LG’s Annual Profit Doubles To $475M After Shipping 59.1M Smartphones In 2014
 Samsung may be stumbling after posting its lowest annual profit for three years, but the same can’t be said for fellow Korean company LG, which just revealed that it shipped 59.1
Investors Thow Datadog A $31M Bone
 Datadog, a cloud service that helps customers monitor infrastructure and software, whether all in the cloud or a hybrid on-premises-cloud environment,
AnalyticsMD Applies AI To Optimize The ER
 AnalyticsMD, which is launching out of Y Combinator’s latest batch, is a startup tackling a difficult but very worthwhile problem: how to boost the operational efficiency of hospitals and improve
Samsung Reports Lowest Annual Profit In Three Years Due To Lagging Smartphone Sales
 Samsung Electronics reported its lowest annual profit since 2011 during its earnings call today as its smartphone sales continue to suffer from increasing competition. In 2014, the company’s profit was
Formation 8 And Palantir Founder Joe Lonsdale Named In Sexual Assault Lawsuit
Joe Lonsdale, the technology executive best known as the co-founder of Palantir and a partner of venture capital firm Formation 8, has been accused of gender violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and other charges in a civil lawsuit filed this
Spoil Takes The Hunt Out Of Gift-Giving
 Y Combinator-backed Spoil is looking to take the pain out of gift-giving with the launch of its personalized gift concierge service. Read More
AutoBot Raises $6M To Drive Development Of Its Car Diagnostic Tools
 AutoBot, a Beijing startup that makes diagnostic tools for cars (not the robots in disguise), has raised a $6 million Series A from Gobi Partners and ABC Capital. The company will use
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Qualcomm confirms its Snapdragon 810 lost a major smartphone customer
Qualcomm Wednesday said that its Snapdragon 810 chip was dropped by a major phone manufacturer. The announcement came as the company released its first-quarter earnings report.The
Apple's Photos for OS X is delayed
The desktop version of Apples new Photos app has apparently hit a roadblockThe desktop app, originally slated to roll out around the beginning of 2015, is
SpaceX concept video shows the future of controlled re-entry space rockets
With a fresh round of funding from Google to the tune of $1 billion, Elon Musks SpaceX is firmly in the lead position of the commercial
This app tells you which friends stress you out, make you happy
Apps and wearables make it easy to track everything about your life — steps walked, hours slept, your heart rate. But a new app called pplkpr
Amazon to take on Google and Microsoft by offering corporate email
From setting up one of the worlds largest ecommerce stores to entering the world of film and television, Amazon now plans to dive into the world
Glow headphones will beam light, pulse to your heartbeat
Headphones are always getting smarter, and now theyre getting brighter, too.A new set of earbuds called Glow ($127) lets you sync with your smartphone and track
Bill Gates is another smart guy who is terrified of artificial intelligence
While it might sound like a fantasy to have robots folding your laundry and driving you to work in the future, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said
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Samsung’s Gear VR will provide in-flight entertainment for first-class Qantas passengers
A new partnership between Samsung
Twitter’s Group DMs are the Internet’s best new secret meeting place
Yesterday Twitter unleashed its long-awaited group DM feature. You can finally have private multi-person conversations on Twitter. While many of those discussions will
Tumblr introduces a new interface designed for long-form writing
Tumblr is about to get more powerful. The platform will introduce a series of new features that make it more friendly toward long-form writing – and more competitive against blogging platforms like Medium and Squarespace. The new set of tools makes
Nearly half of Facebook’s users only access it on a mobile device
Facebook shared its earnings today and revealed some interesting statistics about how its users access the social network. This quarter, half a
GoPro’s first 240fps slow motion footage will make you want to slow everything down
Twitshot makes it easy to tweet every link with an image
Twitshot, a website that automatically extracts images from pasted links and attaches them to tweets, today launched an iOS app that makes it an
Tumblr iOS update brings interactive notifications and more
Tumblr today released an update for iOS that brings a number of new features to the app. Users can now receive interactive notifications on their lock screen for quick post liking or following. They’ll also receive alerts about fan mail, asks
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Apple and Samsung Are Now in A Dead Heat for Smartphone Dominance
Samsung sold anywhere from 71 to 75 million smartphones in its December quarter, putting it roughly on par with Apple.
Startup Accelerator Techstars Raises $150 Million Fund
Techstars, the well-known startup accelerator, has raised a new, $150 million investment fund intended for seed and Series A investments. Techstars founder David Cohen wrote in a blog post Wednesday that the fund will aim to invest in startups from
Bill Gates Worries About Machines Gaining Super Intelligence
Gates also reveals he has two dogs, likes sauce on his BBQ and his big regret is not learning a foreign language.
Bill Gates Big Regret Is Not Learning Another Language
Bill Gates While he knows many computer languages, Bill Gates said Wednesday that the only human one he speaks is English. “I feel pretty stupid that I don’t know any foreign languages,” Gates said during an “Ask Me Anything” session
Apple Sets Earnings Record For Publicly Traded Companies
Step aside, Exxon Mobil.
The Rise of the Chief Behavioral Officer
Its a thing.
Head of Games Leaves Angry Birds Company Rovio
The company has struggled to produce more hit games and recently said it would cut about 14 percent of its workforce.
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Does the FCC want to oversee peering deals like Netflix vs. Comcast?
The FCC will soon pass new rules for how ISPs must handle broadband traffic and, while its expected to impose a policy of net neutrality when it comes to consumers, its been less clear how the…
How social media affects protest movements: It’s complicated
In a new research paper, sociologist Zeynep Tufekci argues that while social media can empower dissidents and make it easier to organize, governments are getting smarter -- and the same things…
SK Telecom and Nokia make big cells and small cells play nice
SK Telecom has just incorporated a tongue-twister of a technology into its Nokia-built LTE network in Gwangju, South Korea. It’s called Enchanced Inter-Cell Interference Coordination, or eICIC for short, and its…
A sneak peek at Sony’s PlayStation Vue internet TV service
Sony may have just shuttered its music service, but its getting ready to launch another media venture: PlayStation Vue, the companys upcoming live TV service, is supposed to launch before the…
Qualcomm may have just confirmed no Snapdragon in the Galaxy S6
Recently we heard various reports of Qualcomms latest mobile chip overheating, which led to the expectation that Samsung was planning to use its own processor in the upcoming Galaxy S6. Qualcomm has refuted the…
Looks like those IBM layoffs have started
Reports of big layoffs to come this week at IBM were correct, at least with regard to timing. Starting Wednesday, the message board at Alliance@IBM, a site manned by former IBM employees, was full…
Facebook’s growth continues with healthy fourth quarter earnings
Facebooks earnings are out, and the company beat Wall Street estimates for the tenth quarter in a row. Its growth continues unabated and it surpassed its number of monthly active users from…
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App Revenues Are Booming—But Perhaps Not For Long
Former Facebook executive Jeff Hammerbacher once lamented that The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. I wonder if it would make him feel any better to know that a
How A Linux "Ghost" Spooked The Security World
A vulnerability in a widely used component of many Linux distributions could allow remote attackers to take control of a system. Researchers at Qualys have dubbed it Ghost since it can be triggered by the gethost functions
5 Reasons Your Company Should Open Source More Code
Given intense competition for the worlds best engineering talent, can your company really afford to lock up its code behind proprietary licenses? Sure, if youre in the business of selling software, giving it all away may not
This Startup Wants To Lock Up Your Collaborations
If security is the first, second and third priority for your business, then does a Vancouver startup have a collaboration suite for you.Witkit, founded three years ago by serial entrepreneur Sean Merat, aims to offer multiple enterprise software
The Apple Watch Is Coming In April
Apple Watch fitness run summaryApple CEO Tim Cook disclosed Tuesday that the highly anticipated Apple Watch will begin shipping in April.Last September, when Apple introduced the wearable gadget, its first, the company promised it would ship in
The iPhone May Be Booming, But The iPad Is Still Cratering
Lurking behind Apples dazzling October-December iPhone sales  (74.5 million units, up 46% against a year earlier) and financial results (a 30% jump in revenue to $75.6 billion, a 38% jump in net income to $18 billion) was
iOS 8.1.3 Shrinks Free Space Needed For iPhone Updates
Apple just removed one of the biggest irritations with its current iPhone software—the amount of free space on your handset required to install updates.The latest release of its iOS mobile software, version 8.1.3 shrinks that storage requirement,
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Asking why
Last week I asked a question on Twitter: If you have a personal website, why do you have it?Some people used their site as a hub that collects their online identities. Others liked to fiddle with web tech or writing.
Lead Android at Basecamp!
We’re looking for a programmer to lead us on Android and push us further into the platform. This is a unique opportunity: we don’t hire often! We’ve got a serious foothold in the
Effort in the Application: sites that got our attention and got Basecampers their jobs
We’re really proud of the small-but-mighty team we’ve built here at Basecamp. Hiring is hard. Likewise, landing a great job is hard. In a sea of resumes, effort rises to the top.Here are a few of the websites and commissioned
Sometimes there really is an easy button
For a long time, I was frankly somewhat dogmatic about the tools I used to analyze data: Give me a SQL connection, R, and my trusty calculator and that’s all I need. If I need to make a report, I’ll
One of Basecamp's Water Coolers is a chatroom dedicated to pets
As you can see from Dan’s post, lots of us are animal lovers. Back when I lived in Chicago, a few of us would take turns hosting a workday that we would call “Bring Your Work to Day.”When Ann, Sam,
Strategies for getting feedback (and not hating it)
Recently my team has been working on core improvements for Basecamp. We planned to move quickly on a range of projects, and we wanted to make sure everyone at the company stayed in the loop. Plus, our company is full
Do you have to love what you do?
Attend enough startup conferences or listen to enough motivational speakers and you’ll hear one piece of advice repeated over and over again: You’ve got to love what you do! If you don’t love what you do, you might as well
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Four short links: 28 January 2015
Note and Vote (Google Ventures) — nifty meeting hack to surface ideas and identify popular candidates to a decision maker.Applying Psychology to Improve Online Behaviour — online game runs massive experiments (w/researchers to validate findings) to improve the behaviour of
Avoid disruption through exploration
Businesses have always come and gone, but these days it seems that companies can fall from market dominance to bankruptcy in the blink of an eye. Kodak, Blockbuster and HMV are
Four short links: 27 January 2015
Decentralised Autonomous Corporations — Charlie Stross’s near-future fiction of Accelerando comes closer to reality: Malice – revenge for waking him up – sharpens Manfred’s voice. “The president of agalmic.holdings.root.184.97.AB5 is agalmic.holdings.root.184.97.201. The secretary is agalmic.holdings.root.184.D5, and the chair is agalmic.holdings.root.184.E8.FF.
It’s not just about Hadoop core anymore
Data is deluging today’s enterprise organizations from ever-expanding sources and in ever-expanding formats. To gain insight from this valuable resource, organizations have been adopting Apache Hadoop with increasing momentum. Now, the most successful players in big data enterprise are no
Now available: Big Data Now, 2014 edition
Download the free ebookIn the four years we’ve been producing Big Data Now, our year-end wrap-up of important developments in the big data field, we’ve seen tools and applications mature, multiply, and coalesce
Four short links: 26 January 2015
How Might We Code in VR? — caught my eye because I’m looking for ideas on how to think about interaction design in the holoculus world.Git Workflows for Pros — non-developers don’t understand how important this is to productivity.All Programming
Four short links: 23 January 2015
16 Andreessen-Horowitz Investment Areas — I’m struck by how they’re connected: there’s a cluster around cloud development, there are two maybe three on sensors … Pattern — a web mining module for the Python programming language. It has tools for
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EchoSign Adds New Digital Signatures APIs
Adobe has released a new version of its e-signature solution, EchoSign, which includes Microsoft 365 integration and a set of new APIs.
Google Container Registry Allows Secure Hosting of Docker Images
Google last week announced the beta release of Google Container Registry, a service for secure hosting, sharing and management of private container repositories.
Mozilla Firefox Adds Browser Based Virtual Reality Feature
Mozilla has added core virtual reality support to its Firefox Nightly builds. Mozilla has long desired to bring VR functionality to the mainstream Web. Adding VR capability to Firefoxs development version takes Mozilla one step closer to
Apple Acquisition Delays Android Fingerprint API
Digital Rights Group Boycotts Apple App Store
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a digital rights advocate community, has just released their new smartphone app. Connecting users to the EFF action center, the app acts as an alert system that notifies a user when new digital rights campaigns are launched.
Twitter Adds Group Messaging and Native Video
Today Twitter announced they will soon add direct messaging and video upload features to their platform. Rolling out to accounts in early February, users will be able to send direct messages to up to
'Pay With Bitcoin' Via Braintree's Bitcoin API
PayPal subsidiary Braintree has released a private beta version of its Bitcoin API, which is now available to online merchants and developers who may want to start accepting bitcoin payments.
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