Local Services Marketplace Thumbtack Acqui-Hires HeartThis In Its First M&A Move
 A year after Thumbtack raised $100 million to expand its marketplace for home services and other professional freelance jobs, the startup is making its first acquisition to beef up its engineering and product teams. It has
Google Search Will Now Surface Info On More Health Conditions
 Google says one in 20 searches on Google Search are for health-related information and since February of this year, it’s been using its Knowledge Graph to quickly bring up medical facts when it
Watch This Robot Hunt And Kill Destructive Starfish
 Dear friends: there is now a robot that can kill starfish underwater by hunting them down and injecting them with poison. The starfish in question is the Crown of Throns Sea Star,
Apple, Google, Other Silicon Valley Tech Giants Ordered To Pay $415M In No-Poaching Suit
 United States District Judge Lucy Koh today approved a $415 million settlement in the Silicon Valley no-poaching case. The dollar figure comes after a previous $324 million settlement was rejected as being too
Up Close With The New Samsung Gear S2
 Round watch lovers rejoice! Samsung has finally lifted the covers off of its new smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S2, and we got to take a look at
This Tiny Apple IIc Is All The Computing Power You’ll Need Ever In Your Life Forever
 As we enter the next Information Age, we must take only a few things with us. For example, this ashtray. Just this ashtray. And this paddle game, the ashtray and the paddle
T-Mobile Rolls Out Native Video Calling To Select Samsung Phones
 There are a number of apps that let smartphone users make video calls today, including Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and more, as well as built-in apps
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With the Gear S2 smartwatch, Samsung finally gets wearables
BERLIN — Humans have been wearing watches for centuries, but to look at the recent history of smartwatches, youd never know it. They are, with few
Samsung unveils world's first 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player
For those with 4K TVs, the options for viewing native 4K content have been pretty limited so far. It’s basically amounted to a scant few titles
Did Haier just reinvent the future of cooling?
BERLIN, GERMANY: Ill be honest, Haiers IFA 2015 press conference was pretty much a snoozefest, but nestled among the washing machines and safety watches that no
Withings partners with Spotify for a connected alarm clock
French connected-gadgets maker Withings already has a device that improves your sleep; now, it wants to help you wake up as wellThe Withings Aura Connected Alarm
The Ricoh Theta S lets you upload 360-degree photos right to Google Maps
At IFA 2015 (and a parallel event in New York City), Ricoh announced its newest 360-degree spherical camera, the Ricoh Theta S.The Theta S is a
Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 chip will give smartphones a big power boost
If youre the type that reads smartphone specifications closely, chances are youre familiar with the name Snapdragon. Its Qualcomms system-on-chip (SoC) for mobile devices that typically
Whirlpool's app-connected home appliances can save you money and time
BERLIN — Even if you have a smart washer or dryer, theres a good chance its not really that smart yetAt IFA on Thursday, home appliance
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Droners is a marketplace where you can hire a drone and operator for anything you want
If you like the idea of getting drone footage, but aren’t really that interested in operating and
Samsung releases Tizen SDK for Gear S2 to the developer community at-large
Excited for the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S2? The company is expecting over 1,000 apps at launch, but that number
Samsung Gear S2 hands-on: Tizen is here to stay
Like it or not, Samsung isn’t giving up on Tizen. The Gear S2 – officially announced just a few days ago –
TNW Conference USA: Our biggest ever speaker announcement
What does the CEO of the fastest growing company on the planet, the man behind what TIME has dubbed ‘the phone of dreams,’ and the
Cat Street View is a furry, feline way to explore Japan
It’s no surprise to anyone to hear that Japan has a bit of a cat obsession. How much of a
Withings’ alarm clock helps you sleep and wake with the help of light, sound and Spotify
It feels like everything around the home can be connected to the internet these days (even if I’m still waiting
Google’s new Street View app lets you upload your own 360-images
Google’s mobile Street View app is getting a big update on iOS and Android today: you can now contribute your own
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Here’s Daniel Radcliffe as One of the Creators of Grand Theft Auto (Video)
Harry, who are these new friends and what happened to Ron and Hermione?
Cruising the Carpool: Are Lyft Line and UberPool the New Tinder?
People are finding unexpected -- or premeditated -- romance in rideshare carpooling.
The Night I Went Speed Dating on UberPool and Lyft Line
To find someone youre attracted to who feels the same, you have to take a lot of rides.
Tastemade Graduates a Web Video Show to TV
The Grill Iron, a series of shorts about college football and barbeque that Tastemade ran last year, will be packaged into 30-minute shows for the TV network.
You Can Now Buy Star Wars’ Adorable BB-8 Droid
These are the droids youre looking for.
On-Demand Companies Consider Outsourcing Delivery With Uber
Others decided against it, worrying that Uber would betray them Game of Thrones-style.
Verizon and AOL Pick Up Millennial Media
$238 million, give or take.
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Phil Libin steps down as Evernote CEO, taps Googler Chris O’Neill
Phil Libin -- the founder and long-time CEO of productivity company Evernote -- has stepped down as CEO, and former Google exec Chris Neill will be taking on the CEO job…
Welcome to the zero-cost operating system era
Microsoft has reversed earlier policies regarding the cost of upgrading to Windows 10, and will make it free to upgrade. Back in March I wrote Microsoft accepts the inevitable, takes first steps…
Homejoy calls it quits, Google scoops tech team
Deep pockets may be an essential element for competing effectively in the exploding on-demand economy. Today, the on-demand cleaning services company Homejoy announced it was closing shop on 31 July, after…
Handicapping On-Demand Market Sectors
The legality of the business model of certain on-demand service companies, like Uber and Homejoy, has led to a cultural debate about the relationship between on-demand workers and the services that…
BitTorrent partners with Onehub to scale up to enterprise file sync-and-share, building on new (...)
BitTorrent has been pushing hard to bring its Sync technology into the very competitive file sync-and-share marketplace (see BitTorrent releases Sync 2.0, and BitTorrent Sync 1.4 is released). The company has announced, today,…
Google takes first steps toward finer-grained access in Google Drive
Google Drive has provided a simple but powerful model for file sharing. The creator of a file can invite others to share it, as readers (read-only access), commenters (read and comment access)…
Microsoft is right: we need new ways to work, but is Gigjam the answer?
Microsoft has demoed a new technology, called Gigjam, an effort to change the way we think about getting work done in an increasingly mobile and connected world. At the Microsoft Worldwide…
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Your Connected Product Could Be Your Best Customer Engagement Tool
Brian Solis is a digital analyst, anthropologist, futurist and author of X, What’s the Future of Business (WTF), Engage! and The End of Business As Usual.In a time when connectedness is part of everyday life and people have become online
Tech Makers: Stop Treating Tablets Like Smartphones
Guest author Liraz Margalit, PhD, is a web psychologist at ClickTale, a company that provides website optimization software and consulting.Smartphones and tablets both get us online, store our photos and keep track of our calendars. But they are not the
Today's Developer: Multilingual, Excited For The Future ... And Worried About Keeping Up
A new study from the Developer Insights Report reveals some fascinating characteristics about todays developers: Apparently, they tend to be fluent in a variety of languages, excited about the rush of innovation sweeping the tech scene and, at the same time,
It's Time For Deep Linking To Move Past The Plumbing
Guest author Matt Thomson is the chief product officer at Bitly.Weve heard a lot about deep links so far this year. from Google at I/O and Apple at WWDC. My employer, Bitly, threw its hat in the ring, too. But
5 Trending Markets That Are Capitalizing On Virtual Reality
Guest author Konstantin Andreev is the CEO and Founder of Verdom IT Projects and 360-degree mobile app Round.me.Virtual reality is still in the early stages, and it still has several waves yet to go before entering the mainstream. But, with
Robin's Kickstarter Splash Points To Users' Smartphone Storage War
Nextbit is not just any Kickstarter startup. The company, formed by Google and HTC alumni, unveiled its Robin smartphone earlier today and, as of this writing, nabbed more than half of its crowdfunding goal on the first day. So far, more than
Google’s Alphabet: It’s All About Getting New Ideas Into Orbit
Guest author Christopher Lochhead is a cofounding partner of Play Bigger Advisors. He wrote this post with his partners Al Ramadan and Dave Peterson.“Gravity is working against me. And gravity wants to bring me down.” —John Mayer Asking why Google created
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Growing our audience for The Distance
In late May, Jason and I decided to transition The Distance from monthly longform written stories to a podcast that would come out every two weeks. Jason also set an ambitious target for the podcast: Get to 6,000 listens on
Go at Basecamp
Basecamp is a Ruby company. All of our customer facing applications are written with Ruby on Rails, we use Ruby for our systems automation via Chef, we deploy via Ruby through Capistrano, and underneath most rocks you’ll find a Ruby
Something's coming 6
Can old world be more modern than new school?
I’ve got two machines on me.One’s strapped to my left wrist. The other lives in my pocket.The one on my wrist can tell me the time (precisely in 12 hour format, roughly in 24), the day of the week, the
Extra Drawings for The Distance
Last year I shared some extra drawings I made for the Basecamp marketing site that for a variety of reasons never went live or were seen by anyone outside of Basecamp. There have also been many drawings for The Distance
A chart a day keeps the data in play
Every working day for the last month or so I’ve posted a single “chart of the day” to our Basecamp account. They’re posted internally without much commentary—just enough to explain what the chart is about. The topics are wide ranging:
Grit is for cowboys
The cattle has to be round up. Complaining about the weather or going without sleep for 16 hours isn’t going to do it. So clench your teeth and get the work done. That’s the grit needed to be a cowboy.But
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Designing responsibly in the attention economy
Subscribe to the OReilly Design Podcast, our podcast exploring how experience design — and experience designers — are shaping business, the Internet of Things, and other domains.In this week’s Design Podcast
Managing complexity in distributed systems
Subscribe to the OReilly Radar Podcast to track the technologies and people that will shape our world in the years to come.In this week’s episode, O’Reilly’s Mac Slocum talks to Astrid
4 trends in fintech startups
Request an invitation to Next:Money, O’Reilly’s conference focused on the fundamental transformation taking place in the finance industry.Fintech hackathons and competitions
Four short links: 3 September 2015
The Surprising Predictability of Android Lock Patterns (Ars Technica) -- people use the same type of strategy for remembering a pattern as a passwordPeer to Peer Markets (PDF) -- We discuss elements of market design that make this possible, including
A world of continous partial employment
Request an invitation to Next:Economy, our event aiming to shed light on the transformation in the nature of work now being driven
Four short links: 2 September 2015
There Are Only Two Hard Problems in Distributed Systems -- the best tweet ever. (via Tim Bray)Building LinkedIns New Engineering Bootcamp -- transmitting cultural and practical knowledge in a structured format.Soul-Searching in TV Land Over the Challenges of a New
Lead with merit and be rewarded with success
Attend Cultivate, September 28 to 29 in New York, NY. Cultivate is our conference looking at
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TeleSign Launches Smart Verify to Improve User Verification
TeleSign, a mobile identity solutions company, today announced the launch of TeleSign Smart Verify, a new unified API that hopes to simplify end-u
AnyPresence Updates its Mobile Application Development Platform
Mobile application development platform and backend-as-a-service provider AnyPresence recently announced significant updates to its platform.According to AnyPresences CEO, Anirban Chakrabarti, The foundational capability for digital transformation is the ability to create APIs and microservices that
Daily API RoundUp: Contentful, Smoke Reports, Rickshaw, Ordoro
Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.
Google CSV Download Scripts Replaced by Search Analytics API
Less than a month after announcing its Search Analytics API, Google has now stated that its now time to gradually say goodbye to the old CSV download scripts for information on queries and rankings. Google will keep the
Google CSV Download Scripts Replaced by Search Analytics API
Less than a month after announcing its Search Analytics API, Google has now stated that its now time to gradually say goodbye to the old CSV download scripts for information on queries and rankings. Google will keep the script downloads available for a bit
AnyPresence Updates its Mobile Application Development Platform
Mobile application development platform and backend-as-a-service provider AnyPresence recently announced significant updates to its platform.According to AnyPresences CEO, Anirban Chakrabarti, The foundational capability for digital transformation is the ability to create APIs and microservices that
How APIs Power News Organizations
APIs are used in many, many ways in a wide range of industries. However, it seems that some organisations are implementing them in more beneficial ways than others, according to David Weinberger’s recent article for Nieman Reports.
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