified that statement by saying people spend about nine hours total on digital
The People Who Make Twitter Don't Look Like The People Who Use Twitter
Twitter, the San Francisco-based company which makes a global information-sharing network, released workforce data to illustrate the company’s diversity. Or lack thereof. The numbers don’t look much different from its tech company counterparts, but the biggest disparity lies in the
Dropbox For Business Gives Control Freaks What They Want
Dropbox announced a slew of updates that offer more control over shared work files and new tools for app developers.The changes allow for more fine-tuned access control over who can view or edit documents, and for how long, as well
Foursquare's App Debuts A New Look—But You Can't Download It Yet
Foursquares transition from one app to two completely different services is a slow one. Like a child getting used to a cold pool one foot at a time, Foursquare is gradually rolling out each new app.Today, the
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Why we don't speak up at work
A few weeks ago, a friend told me he was thinking about quitting his job.He said it was because of communication breakdowns between him and his boss. Small moments of poor communication had snowballed into a deeper, gnawing frustration for
The Distance goes tiki
I first noticed the Hala Kahiki about a year ago driving north on River Road through the Chicago suburb of River Grove. I glanced at its colorful exterior and quirky signage and wondered, “What’s the story there?” The wonderful thing
Contest: Two Free 3-Day Passes to Pitchfork Music Festival
Our friends (and Basecamp customers) at Pitchfork Media are bringing the Pitchfork Music Festival back to Union Park in Chicago this July 18–20. They use Basecamp to plan and organize the entire event, and we’re giving away two pairs of
Talking with a UbiDuo
A few weeks ago I spoke at Inc’s GROWCO conference in Nashville. After my talk, I had a scheduled book signing over in the conference bookstore area.Most people come up, same hi, chat a bit, buy a book, shake hands,
Crossing Streams
When I switched to Android a few years ago, I promised myself this: I’d switch back the minute Apple added smart notifications, app data sharing, widgets, and a better keyboard to iOS.Apple’s WWDC keynote yesterday was exciting. Craig Federighi is
One-hit wonder
It’s incredibly hard to trace the success of any business, product, or project down to the skill of the founders. There’s plenty of correlation, but not much causation.That’s a scary thought to a lot of people: What if my success
What Jamis left behind... for us.
A few weeks ago, Jamis Buck, a programmer who had been with us for nine years, asked to meet with me and David. We grabbed a conference room, and I immediately felt something heavy in the air. Jamis told us
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Signals from OSCON 2014
Experts and advocates from across the open source world assembled in Portland, Ore. this week for OSCON 2014. Below you’ll find a handful of keynotes and interviews from the event that we found particularly notable.How tiny satellites and fresh imagery
In search of a model for modeling intelligence
An orrery, a runnable model of the solar system that allows us to make predictions. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.Editor’s note: this post is part of our Intelligence Matters investigation.In my last post, we
Four short links: 24 July 2014
Neglected Machine Learning Ideas — Perhaps my list is a “send me review articles and book suggestions” cry for help, but perhaps it is useful to others as an overview of neat things.First Crowdfunded Book on Booker Shortlist — Booker
Podcast: Design for how the world should work
Editor’s note: this podcast episode is the first in our new bi-weekly O’Reilly Radar Podcast series. You can subscribe through iTunes, SoundCloud, or directly through our podcast’s RSS feed.As the Internet is increasingly embedded into our physical world, it’s important
OpenStack creates a structure for managing change without a benevolent dictator
When does a software project grow to the point where one must explicitly think about governance? The term “governance” is stiff and gawky, but doing it well can carry a project through many a storm. Over the past couple years,
“Red-Green-Refactor” is a familiar slogan from test-driven development (TDD), describing a popular approach to writing software. It’s been both popular and controversial since the 2000′s (see the recent heated discussions between
How to build and run your first deep learning network
When I first became interested in using deep learning for computer vision I found it hard to get started. There were only a couple of open source projects available, they had
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Apps Alliance and Intuit Release App Privacy Tool
This article is a company-provided press release and ProgrammableWeb cannot vouch for the accuracy of the statements within. If you have questions regarding the information below, please contact the company that issued the press release.
Today in APIs: Canada Will Hold Massive Hackathon in September
Canada to hold its biggest Hackathon this September. Hackers use Bitly API keys to hack news sites and misdirect users. Plus: Inside Shutterstocks hackathon, and Azavea becomes a Google civic information partner.Canada to
Events.com API Aims to Please Event Coordinators
People are looking for something fun to do in their free time, and event coordinators are always looking for effective ways to let people know about the things to do they have on
FiftyThree Debuts SDK to Coax Paper Adoption
FiftyThree is looking to expand beyond its own app. The company makes a stylus for the iPad called Pencil and an application called Paper. Its an app-and-accessory duo for creative types who want
Companies Revisit API Usage Limits as Markets Change
As third-party applications built on APIs become more important distribution channels, companies have good reason to look closely at their API usage limits. Case in point: Yelp last week announced that developers can now
Dropbox Launches Two New APIs
Dropbox has announced the public availability of two new APIs: the Shared Folder API and the Document Preview API. ProgrammableWeb connected with Dropbox developer advocate Steve Marx prior to todays announcement to learn
Senzari Introduces MusicGraph.ai Music Graph Analytics and Intelligence Engine
Senzari, a leading music technology company, introduced MusicGraph.ai at the 2014 GraphLab Conference earlier this week in San Francisco.
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