Bitcoin 2.0: Unleash The Sidechains
 Cryptocurrencies will create a fifth protocol layer powering the next generation of the Internet, says Naval Ravikant. Our 2014 fund will be built during the blockchain cycle, concurs Fred Wilson. And Andreessen
Nike Is Said To Be Killing Off The FuelBand
 Bad news, Fuel fans: Nike is purportedly killing off their wearable hardware efforts, including the FuelBand. Just a few days ago, folks started whispering about shakeup in
Counterforce Protests Tech Using Tech
Rising income inequality is quickly becoming the most prevalent issue of our century, the defining challenge of our time, according to President Obama. No where is this more acute than in San Francisco, where rents growing at 3 times the
White House Declines To Deport Bieber, Pivots To Immigration Reform In Its Official Response
 TechCrunch squinted slightly when the White House petition to deport the Canadian Justin Bieber passed the 100,000-signature mark, the minimum threshold to warrant an official response. Read
214 Technologies Is Crowdfunding A Smart Doorbell Called Chui
 What the heck is a smart doorbell?Thats what my friends asked me any time I mentioned that Id be meeting with Nezare Chafni and Shaun Moore, co-founders of 214 Technologies. Theyve developed
Ask A VC: Next World Capital’s Ben Fu On Engineer Recruiting Challenges
In this week’s episode of Ask A VC, we hosted Next World Capital’s Ben Fu in the studio to talk about big data, recruiting and more. Fu, who has backed Datameer, Datastax, and Good Data among others, talked about the
CrunchWeek: Airbnb’s $500M Funding, Twitter Gobbles Up Gnip, Instagram’s Swapped Username S(...)
 It’s Friday, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, a holiday weekend is ahead, and we’ve got a brand new episode of CrunchWeek for you to watch. What more could you
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8 Modern Gadgets That Look Like They Macarena'd Out of the '90s
The dream of the 90s is alive in modern technologyThe decade, which left its mark in the form of absurdly colorful outfits and zany cartoons, has
Kitestring App Texts Your Friends If You Don't Make It Home
Let me know when you get home. Weve probably all said this to a friend or family member at some point after parting ways for the
Nike Fires FuelBand Team in Move to Ditch Wearables
Nike made an abrupt exit from the crowded wearable technology market Friday. The sportswear giant fired much of the team responsible for the development of its
iBeacons Are Ready for Showtime at the Tribeca Film Festival
The Tribeca Film Festival is getting iBeaconified. The annual film festival is taking advantage of one of 2014s hottest tech trends by integrating iBeacon support in
I, for One, Welcome Our New Robot Underlings
I dont know about you, but Im pretty tired of seeing robots and artificial intelligence systems get kicked aroundThe Jonny Depp movie Transcendence hits theater screens
This Fan-Made Spider-Man Web Shooter Really Works
A German laser-weapons hobbyist has put together a Spider-Man-inspired web shooter that shoots a harpoon-tipped fishing line instead of a liquid webPatrick Priebe, whos no stranger
What Can IFTTT Do for You?
In the latest video of our Mobile Minute series, we discuss the powerful web service IFTTT (If This Then That). While IFTTT has been around since
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How to grow an awesome community to fuel your social startup
Nadia Hussain is the Community Director at Polyvore. When you’re starting a social company, building a loyal and engaged community is paramount. But
Nike has reportedly canceled its FuelBand hardware project
Nike is said to have thrown in the towel on its FuelBand fitness bracelet hardware project, according to a CNET report. We’ve reached out to Nike about the claims and have yet to hear back, but a spokesman did tell
Meet Goccia, a penny-sized activity tracker that ditches Bluetooth for LED syncing
It’s time for us to face the facts. Bluetooth is holding wearables back. The new Bluetooth LE standard is certainly a step
Journey through the colossal ice castles of the American Southwest
Ashley Hefnawy is an editorial assistant and a content producer for Shutterstock’s blog. This post was originally published on the Shutterstock blog and has been adapted with
Leave work at work: How to properly end your day
Andrea Ayres-Deets is the Lead Writer at Crew, an invite-only network connecting short-term software projects with handpicked developers and designers. Andrea writes about
Watch: Amazing drone footage of a Space X reusable rocket’s first test flight
Space X is scheduled to launch a Dragon capsule to the International Space Station today at 3:25 EDT. You can check out the live stream of launch on the company’s site. But, in addition to delivering food and scientific supplies
Facebook’s Paper for iOS updated with birthdays, events, photo comments, group updates, and more
Facebook today released the first major update to its Paper for iOS app, adding a slew of new features just 10 weeks after the initial launch. You can download the new version now directly from Apple’s App Store. First up,
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You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello
To our dear readers: Thank you, thank you very much.
Another Longtime Windows Exec Heads for the Exit as 2013 Draws to a Close
Grant George, the former head of testing for Windows, was one of several executives left on the outside looking in following a September reorganization of the Windows unit.
Some of Our Fave D Conference Videos Before AllThingsD Signs Off in 3 … 2… 1 …
Tech and media bigs on the red-hot seat
Startups Scrape Your Financial Data for Good (No, Really!)
Two personal finance apps, SaveUp and Mogl, offer rewards as a byproduct. Their CEOs describe them as a bit of gummy on the financial vitamin and Toms shoes for food, respectively.
HP Affirms Higher-End Layoffs Figure
Hewlett-Packard Co. confirmed it has increased by 5,000 the number of layoffs it plans to implement under the restructuring plan it adopted in May 2012, bringing the expected number of job cuts to 34,000.
Apple Says It Is Unaware of NSA's iPhone Backdoor
The company says it will try to defend against attacks on its products by anyone.
Apple Feud Deepens With Court-Appointed Monitor
A feud between Apple Inc. and a lawyer appointed by a federal court judge to monitor the companys e-book pricing reform became even more acrimonious Monday.
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Sorting through the OpenStack nuttiness
On this weeks Structure Show -- Sorting out the OpenStack IaaS-Paas situation with Mark Collier and Jonathan Bryce.
Nike has reportedly fired most of its FuelBand team and is getting out of the hardware business
Nike has let go most of the members of its FuelBand wearables unit and will stop developing new versions of the device, according to a report by CNET. The tech news site quoted an unnamed person “familiar with the matter”
Turn your Instagrams into a business: Snapwire, a new mobile stock photo website, opens to public
Snapwire, a mobile app and website, is trying to connect the creative power of the Instagram generation with the companies and people who are willing to pay them to keep snapping.
SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches despite bad weather
The Dragon capsule will carry important science experiments to the International Space Station. It also holds a part needed to repair a backup computer on the ISS.
Welcome to the spectrum-dome: FCC lays groundwork for its controversial incentive auction
The FCC has issued its proposed rules for the 2015 incentive auction, which aims to repurpose a sizable chunk of the UHF TV band for 4G. The FCC will make its first -- but not last -- vote in May.
This week in bitcoin: Another creator, another MtGox failure
Its deja vú for bitcoin followers as a new possible creator is brought into the spotlight and MtGox continues to fight its long legal road ahead.
5 big speakers and 5 big ideas for building next-generation infrastructure
When it comes to cloud infrastructure, the underlying hardware and applications are only becoming more numerous and far flung. How then will concepts important to enterprise computing hold together?
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Amazon's Fire TV Still Needs Fixing, Stat
Despite Amazon’s lofty ambitions to reimagine the multimedia center, its Fire TV streaming box entered the streaming-video fray earlier this month with a frustrating, fractured search engine. Amazon is taking some steps to fix the Fires flaws—but so far its
Americans Are Bullish On Technology's Distant Future, Less So Its Present
Despite the number of popular dystopian novels written over the years, Americans have continually been optimistic when it comes to the future of technology. At least, the distant future of technology. Were far less sanguine about the technology that threatens
The Future of Social Media Is Mobile Tribes
The next big thing is getting smaller and smaller.Historically, our social media experience been chained to the first-screen browser and the one News Feed to rule them all. Weve seen saturated with bloated content from overpopulated streams. Weve been bombarded with
5 Things You Need To Know To Cope With The Death Of Windows XP
Microsoft has finally tied its good old dog, Windows XP, to a tree ... and bashed its head in with a shovel. After 13 years of loyal service, support Windows XP has finally been cut off by Microsoft. Not all is
How Technology Is Making It Great To Be A Music Fan
I’m a music junkie. Like many of you, my life is often accompanied by a soundtrack. I’ve got playlists for working out, and just plain working. Music for when I’m feeling on top of the world, and music for when
Read All About It (On Your Wrist)
Every time ReadWrite publishes a story, I get a jolt. Literally. And I don’t mind, because that good vibration may point us toward the news industry’s wearable future.Even when I’m away at a conference or traveling on business, I want
Why Does Facebook Want You To Broadcast Your Location To Your Friends?
Facebook is trying to get you to share even more information, this time by beaming your precise location to your friends all the time.The optional feature, called Nearby Friends, is built to help you find people around you. You can tailor
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Dragons on the far side of the histogram
Performance tuning is a fun sport, but how you’re keeping score matters more than you think, if winning is to have real impact. When it comes to web applications, the first mistake is start with what’s the easiest to measure:
Marketing around situations
Before he made The Simpsons, Matt Groening’s famous comics and illustrations graced the covers of Apple brochures. The writing inside—from 1989, mind you—still does a great job selling the Mac. Instead of blanket marketing a one-size-fits-all message, Apple
Another Chapter
So, a few years ago Dana Brunetti at Trigger Street Productions (Social Network and Captain Philips) got in touch with us after reading our book, REWORK. He loved the themes and the overall story of how our company came to
Basecamp goes back to basics
If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that computers and user interfaces peaked in the 1980s. Everything was clear and simple, without all of our modern annoyances like portability, color, touchscreens, and the Internet.With that in mind, we
Basecamp network attack postmortem
As we detailed in Basecamp was under network attack, criminals assaulted our network with a DDoS attack on March 24. This is the technical postmortem that we promised.The main attack lasted a total of an hour and 40 minutes starting
Basecamp was under network attack this morning
Criminals attacked the Basecamp network with a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) attack this morning. The attackers tried to blackmail us to make it stop. We refused to give in and worked with our network providers to mitigate the attack the
Finding your workbench muse
Much intellectual capital is spent examining the logical advantages and disadvantages of our programming tools. Much ego invested in becoming completely objective examiners of productivity. The exalted ideal: To have no emotional connection to the workbench.Hogs and wash. There is
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iconO'Reilly Radar

M2M, IoT, and the invisibility of ubiquity
I started writing this post to respond to the question: “What is the difference between machine-to-machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT)?” It turns out, a post answering that question isn’t really necessary. There is already a pretty good
Four short links: 18 April 2014
16 Interviewing Tips for User Studies — these apply to many situations beyond user interviews, too.The Backlash Against Big Data contd. (Mike Loukides) — Learn to be a data skeptic. That doesn’t mean becoming skeptical about the value of data;
Biomimicry in the real world
Festo’s Robotic Bird. Photo by Mike Loukides.A couple of years ago, I visited the World Science Festival in New York and saw Festo’s robotic bird. It
Four short links: 17 April 2014
Playbook for Strategic Foresight & Innovation — MANY pages of framework and exercises. Good for what it is, but also as a model for how to disseminate your ideas and frame for the world to consume.Why I’m a Crabby Patty
Four short links: 16 April 2014
morris.js — pretty time-series line graphs.Open Source CT Scanner — all the awesome.Alan Kay’s Reading List — in case you’re wondering what to add to the pile beside your bed. (via Alex Dong)Foldscope — origami optical microscope, 2000x magnification for
Disposable architecture?
I’ve noticed a number of faint signals recently pointing to a general shift in the speed of technology and the repercussions it’s having on the products we’re seeing come to market. This recent Tweet from Tom Scott got me really
#IoTH: The Internet of Things and Humans
Rod Smith of IBM and I had a call the other day to prepare for our onstage conversation at O’Reilly’s upcoming Solid Conference, and I was surprised to find how much we were in agreement about one idea: so many of the
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Today in APIs: WSO2 to Host Integrated Ecosystem Workshops, and 11 new APIs
WSO2 is set to host three workshops on integrated ecosystems across three Asia-Pacific cities throughout the month of May. Plus, the role of APIs in cross-border currency transfer and 11 new APIs.
MQTT Promotes Standards, Interoperability on IoT
Last week MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) provided developers with a signal that it may be emerging as the de facto protocol for the IoT. This validation comes in the light of positive
Today in APIs: Aplos’s API for Nonprofits, and 6 New APIs
No description.
Twitter’s Acquisition of Gnip Highlights Rise of Aggregators in DaaS Market
On Tuesday, social media giant Twitter announced that it is buying Data as a Service (DaaS) provider Gnip for an undisclosed amount. Gnip, which is one of several companies that sell
Samsung’s Position On Tizen May Hurt Developer Recruitment
Samsung isnt making it easy for developers. The company may have released a handful of SDKs for its latest devices, but Samsungs non-committal approach to its Tizen platform is probably going to cost
Enigma Opens Door to Public API and Platform Access
Open data startup Enigma has released its platform to the public and now provides the open Enigma API so that developers can begin drawing on open data sources and feeding
Today in APIs: HTC’s Dual Lens SDK, and 10 New APIs
No description.
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