Makerclub Helps You Learn 3D-Printed Robotics
 Want to make a giant 3D-printed spider robot? A humanoid help-mate? A robotic scorpion with a powerful, electrified tail? Makerclub can probably help. Created as a place
15 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week
 This week’s tech news saw a new payments deal between Snapchat and Square Cash, the death of the Netflix API, the failure of the USA FREEDOM Act and a sexist Barbie book.
Yahoo Acquires Photo Startup Cooliris
 Photo app-maker Cooliris just announced that it has been acquired by Yahoo. The company was founded in 2006 and was initially known for creating a “3D wall” for navigating photos and
Fire TV Stick Review: A Great Streamer For An Amazon Household
 The Fire TV Stick works. That’s about all there is to it. It streams videos from Amazon, Netflix and more. It plays simple games and streams from local network shares. But it’s
Crunchweek: Uber, Uber, Uber And Barbie
 Here’s a protip: Don’t do what Uber did this week. That’s the main topic of CrunchWeek this time around. Bad behavior, however, wasn’t just Uber’s purview: The
Mikme Is A Portable, Multitrack Recording Rig For Your Cool Band
 If you got your first real six string at the Five and Dime and you and you and some guys from school got together to record some songs primarily during and around
Gillmor Gang LIVE 11.21.14
 Gillmor Gang – Robert Scoble, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, Dan Farber, and Steve Gillmor. Live recording session today at 1pm PT. Gillmor Gang on FacebookFriendfeed chat during live broadcast Our
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8 fresh ideas for exciting stocking stuffers
Stockings are to Christmas morning as soundcheck is to a concert — everyone goes through with it, but its just the precursor to the main event.As
Logitech's Case+ takes your iPhone 5S to the next level
Bill Gates was wrong: The computerized hub for our lives isn’t the PC. The smartphone isDon’t be too hard on the guy...he was only half wrong.
Duolingo app now certifies English language proficiency
The popular and acclaimed free language learning platform Duolingo has just launched a new app that allows you to certify your English proficiency right on your
How technology is changing the way we plan and experience events
Events and event planning are evolving into new, dynamic formats. Old models are falling away and technology is giving both planners and event participants an opportunity
Not all drones are created equal
This post follows An Illustrated History of the Drone, Mashables first animated mini-documentary about the history of drone technology.On Nov. 20, we hosted a Google Hangout
Mattel apologizes for controversial Barbie book, pulls it from online stores
Mattel apologized on Wednesday for the Barbie childrens book that was widely deemed sexist for its portrayal of a female engineer who needs the help of
Google's LTE-enabled balloons take 5 minutes to inflate, can last 100 days
Its a bird! Its a plane! Its..GoogleThe search giant shared some new details on Project Loon, the company’s network of LTE-enabled balloons that deliver Internet access
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Photographer Kevin Abosch launches Kimiko, a color app analog to the monochrome Lenka
Kevin Abosch, the photographer behind the minimalist aesthetic of the Lenka black and white camera app, has heard the pleas of photographers who
Photo-app developer Cooliris has been acquired by Yahoo
Cooliris just posted on its site that it has been acquired by Yahoo. The company stated the following on its site: Cooliris is passionate about creating
Hands-on with Parrot’s fun new $499 Bebop Drone
Earlier this week, Parrot announced its latest drone, the Bebop, and
Motorola issues Nexus 6 recall for AT&T users because it installed the wrong firmware
Well, that’s awkward. According to a report by Droid Life, AT&T stores are being asked to return early Nexus 6 stock because of a bug that causes random reboots and renders the device inoperable without a forced restart. Motorola accepted blame
The Narrative Clip wearable camera gets a desktop app
The Narrative Clip, the tiny wearable camera that captures a snapshot of your life every 30 seconds, used to lack a way to browse your photos on a desktop computer. No longer – the iOS and Android apps have been
Should your e-commerce brand market on emerging social networks?
Joey Kotkins is the CMO and co-founder of Inside Social. This is an excerpt from Inside Social’s e-book on ecommerce social-selling best practices – a
The EU is reportedly planning to call for Google Search to be broken off from the rest of the c(...)
Google’s rocky relationship with European government looks like it could be getting rockier. A new draft motion spotted by the Financial Times is looking to break Google’s search engine away from the company’s other services. Google’s search engine has traditionally
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The Difference Between Uber and Airbnb
Theyre sort of like the Goofus and Gallant of the sharing economy.
Fab Is Close to a Fire Sale but CEO Goldberg Gets Yet Another Chance
Somehow, some way, Fab CEO Jason Goldberg still has tens of millions in the bank and investor support to attempt another giant strategy shift.
New York Times Could Lay Off as Many as Two Dozen if Buyout Offer Falls Short
The New York Times might have to lay off as many as two dozen newsroom staffers by the holidays.
Lyft Limits Employee Access to Data After Re/code Report
Lyft is cracking down on the potential for employee snooping on users.
Report: European Parliament Considers Call for Google Break-Up
Draft motion suggests separation of search, other businesses, says the Financial Times.
Why Streaming (Done Right) Will Save the Music Business
Before Taylor Swift pulled her catalog from Spotify, most people didn’t understand the difference between free music-streaming services and paid ones.
Hot or Not Creator James Hong Doesn’t Care if He Strikes It Rich or Not With New App
Cakey is a way for parents to create and find playlists of kid-safe videos.
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Apple’s $450M plan to settle ebook price-fixing gets green light
Apple could begin paying out $400 million worth of cash and ebook credits by the end of the year, after a federal judge approved an unusual deal related to an Apple-led…
If you’re worried about Uber and privacy, don’t forget Lyft and Sidecar
We should be levying Uber privacy questions at all the new transportation connection companies. Lyft, Sidecar, Flywheel, Curb, Hailo, and their ilk have similar technology and nearly identical use cases to…
The Nexus 6 has a secret LED, but it doesn’t show notifications
Contrary to popular belief, the Motorola-made Nexus 6 does in fact have a notification light. As spotted on Reddit, its right beneath the speaker grill at the top of the headset,…
The truth about DIY vs. converged and hyper-converged infrastructure
In this webinar, our panel will address how an enterprise IT organization determines the best path. And, which approach offers the best short and long-term results in operational efficiencies, effectiveness, flexibility,…
Yes, the Nexus 6 is a great phone, but I’m buying a Moto X 2014
The Nexus 6 has cutting edge hardware and the latest Android 5.0 software. But it lacks something on the software side for me, because Motorola spoiled me last year. As a…
Yes, your media outlet can learn something from the Kardashians
Whether you like them or not, the Kardashians are a powerful media brand, so its worth thinking about how they approach marketing that brand and engaging with their audience
Plex gets parental controls, enhanced multiuser support
Plex now has a new account management feature called Home, which allows the creation of restricted profiles as well as more fine-grained sharing options.
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Pebble Goes Full Android! (For Notifications, That Is)
Thanks to Pebble’s new app update, users with Galaxy, Nexus and other Android devices can have all their phone notifications channeled to their arms.Previously, Pebble only displayed a select group of Android alerts, like built-in services (think
Why The Hortonworks IPO Could Jeopardize Other Big Data Companies
Were finally going to get a Big Data IPO, with Hortonworks filing its S-1 this month. Yet Im not hearing much cheering from the people who have the most to gain in the short term: venture capitalists.
Would-Be TV Disrupter Aereo Files For Chapter 11 Reorganization
Broadcast TV streamer Aereo filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 Friday. The Boston-based startup has been slowly shuttering for months since its Supreme Court loss in June. The court that Aereos service, which intercepted airborne television signals for its
You Can Now Send Tweets—And Other Links—In Twitter Direct Messages
Twitter announced Thursday that users can now share public tweets inside direct messages.If that announcement struck you as a headscratcher—couldnt you do that before?—youre not wrong. Youve long been able to include links to a tweets detail
Sweden's Sexism Test For Games Is A Great Idea
Editors Note: This was originally published by our partners at Kill Screen. Those social justice warriors known as the Swedes are at it again! Last year, four Swedish cinemas started indicating whether the films they screened passed the
What's The Point Of Wearables?
ReadWriteBody is an ongoing series where ReadWrite covers networked fitness and the quantified self.One of the interesting things about writing ReadWriteBody, where Ive chosen to focus on digital fitness, is the constant conflation of health and fitness.As
Netflix Is Still Trouncing The Streaming Competition
Netflix continues to reign as the king of streaming TV and movies, although a plucky upstart company named Amazon has made significant inroads in the market. A new report from Sandvine, a Canadian company that offers services to
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Writing-first Design
A quick way to measure a designer’s maturity is to watch what they do at the beginning of a project. Inexperienced designers are often smitten by the allure of new tools and quick results, so they’ll jump in to Photoshop
A Glimpse of Artificial Intelligence
At 8:15 AM I called Safelite Auto Glass for a quote to fix a chip in my car’s windshield. I wasn’t expecting to get the work done today, but the customer service rep gave me a great deal. We scheduled
Art and Craft
Priceless cultural artifacts and works of art belong in a museum, as Indiana Jones taught us. But if the museum doesn’t have the space for that painting or Cross of Coronado, these pieces go to companies like The Icon Group.
PHOTO: A quick lesson on branding—via @gewqk.
A quick lesson on branding—via @gewqk.
PHOTO: Less works.
Less works.
Monsters and Thieves
Good artists copy; great artists steal.-Picasso A famous quote about creativity often attributed to Picasso. But what can we actually learn about creativity from studying thieves? And did Picasso even say it? Halloween is tomorrow. I
The Distance: Fantasy Costumes
Walk into any Halloween pop-up store right now and you’re likely to find the same assortment of merchandise: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes and “Frozen” princess dresses, plus old stand-bys like witch hats and vampire capes.You’ll find those items at
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Today’s designers are solving business problems
It’s no secret that design is playing a more prominent role within many organizations. Designers are becoming fundamentally linked to the development and success of products and services versus their more historical role polishing the appearance of those products and
Four short links: 21 November 2014
Wearable Power Assist Device Goes on Sale in Japan (WSJ, Paywall) — The Muscle Suit, which weighs 5.5 kilograms (12 pounds), can be worn knapsack-style and uses a mouthpiece as its control. Unlike other similar suits that rely on motors,
Signals from Strata + Hadoop World in Barcelona 2014
Experts from across the big data world are coming together this week for Strata + Hadoop World in Barcelona 2014. We’ve gathered insights from the event below.#IoTH: The Internet of Things and Humans“If we could start over with these capabilities
The science of moving dots: the O’Reilly Data Show Podcast
Editor’s note: you can subscribe to the O’Reilly Data Show Podcast through SoundCloud.Many data scientists are comfortable working with structured operational data and unstructured text. Newer techniques like deep learning have opened up data types like images, video, and audio.Other
Uber is breaking bad
Tim O’Reilly has said that Uber is an example of designing for how the world ought to be. Their app works well, their cars are clean, their drivers are pleasant, and
Four short links: 20 November 2014
The Infinite Hows (John Allspaw) — when finding ways to improve systems to prevent errors, the process of diagnosis should be focused on the systems and less on the people. (aka “human error” is the result of a preceding systems
Safari for Schools: Free O’Reilly material for K-12
This past February, Tim O’Reilly brought me into an email thread with the White House with a straightforward but urgent request — could Safari provide the delivery mechanism to make all of O’Reilly Media’s titles available to every K–12 student
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APIs Could Unlock Much Needed Banking Industry Transformation
Banks will need to open up their transactional data via API in order to maintain their foothold in a financial services ecosystem that is halfway through a decade-long industry-wide disruption, PayX CEO Adrian
WeChat API Adds Payment Functionality
WeChat, the instant messaging service owned by Tencent, is popular in its home base of China but faces stiff competition from WhatsApp and others as it tries to expand globally. To compete successfully,
Twitter Simplifies Vine Embedding Via New oEmbed API
With the addition of the Vine oEmbed API Twitter has Simplified Vine Embedding. Img Credit: Marisa Allegra Williams (@marisa) for Twitter, Inc.
Microsoft Announces OneNote Search API Beta Release
Microsoft has announced the beta release of its OneNote Search API. Bing search technology powers the full text search features of the latest OneNote API.
Distant.ly Provides Predictive Travel Suggestions Via Traitfy API
Web developer Tom Rutka has released an app named Distant.ly that utilizes the Tratify personality API. Powered by Traitfys big data and psychology, the mashup implements similar predictive methods used by Amazon or
Akamai Exposes Content Delivery Network APIs
Akamai Technologies extended the reach of its content delivery service in the cloud with the introduction of a set of open APIs that are made available via a SaaS Provider Option that it introduced.
Twitter Search Update Exposes Every Tweet Since 2006
Twitter has announced a brand new search architecture that indexes every public Tweet since 2006. The new system consists of a batched data aggregation and preprocess pipeline, an inverted index builder that runs
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