Festival travel booking site Festicket raises $6.3M Series B
 Festicket, the UK startup that lets you book a wide range of music festival experiences, has closed $6.3 million in Series B funding. Lepe Partners led the round, with participation
Hacker takes over Oculus CEO’s Twitter account, announces new CEO
 Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe had his Twitter account hacked Wednesday; the hacker took the opportunity to promptly announce a new CEO for the virtual reality company. As of the time of this
IBM demos an employee hack for gathering live video data via drone
IBM developer Andy Trice popped by the TechCrunch New York offices to demo a hack he’s been working on in his spare time, utilizing the company’s cloud computing platform and off-the-shelf drone hardware from DJI. The system, which started as
Ayesha Curry, Steph’s wife, launches a new food-delivery startup
 Want to eat like Steph Curry? Now you can. Ayesha Curry, the wife of NBA all-star Stephen Curry, has a new food delivery startup. The company is called Gather, and will deliver
Watch Microsoft Accelerator’s London Demo Day here
The rise of the overbanked and the opportunity to serve them
 Meet Alvin, a Silicon Valley executive in his late-30s. Alvin has accounts with three banks, an online brokerage account and has borrowed from no less than nine lenders in the past
MoneyLion brings traditional banking ever closer to obsolescence
 The lingo of personal finance is rapidly changing. Mint has replaced our nagging parents and significant others who think our
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We've tried out the new deadmau5 VR Cardboard app
Deadmau5 (a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman) teamed up with Absolut Labs — the vodka brand’s experimental marketing arm — to create a very unique Google Cardboard 360-degree VR
Hacker takes over Twitter account of Oculus CEO, has a good laugh
Another day, another high-profile Twitter account hacked. This time its the account of Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe, whose Twitter account is apparently still under the control of
First Tesla flagship store launches in Sydney's centre, for lunchtime cruises
Tesla is powering into the Australian market with its first retail store in the country.The iconic American electric car brand, created by Elon Musk, is making
This 1952 Buick land-speed record holder can be yours for $195,000
This 1952 Buick raw steel-finished beauty has a lot of titles, from its formal model name — the Super Riviera — to six-time land-speed world record
Still don't know which Australian party to vote for? This tool can help.
If youre unsure which political party to vote for Saturday in the Australian election, never fear: There are a multitude of online tools that can help.There
Chevrolet cuts 4G LTE data plan pricing for its vehicles in half
Chevrolet was the first automaker to add 4G LTE connectivity to every model in its lineup. And now, just in time for the Fourth of July,
The app that matches surplus food with the hungry
Plenty of businesses throw a ridiculous amount of catering into the garbage every day, often as people go hungry on the streets outside their office buildings. What
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Apple patents a way to stop you from recording video at concerts
Like most people, I don’t enjoy having my view of a live concert blocked by someone filming the performance on their phone, but I understand their need to try it. Heck, I’ve done it myself when
It’s up to you and Reddit to keep this plant alive
We’ve previously seen people cater to their pets over the Internet with the help of interactive systems for remote control like the Nest Cam and Furbo, but the project PleaseTakeCareOfMyPlant puts a whole new spin on this technology. Developed
Turtle Beach’s crazy new directional speakers are made from glass
If you’re in the market for impressive speakers that will wow your guests, skip the vast range of Bluetooth boxes and check out Turtle Beach’s new set, which is made of glass. You read that right:
Ukrainian bank loses $10m in cyber heist due to flawed global financial network
Shortly after hackers snatched $81 million from the Bangladesh Bank in an attempted $951 million cyber heist back in February, an unnamed Ukrainian bank has now fallen victim to a similar vulnerability, the KyivPost reports. The thieves exploited a
Seagate is cutting 1,600 jobs as demand for hard drives spin down
Cupertino, California-based hard drive maker Seagate revealed in an SEC filing that it will slash 1,600 jobs by the end of Q3 2016, amounting to roughly 3 percent of its global workforce. The company noted that its
Google Maps for Android now lets you navigate to multiple destinations on a single trip
Google is rolling out a clever new feature on its Maps app for Android, which lets you add multiple waypoints en route to your destination for easier navigation. When you fire up the app and search
Backblaze’s B2 is the simplest and cheapest cloud storage service for large backups
Whether you’re running a small business with data scattered across several employees’ systems or simply have a few terabytes of RAW photos lying around like I do, you probably want to back up all those files
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Square Cash still isn’t a business
The money-transfer service is likely still a money-loser.
Streaming music has become Warner Music’s biggest business
But it would like more from YouTube.
Should you upgrade your laptop, or love the one you’ve got?
Your questions about buying and repairing laptops, answered.
GoPro delays its highly anticipated drone until winter
Meanwhile, revenue dropped 50 percent from last year.
Square misses Q1 expectations, swinging to a wider loss
Mixed results.
Facebook will sponsor the Republican National Convention. Wait. Wut?
Facebook says its participation in both the RNC and DNC conventions allows users to remain engaged in the political process.
Windows 10, now on 300 million PCs, won’t be free after July 29
New copies of the software after that point will cost $119.
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Dr. Jacki Ford Morie talks Virtual Reality with Gigaom
Dr. Jacki Ford Morie is widely known for using technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) to deliver meaningful experiences that enrich people’s…
WebRTC is a Natural Fit for the Enterprise
Here’s something funny. While most complain that WebRTC isn’t suitable for the enterprise, it is probably the next best thing happening to…
Todoist becomes a work management solution with new features
Doist has released version 800 of the team task management solution, Todoist, effectively moving the tool into the work management category. In particular,…
Isn’t signing a document just a feature, not a company?
I have to confess that I’ve been surprised by the valuation for DocuSign, which was valued at $3 billion in a funding…
The Seven Wonders of the Business Tech World
Just over 2000 years ago, Philo of Byzantium sat down and made a list of the seven wonders of the world at…
Slack moves past slash commands to message buttons
Slack has announced a new mechanism for third party apps to better integrate with its work chat platform. Rather than relying on…
The Analytics of Language, Behavior, and Personality
Computational linguists and computer scientists, among them University of Texas professor Jason Baldridge, have been working for over fifty years toward algorithmic understanding of…
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YAP’s beacon just wants your shopping to be fun
While at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai conference, I had an opportunity to walk through a day like
Calm, cruel and connected: June’s best and worst of IoT
It seems that every day a new IoT device or means to connect existing devices is revealed. With so much energy in being devoted to tell us how, when,
What is the Internet of Things?
The Internet of Things (IoT) describes a whole genre of technologies and services that focus on creating a network connection
Accuracy in biometric wearbles is consumers’ top priority
While comfort and long battery life are pretty cool, a recent survey found that consumers most desire accuracy from their wearable devices. An article by Mobile ID World reported survey
German manufacturing sector more gung-ho on IoT than U.S.
Though the Internet of Things (IoT) is booming in the U.S., German manufacturing leaders expect more IoT in their factories
OnePlus ain’t interested in virtual reality or wearables
OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has no plans to invest heavily into smartwatches or virtual reality in the
Why are moral decisions so important for self-driving cars?
Self-driving cars are in the news again, after several surveys were released showing how people would want their computer-controlled
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We don’t fight the talent war
We’re happy pacifists when it comes to finding great people. The best are everywhere, hiding out in all sorts of quiet places.Snapchat poaching from Airbnb. Uber poaching from Twitter. Facebook poaching from Google. If you run a tech company, you’re familiar
Feeling Safe Across Data Centers
The Single Server RoomIn a perfect world all of your servers are hard-wired to each other in a room. There would be one opening with which the world connects to your little slice of the Internet. That way
How to give feedback to your boss
When I was an employee four years ago, I felt stuck.I had some ideas about how I thought the company could be better… but I had no clue how to bring it up to my boss at the time.How
Multi-channel marketing plan
On Inbound.org Michelle Frantino asks:How to you create a multi-channel marketing plan? (events, inbound, etc.) Should have events, paid media, inbound, email campaigns, etc. included. Trying to include costs of each item as well. Lots of detail to show here..Here’s an expanded
The time for rigor will come soon enough
You might have heard: The bigger the scope of your problem, the more rigorous your approach must be. It applies to projects and organizations alike.It’s a correlation often associated with the notion of “getting away with something”. Like, you can get
How I became (and stayed) a successful programmer
3 strategies that have been crucial to the longevity of my programming careerFor a while now, interest in programming has been skyrocketing. So there are a lot of beginners out there starting their careers — and that’s a wonderful thing!If you’re one of those
The overlooked competitive advantage
It’s 2008, and a soon-to-be mom is overwhelmed with preparing for her new addition. As she readies baby clothes by pre-washing them, she breaks into an alergic reaction with hives all over her skin. The detergent her
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Four short links: 4 May 2016
AI Murder, Openness in AI, Spectrum Challenge, and SDR AppsMika Model (Slate) -- a new story from Paolo Bacigalupi, asking whether an AId up sex doll could commit murder. The companion article
Four short links: 3 May 2016
NHS Data Sharing (Ben Goldacre) -- as this project lands, were all becoming rapidly aware that incompetence, malice and creepiness around confidential data is policed with a worryingly light touch. Ben is scrupulously fair with the benefits and the risks,
Four short links: 2 May 2016
Digital Genies -- The worst thing is a machine that has the wrong values, but is absolutely convinced it has the right ones, because then there’s nothing you can do to divert it from the path it thinks it’s supposed
Four short links: 29 April 2016
OpenAI Gym -- A toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms. It supports teaching agents everything from walking to playing games like Pong or Go.Open Xamarin -- the Xamarin tools are now all MIT-licensed, after the Microsoft acquisition. And
Four short links: 28 April 2016
The Shape of Things (Tom Coates) -- In fact it’s this problem of what’s most intuitive that gives me most pause for tangible computing generally. The assumption from many of these thinkers is that making an interface that’s physical makes
Four short links: 27 April 2016
Idea Space VR -- CMS for VR worlds published on the open web.Does Science Advance One Funeral At a Time? (PDF) -- answer: yes. Research shows that when alpha scientists die, their collaborators wither and the field blooms. (via Roger
Four short links: 26 April 2016
Driverless Trucking Numbers (TechCrunch) -- $4.5k to truck something across country, 75% of which is labour. Trucks most fuel-efficient at 45mph but drivers are paid by the hour and their hours capped at 11/day. More truck drivers killed on the job
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Google Opens Awareness API to Entire Dev Community
A month after initially announcing the concept of an Awareness API that allows apps to intelligently react to user context, Google has made the Google Awareness API available to all developers via Google Play services. The API utilizes seven context
Daily API RoundUp: CrowdStrike, Brafton, mNectar
Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.
Google Releases Text API, New Cast SDK for Android
Google has begun to follow up some of the announcements it made at last months I/O developer conference with real-world coding tools. The company says it has improved Mobile Vision in a revised version of Google Play Services, which gains
Google Updates Access and Limits of Maps API Standard Plan
Google recently made a number of updates to its Standard Plan for the Google Maps APIs.
7 Things to Consider When Designing a Travel API
Leading travel companies are increasingly broadening their distribution channels by building platforms that enable partners and customers to connect and access their inventory and sales systems via application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs are the tools powering many of today’s mobile
Daily API RoundUp: CoachHire, Tierion, Alerta, BetterWorks, ChargeIO, Bucky Box
Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.
Twitter Fabric Adds Deep Linking Capabilities with Branch Integration
Fabric, Twitters mobile development platform, has added deep linking capabilties thanks to a newly launched integration with Branch, a deep linking and attribution tool.
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